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Tuesday , 19th October 2021

Hognekkal WS & FMP

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Hogenakkal Water Supply & Fluorosis Mitigation Project in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri District

The Hogenakkal Water Supply & Fluorosis Mitigation Project have been implemented with the objective of providing potable water supply to Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts in Tamil Nadu, which comprises of 3 Municipalities, 17 Town Panchayats and 7639 Rural Habitations.

Both Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts are drought prone areas and the ground water sources of these two districts have excess fluoride above the permissible level of 1.50 mg/lr. with other quality problems, due to Nitrate, Hardness and Iron.More Than 56% habitations in Dharmapuri and 48% in Krishnagiri District have excess fluoride level over the permissible level in ground water sources The population in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts are affected by fluoride leading to Dental, Skeletal and Non-skeletal Fluorosis. Hence as a permanent solution, it becomes imperative to provide sustainable and reliable water supply with appropriate Fluorosis mitigation measures.

Unique Features of the Hogenakkal Water Supply & Fluorosis Mitigation Project:

  • The HWS & FM Project was first of its kind, in which a comprehensive objective was adopted providing sustainable and protected drinking water to the entire population of Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts along with Fluorosis mitigation measures for all the afflicted population through medical interventions as well as Capacity Development of Local Bodies in efficient management of Operations & Maintenance.
  • The Intake structures are designed & located in such a way that even during the lowest flow in the river Cauvery, the designed quantity of 160 MLD water flows into intake well.
  • Full scale Water Treatment Plant of 160 MLD in 12 acres of land at a location locally known as ‘Yanai Pallam’ within the forest.
  • Flat Bottom Sludge Blanket Clarifier in place of conventional Clari-flocculator to remove of all impurities of raw water without need of any electricity.
  • The entire quantity of wash waster of filter bed as well as sludge water from clarifier are recovered and recycled.
  • Un-interrupted power supply through dedicated dual power supply to Intake Works, Water Treatment Plant and Booster Pumping Station.
  • The treated water distributed from a 240 lakh litres capacity Master Balancing Reservoir at a distance of 11.15 km and at 200m higher elevation than treatment plant, utilizing the elevation to supply water by gravity wherever feasible and thereby making the project ‘energy efficient’.
  • The optimum and efficient operation & maintenance is ensured through installation of SCADA system with telecommunication & satellite connection.
  • All tribal habitations at very higher altitudes covered with water supply, at high installation costs by pumping to more than 1000m height.(+MSL 1245.186 M)
  • Another remarkable feature is the water facilities made to Elephants and other animals through water troughs in the Thally and Kelamangalam reserve forest areas.

Administrative Sanction:

The Government of Tamil Nadu sanctioned the Hogenakkal Water Supply and Fluorosis Mitigation Project with the River Cauvery as source in G.O.Ms.No.19,/MA&WS Dept (WS4) / dt.29.01.2010 at a total cost of Rs.1,928.80 Crore to install and Rs.63.67 Crore to maintain annually.


Loan agreement has been signed with JICA for Phase-I on 10th March 2008 for Rs.873.09 Crore and for Phase-II on 31st March, 2009 for Rs.712.51 Crore and totally for Rs 1585.60 Crore. Further Rs.307.48 Crore under MNP funds as State Share and Rs.35.72 Crore under Local body share has been allotted to provide safe and potable drinking water supply. The total estimate is Rs 1928.80 Crore.

Project Details:

The Project is being implemented under three components namely (i) Water Supply component; (ii) Fluorosis Mitigation Component and (iii)Capacity Building of Local Bodies for efficient O&M and Financial sustainability.

I.Water Supply Component:

The water supply component was implemented under five packages as under.

Package I:

This package consists of raw water intake, water treatment plant, raw water and treated water transmission main to a length of 11.139 km, booster pumping station and Master Balancing Reservoir at Madam and providing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) arrangements. An Under Ground Sewerage Scheme has also been implemented to collect and treat the waste water from the Lodges, Community Toilets and Household in Hogenakkal Village in order to avoid pollution to the water source.’

Package II:

This Package consists of trunk main from Master Balancing Reservoir at Madam to Uthangarai, Feeder mains etc., to a length of 2,447 Km., covering Dharmapuri Municipality, 2 Town Panchayat viz. Pennagaram and Uthangarai and 1,876 habitations in 6 unions viz. Pennagaram (part), Nallampalli, Dharmapuri (part), Mathur, Uthangarai and Morappur (part). The population to be benefited from this package is 9.50 lakh.

Package III:

This Package consists of branch trunk main from trunk main to Package-II, feeder main etc., to a length of 1,692 Km. covering 5 Town Panchayat viz., B. Mallapuram, Harur, Kadathur, Kambainallur and Pappireddypatti and 1,190 habitations in four unions viz., Dharmapuri (part), Morappur (part), Harur and Papireddypatti. The population to be benefited from this Package is 4.90 lakh.

Package IV:

This Package consists of pumping main from common booster station at Moongilpatti to a length of 3,228 km. covering Hosur Municipality, 3 Town Panchayats viz., Mathagiri (Now merged with Hosur Municipality), Kelamangalam, Thenkanikottai and 1923 habitations in 6 unions viz. Karimangalam (Part), Veppanapalli, Kelamangalam, Thalli, Shoolagiri and Hosur. The population to be benefited from this Package is 9.27 lakh.

Package V:

This Package consists of trunk main from Master Balancing Reservoir at Madam to Moongilpatti Sump and then Moongalpatti sump to Krishnagiri feeder mains etc., to a length of 2,802 Km. covering Krishnagiri Municipality, 7 Town Panchayats viz., Karimangalam, Marandahalli, Palacode, Paparapatti, Bargur, Kaveripattinam, Nagojanahalli and 2,650 habitations in 6 unions viz. Pennagaram (part), Palacode, Karimangalam (part), Bargur, Krishnagiri and Kaveripattinam. The population to be benefited from this Package is 10.20 lakh.

Fluorosis Mitigation Component:

Fluorosis Mitigation is one of the components of the HWS & FM project which is being implemented on comprehensive three-pronged well-defined strategies through the Health delivery outlets, Schools and Community based approaches. The main objective of the component is to Prevent and Control Fluorosis (Dental, Skeletal and Non-skeletal fluorosis) in Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts.

A post in the cadre of Joint Director (Medical Personnel ) to head the Fluorosis task force cell in the office of the Project Chief Engineer, HWS & FM Project , Dharmapuri has been created vide G.O (D) No:367/MA & WS Dept./Dated:12.06.2015. FMC activities are undertaken under the Joint Director (health) on deputation from the Department of Public and Prevention Medicine up to 31.07.2017

Fluorosis Mitigation Component covered human resource development under various categories through training, health survey on all for assessment of prevalence of Fluorosis and preventive and mitigation measures. The details of activities completed are as under.

1.Training on identification and Diagnosis of Dental, Skeletal and Non Skeletal Fluorosis:

Doctors School Teachers Nurses NGO Volunteers
828 3785 418 1887

2.Specialized Training for Doctors

Nutrition Dental Cosmetic Surgery
10 Doctors 27 Dentists

3.Health Survey on Prevalence of Dental, Skeletal and Non Skeletal Fluorosis

School Students Community House holds
4,24,047 nos 6,67,224 nos

4.Medical Camps and Supply of Micro Nutrients

Micro Nutrient Supplements Medical Camps Conducted
190.67 lakh tablets 36 Nos

5.Meidcal Equioments Supplied to PCHs and Government Hospitals:

ION Meters to test urine serum & water Dental Arm Chairs Auto Analyser C-Arm Chair
10 nos 17 nos 3 nos 1 no.

6.Dental Fluorosis treatment provided to School Students on Pilot Basis

Shoolagiri Block in Krishnagiri District Karimangalam Block in Dharmapuri District
34 Girls Students 34 Girls Students

7.Impact Assessment on Non Skeletal Fluorosis.

(a) Baseline Survey /1st round

Persons categorized – Non Skeletal Fluorosis Baseline Urine analysis persons with F>1mg/litre
39392 nos 25325 nos

(b) 2nd round Urine analysis(After 3 months of baseline analysis)

Target Urine analysis done* Persons with F<1mg/liter % reduction
25325 nos 25164 nos 15818 nos 63%

*Death -68nos & Migrated -93nos

(c) 3rd round Urine analysis(After 8 months of baseline analysis)

Target Urine analysis done* Persons with F<1mg/liter % reduction
25325 nos 25155 nos 20309 nos 81%

*Death -104nos & Migrated -66nos

Capacity Building of Local Bodies Component:

Regional CCDU has established at O/o the Project Chief Engineer, HWS & FMP, Dharmapuri with effect from January 2014 for the implementation of Capacity Development of Local Bodies Component.

The Capacity Development of Local Bodies is proposed to be covered 584 Village Panchayat in two Districts for effective O & M and Financial Management by the community.

The implementation of Capacity Building activities are taken up through SIRD & PR, Maraimalai Nagar .

Overall Completion:

All works pertaining to Water Supply Component completed and Commissioned

The scheme was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 29.05.2013 and at present, on an average, 120 Million Liters of water is being distributed daily benefitting 3 Municipalities, 16 Town Panchayats and 7639 rural habitations in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts.

Package I

Raw water intake at Hogenakkal

Intake Works – Pump Room

Intake Works –Pump Room and Panel Building

Raw water Transmission Main across River Chinnar

Aerial View of Water Treatment Plant at Yanai Pallam

WTP- Raw Water Inlet Chamber

WTP- Flat Bottom Clarifier

WTP – Rapid Sand Filter unit

WTP - Laboratory

Air Compressor Room

WTP – Used Wash Water Tank

WTP – Sludge drying bed

Booster Pumping Station next to WTP

WTP - Inauguration tablet stone

Treated Water flowing inside MBR at MADAM

UGSS to Hogenakkal village

Collection Well

Pumping room

0.3 MLD FBBR sewage Treatment Unit

Large Panel SCADA Screen at Central Room at WTP

Package II

Pennagarm-Re-Chlorination arrangements

Package IV

Thally Block-Water Trough for Elephants in forest areas

CCDU- National Consultative Workshop 27-05-2015

CCDU- National Consultative Workshop 27-05-2015

Fluorosis Mitigation Activity- Medical camp and counseling to affected persons at Avarankattur, Dharmapuri