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Sunday , 20th September 2020

Balance works of CWSS to 293 Rural Habitations in Musiri, T.Pettai, Thuraiyur and Uppiliyapuram unions in Tiruchirappalli District –period of completion 6 months and 1 year paid maintenance

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-Sl.No.1 – Foot Bridge From Pier 35 – 38 FROM Head Works to Devanur BS And Ayyampalayam TS to Kodunthurai SP (T-3) / Sl.No.2 - Construction Of 0.10 LL OHT & Hydro Testing (T-11)/ Sl.No.3 - Stand Posts At Peruganoor and Soorampatti (T-12)/ Sl.No.4 - Sirunavalur GS Pumproom, Erection of Pumpset at Uppiliyapuram and Hydro Testing (T-13)/ Sl.No.5 - Branch Pumping Main From Kottapalayam TS to Thalugai GS & Hydro Testing (T-14) Sl.No.6- Pumproom at Devanur BS, Devanur GS, Valasiramani GS & Branch Pumping Main in 250mm DI K7 Pipes from the Karukudi to Marugur and Hydro Testing (T-15)/ Sl.No.7 - Pumproom and OHTs In Thuraiyur Union and Hydro Testing (T-16)/ Sl.No.8 Erection Of Pumpset and allied works In Thuraiyur Union, and Hydro Testing (T-17)
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IFB .02 / F.CWSS to 293-phase-II/ DO / DB / TPC / TRY / 2020/ Dt:28.07.2020