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Monday , 29th November 2021

Deposit Works

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TWAD Board is vested with the responsibility of providing Water Supply & Sewerage facilities in the entire State of Tamil Nadu, except Chennai Metropolitan area and have implemented various programmes sponsored by the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu during the past four decades.

In addition to the above, many Industries/Institutions are approaching TWAD Board for their water requirement. Though the prime focus of TWAD Board is to cater to the community needs, Industrial needs also have to be taken care off, to pave way for a sustainable development. There is a provision in the TWAD Board Act, to cater to the water supply and sanitation requirement of Industries and Institutions. Such works towards Industries and institutions are taken up by TWAD Board as Deposit works.


As per TWAD Board Act, (Investigation, Execution and maintenance of Water Supply Scheme and Drainage Scheme) Rules 1973, The Board may on the direction of Government, take up the investigation, preparation, execution and maintenance of any scheme for the provision of water and drainage facilities, to meet the needs of any industries or institutions within the area of the local authority.

Accordingly, proposals seeking clearance to take up investigation, implementation and maintenance of Water Supply Scheme to certain industries/institutions, as Deposit Works, were placed before the Board then and there for recommending to Government and clearance had been sought for, with the recommendation of Board.

Clearance from Government

The Government, in the last eight months have given clearance to take up Investigation, Implementation and Maintenance of the following Deposit Works, towards Industries/Institutions, for which investigation works have been taken up.

Deposit Works Cleared by Government

S.No Name of Deposit Work G.O No. and Date
1. Providing 1 mld WS to Medical College & Hospital at Mundiambakkam in Villupuram District 432.MA&WS(WS2) Dated 25.08.10
2. Providing 2 mld WS to SIPCOT Industrial complex at Cheyyar in Thiruvannamalai District 440.MA&WS(WS1) Dated 26.08.10
3. Replacing of Pumping Main in the existing WSS to Naval Air Station at Arakkonam in Vellore District 441.MA&WS(WS1) Dated 26.08.10
4. Providing 3.5 mld WS to M/S.Hindustan Latex Ltd & Medipark at Chengalpattu in Kancheepuram District 479.MA&WS(WS1) Dated 13.09.10
5. Providing 2 mld WS to Integrated Textile Park in Madurai District 481.MA&WS(WS2) Dated 13.09.10
6. Providing 0.4 mld WS to India based Neutrino Observatory (INO)in Theni District 492.MA&WS(WS2) Dated 21.09.10
7. Providing 1.45 mld WS to Medical College Hospital in Thirunelveli District 481.MA&WS(WS2) Dated 13.09.10
8. Providing 3.5 mgd WS to Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd for their Refinery Plant at Thiruchopuram Village in Cuddalore District 481.MA&WS(WS2) Dated 13.09.10
9. Providing 0.175 mld WS to Arul migu Bannariamman Temple in Erode District 563.MA&WS(WS1) Dated. 04.11.10
10 Providing additional 1 MGD WSS to SIPCOT at Gangaikondan in Tirunelveli District 606.MA&WS(D)Dated14.12.2010