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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Improvement of Water Supply Distribution System to Ambur Municipality Under Amrut Programme.

Quantity : Int -24.32 MLD, Ult -28.83 MLD
Cost of Installation : Rs. 50.90Crores
A.M Cost : Rs.3.28 Crores

WSIS to Ambur Municipality in Vellore District was administratively sanctioned vide G.O. Ms. No. 109/ MAWS ( MA2)/ Dated: 29.08.2016 for Rs. 50.90 Crores under AMRUT Programme with funding pattern of Government of India 50% - 25.45 Crores, Government of Tamil Nadu share 20% - 10.18 Crores and Urban Local Body contribution and AMRUT Incentive Fund of 30%-15.30 Crores.

 Prefatory :

Ambur was upgraded as a third Grade Municipality from the status of Town Panchayat and this Municipality was constituted in 1948. Ambur is located at 12º 48’ N Latitude and 78º 43’ E Longitude. The Town is located on the Ranipet - Krishnagiri National Highways (NH 46) which connects Walajah to Krishnagiri through Ambur . Ambur is also linked by a broad gauge railway line to Bangaluru from Chennai. Ambur is divided into 36 wards. The population as per 2011 census is 115273.

The Ambur Municipality has decided to provide distribution system for the uncovered areas and also improvements to the existing distribution system to ensure daily and equitable water supply for the entire municipality area. Accordingly the Consultancy Assignment to prepare the Detailed Project Report for the improvements to Distribution System has been awarded to TWIC Ltd, Chennai.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

The source of earliest water supply system to Ambur is from sub surface water drawn through infiltration wells in Palar river at Pachakuppam about 4 km from the town. Designed for 7 MLD, now this source is defunct due to ground water pollution in Palar bed.

The second source of infiltration wells at Malatar , tributary of Palar was developed in the year 2005 Through this system has been yielding about 1.90 MLD till recently, now 0.5 MLD only is reported to be available from this source. Later another infiltration well in Malatar was installed at Nariyampattu. Subsequently 4 open wells have been installed at Vannanthurai and Anaimadu. This source was commissioned by TWAD Board in the year 2005. The details and present quantities available from them are furnished in Table 2.1.and in present days system has been yielding about 5.50 MLD seasonally, the above source is not a reliable.

Details of Existing Sources
Existing Head works details and realized quantity.
S.No Head works Year of Commissioning Designed qty in MLD Realized Qty in MLD
1 Saranga( Malatar) 2005 4.0 0
2 Nariambattu 2005 0.5 Not in use Pollution problem
3 Anaimadugu 2005 0.5 0
4 Vannadthurai 2005 0.5 0
  Sub Total   5.50 0
5 Vellore CWSS 2015 9.22 9.22
  Total   14.72 9.22
S.No Source OHT Location Capacity(LL)
1 Vellore CWSS Alagapuri 10.00
2 Vellore CWSS Kaspa B 3.00
3 Vellore CWSS KM.Nagar 0.60
4 Vellore CWSS Bethlegam 2.00
5 Sandrore kuppam Bethlegam 2.00
6 A.Kaspa Bethlegam 4.00
7 Vellore CWSS Nathiseelapuram 7.00

Source and Headworks

At present Ambur Municipality getting 9.82 MLD potable water daily through Vellore CWSS. All other local sources are not potable and reliable. Hence cannot take into account. The Municipality maintains 6700 Nos. of House Service Connections.

Details of Existing Sump & OHT
S.No Location of Sumps Capacity in Lakhs litres
1 B.Kaspa Booster Sump (Near OHT) 1.00
2 Gangapuram 0.60
3 CWSS Sump at Ragavendira Nagar 32.75
  Total 34.35
Details on existing Elevated Service Reservoirs
S.No Location of SRs Capacity in Lakhs litres Wards covered
1 Sandrorekuppam 2.00 27(P),32,33,34
2 Alagapuri 10.00 1,2,3,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22(P),23,24,25,26,35,36
3 Bethlehem 2.00 27(P),29,30,31
4 K.M.Nagar 0.60 8(p),9(P)
5 B.Kaspa 3.00 10(P),12,13,22(P)
6 Nathiseelapuram 7.00 8(p),9(P), 10(P)
6 A.Kaspa 4.00 4,5,6,7
  Total 28.6
Details on existing Elevated Service Reservoirs
S.No Name of the Head Works Source Pump Set Detail No: of Sump, Capacity& Pump Set Pumping to OHT
1 Malatar river&
Sarangal river
Infiltration wells-5Nos.
3 nos.nos.750 lpmx20m
Submersible 3 HP - 2 nos. 500 lpm x60m
Sump 2.0
3250 lpmx18m 20 HP
2 Vannanthurai
Open well 2 Nos.
Bore well & No
Submersible 3.0 HP
2nos.260 lpm x5m
1 6 Nosx75m
Sump 0.3
520 lpm x22m 5 HP
3 Anaimadugu
Open well 2 Nos.
Submersible 10 HP - 1 No.
12.5 HP - 1 No.
Sump 0.3
625 lpm x 30m 7.5 HP
4 Nathiseelapuram
Open well 2 Nos.
Submersible 7.5 HP NIL NIL
5 Sanikanavaimedu
Open well 2 Nos.
Submersible 7.5 HP NIL NIL
6 Nariyampattu
Infiltration well 1 No.
Submersible 15 HP 0.6 LL NIL
7 Vellore CWSS Turbine – 75 HP – 2nos
VT8421 lpm@35m
HSC 2787 lpm @75m
32.75 LL To all OHTs

Necessity of the Scheme

The Ambur Municipality intends to improve its water supply distribution network, in order to ensure daily availability of protected water supply to all. Further the existing distribution network is having uneven water supply to users particularly on tail ends. There are certain areas where water supply is more than adequate in the system. Further the Municipality is fed with inequitable supply of water and poor demand coverage. Hence it is necessary to improvise the existing water supply system and also develop a water Supply Improvement Scheme for the distribution network and to improve the existing water supply in the corporation area to achieve equi-distribution of water supply to all areas.

In order to maintain full pledged water supply distribution system without break, it has been decided to examine and inspect almost all the distribution mains with the help of modern equipment’s and invite TWIC to provide consultancy.

The scope of the work includes water supply Transmission main / Feeder main and distribution system networks improvements by way of improvements to the existing water supply Transmission main / Feeder mains and distribution system network covering the mainly the need for adequate sizing of transmission main / feeder main, extending to new reservoirs, proper reservoir management, evaluation of additional storage, evaluation of the existing pipes and replacement of pipes,expansion of water supply distribution network to the uncovered areas so as to achieve equitable and daily supply of water to the consumers.

Population And Demand

The water demand for entire municipal area is now assessed based on the following norms as given in CPHEEO Manual:

Base water demand -135 lpcd
Fire demand - 100 (P/1000)^0.5
Distribution losses - 10%
Transmission Losses - 1%

According to Census population for the past decades from 1971 to 2001 and present population for 2011 are collected and furnished below.

Census Population

Decade-Year Population
1971 54011
1981 66042
1991 75911
2001 99624
2011 115273

Details of Projected Design Population

S.No Description Year Population
1 Immediate 2018 126712
2 Intermediate design year 2033 153214
3 Ultimate design year 2048 182429

The projected water demand is given below:

Details of Water Demand for the Design Period

S.No Description Units Water Demand
2018 2033 2048
1 2011 population (115273)        
2 2014 -Projected Population   126712    
3 2029- Projected Population     153214  
4 2044 -Projected Population       182429
5 Water Demand @ 135 LPCD MLD 17.11 20.68 24.63
6 Fire demand MLD 1.13 1.24 1.35
7 Net demand MLD 18.23 21.92 25.98
8 Losses in distribution @ 10% MLD 1.82 2.19 2.60
9 Losses in CWTM @ 1% MLD 0.182 0.219 0.259
10 Total Demand MLD 20.23 24.32 28.83
11 Designed supply from Vellore CWSS MLD 15.85 15.85 15.85
  Balance Demand (metout from Local sources MLD 4.38 5.50(For 2.97 mld source to be indentified ) 5.50(Balance7.48 mld augumentation source to be idtenti fied .

Considering the available designed quantity of 15.85 MLD from Vellore CWSS, the pumpsets under this improvement scheme was designed accordingly. However in future while the demand raised more than 15.85 MLD, the additional source to be augmented and pumpsets also modified accordingly. In this scheme a pump room of size 10mx12m near Vellore CWSS sump of capacity 32.75LL is constructed to feed water to newly proposed OHT, the pumpset of capacity 4354 lpmx 64m (82HP)- 2nos(standby -1no) is proposed newly in this scheme and the Feeder main of DI K7 pipe from150mm to 500mm size of length 10.259 KM is to be laid to supply water to newly proposed tanks in which 1900m pipe of 200mm DI K7 pipe is to be replaced and relayed in feeder main.

Further the infra structures like Storage reservoirs and pipelines have been designed for ultimate period as per the CPHEEO manuals.

Detail Description of Proposal

The components of water supply distribution system are:

  • Storage Service Reservoirs.
  • Disinfection .
  • Distribution pipeline.
  • House Service Connections.
  • Metering etc.

The alternatives considered in the design of above components of the distribution system are discussed in the following sections.

Service Reservoir

The existing capacity of storage reservoir and requirement for the intermediate and ultimate design period are given below:

Existing capacity 28.60 LL
Required for intermediate design period 68.25 LL
Required for ultimate design period 81.27 LL
Proposal OHT capacity 53.27 LL

The standard practice and the guidelines as per CPHEEO manual is to design and construct the storage reservoirs for the intermediate requirement initially and construct additional reservoir after intermediate design period.

Details on existing Elevated Service Reservoirs
S.No Location of SRs Capacity in Lakhs litres Wards covered
1 Sandrorekuppam 2.00 27(P),32,33,34
2 Alagapuri 10.00 1,2,3,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22(P),23,24,25,26,35,36
3 Bethlehem 2.00 27(P),29,30,31
4 K.M.Nagar 0.60 8(p),9(P)
5 B.Kaspa 3.00 10(P),12,13,22(P)
6 A.Kaspa 4.00 4,5,6,7
  Total 28.6

Summary of proposed ELSR and GLSR.

S.No Location of SR’s Capacity in (LL) No. of Tanks
1 Kareem Nagar 20.00 1
2 Govindhapuram 12.50 1
3 Samiyar madam and Bethlehem 7.50 2
4 Rafik Nagar 5.00 1
5 Kambikollai(GLSR) 2.50 1
      6 Nos

Out of 12 Nos. of proposed distribution zoning system, 6 zones will be served from the 6 Nos. of existing reservoirs, and remaining 6 Nos. of proposed reservoirs will serve the remaining Ambur Municipality.

Details of Zone wise Water Demand for the Proposed System

S.No Location Wards Served Population Demand (LL)
Int Ult Int Ult
1 AKareem Nagar OHT -(P)-20.0LL 10(P),12(P),13,19,20,21, 22,23(P),24,25,26 32872 39141 48.8 58.1
2 Bethelahem OHT-(Ex)-2LL 29(P) 3904 4649 5.8 6.9
3 Sandrorekuppam-(Ex)-2LL 32(P) 3683 4385 5.5 6.5
4 Alagapuri OHT-(Ex)-10LL 32(P),33,34,35,36 21394 25473 31.8 37.8
5 B.Kaspa OHT-(Ex)-3 LL 10(P),11,12(P) 4860 5786 07.2 8.6
6 KM Nagar OHT-(Ex.)-7 LL 8(P),9,23(P),28(P) 14043 16721 20.9 24.8
7 A.Kaspa OHT-(Ex.)-4 LL 4(P),6,7(P) 6374 7589 9.5 11.3
8 Govindapuram (P) 1,2,3,4(P),5 25093 29878 37.3 44.4
9 Samiyaar madam (P) 14,15,16,17,18 14937 17785 22.2 26.4
10 Rabik Nagar (P) 7(P),8(P),10(P) 5838 6951 8.7 10.3
11 Bethalaham (P) 27, 29(P),30,31 14684 17484 21.8 26.0
12 Kambi Kollai (P) 28(P) 5532 6587 8.2 9.8
  TOTAL   153214 182429 22.75 27.09

Proposed Distribution Network System:

The existing distribution system in the proposed project are rezoned and rearranged with the inclusion of unserved area. The proposed distribution systems will have 12 Nos. of water supply distribution zones. Under the proposed system, 12 Service Reservoirs will be operational for the distribution system. Each reservoir will have a defined area of distribution and hydraulically separated from each other. Zonal boundaries of each zone have been marked in the plan, taking into account the commanding levels.

Hydraulic design of proposed water supply distribution zone as performed using EPANET software. The input of model consists of a network of nodes and pipes in a distribution zone. The parameter of each node and pipe such as length, diameter, pipe material, design flow (ultimate) rate, peak factor, and ground elevation of the node along with the source node with its elevation from the input required to simulate the distribution network. The model then simulates the operating condition of the zone and calculates the best possible combination of pipe size to obtain the pre specified minimum residual pressure for the rated water demand.

The objective of performing a detailed analysis is to obtain the required distribution piping for the rated ultimate stage water demand. The procedure adopted in obtaining the final extent of design improvement in a distribution zone is listed below:

  • Required data as outlined above are entered. A preliminary simulation is first performed where the model assigns the minimum required pipe diameter in each of the pipe to provide the minimum residual head specified.
  • On further refinement to the design run, section where residual pressure is less than minimum residual head are replaced with higher diameter pipes. This simulation is performed until all pipes within the system are capable of supplying water at or higher residual head than specified and with the permissible limit. Based on the finalized hydraulic design, the size of pipes form the water distribution network is arrived.
  • The proposed distribution zones will have 78.488 KM length of water supply distribution network. The HDPE Pipe of size 110mm to 200mm is proposed in distribution system for a length of 68.307 KM and the DI K7 pipe of size 250mm to 500mm is proposed for a length of 10.181 KM in all 12 zones.

House Service Connection

The number of new house service connections (MDPE pipes) to be provided in the uncovered areas, shifting of old house service connections to the new pipes are given in table below:

Details of House Service Connection

S.No Details Numbers
1 Present Assessment 25036
2 Proposed Connections 80% of assessment
3 House Service Connections 20000
4 Existing House Service Connections 6700
5 Proposed House Service Connections 13300

Present Stage:

The work order for the scheme has been issued on 31.05.2017 and work commenced on 19.06.2017.

So far, 56% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is 19.08 Cr (38%) .

This WSIS is targeted for completion by 12/2018.

Salient Details