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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement In Distribution System To Extended Areas (Kurichi, Kuniyamuthur, Thudiyalur, Vellikinaur, Villankurichi, Chinnavedampatti, Saravanampati & Kalapatty) of Coimbatore City Corporation.

Quantity : Int – 118.92 MLD ; ULT - 156.65 MLD
Cost of Installation : Rs. 409.33 Crores

Detailed Project Report for water supply improvement in distribution system to extended areas (Kurichi, Kuniyamuthur, Thudiyalur, Vellakinar, Vilankurichi, Chinnavedampatti, Saravanampatti and Kalapatty of Coimbatore city corporation has been Administratively sanctioned for Rs 395.41 Crore including annual maintenance charges for one year vide G.O.(MS) No 109/MA & WS(MA 2)/ Dated 29.08.2016 and revised Administrative Sanction has been accorded for Rs. 409.33 Cr vide G.O.(MS) No 38/MA & WS(MA 2)/ Dated 12.04.2018. The detailed estimate for the above scheme has been technically sanctioned for Rs.414.50 Crores by Chief Engineer, TWAD Board, Coimbatore and registered as CE/CBE/08/2016-17/ Dt.23.9.2016

 Prefatory :

The Project area covers Kurichi, Kuniyamuthur, Thudiyalur, Vellakinar, Vilankurichi, Chinnavedampatti, Saravanampatti and Kalapatty which were included to Coimbatore Corporation in 2011. Coimbatore is fastest growing II tier city and major textile, industrial, commercial educational & healthcare hub of Tamilnadu.

 Flow Diagram :

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

The present water supply arrangements for all the extended areas are as furnished below.

Area Source of Existing Supply Supplied Qty From Existing Source (MLD)
Kurichi Siruvani 5.26
Aliyar 4.50
Kuniamuthur Siruvani 4.546
Aliyar 4.50
Thudiyalur ,Vellaikinar ,Chinna vedampatty,Vilankuruchi,Saravanampatty and Kalappatty Pillur-I 22.962
Total   41.768

The present per capita water supply is 40-70 lpcd. Frequency of supply is once in 8 to 15 days.

Necessity of the Scheme :

To enhance the present supply level to 135 lpcd in the above extended areas this proposal is formulated. The existing source of supply will be sufficient for immediate requirement in 2018 however the source augmentation for future need is being done by the TWAD Board for the entire Corporation area. Based on the proposal identified in the water supply feasibility report and the phasing of proposal, the improvements for water supply distribution system to Kurichi, Kuniyamuthur, Thudiyalur, Vellikinaur, Villankuriuchi, Chinnavedampatti, Saravanampati & Kalapatty area has to been taken on priority addressing the above needs. To provide equitable distribution of water and to improve insufficient storage facilities, this detailed project report has been prepared for necessary infrastructure in 8 extended areas of Coimbatore Corporation.

Population Projection:

Projected Population for Proposed Project area is furnished below:

S.No Description Projected Population Floating Population
1 Census year 2011 382951 34500
2 Immediate year 2018 530909 37700
3 Intermediate design year 2033 698664 57700
4 Ultimate design year 2048 922173 84400

Demand :

Period  Unit 2018 2033 2048
Base Floating Base Floating Base Floating
2018 Nos. 530909 37700        
2033 Nos.     698664 57700    
2048 Nos.         922173 84400
Base Water demand @ 135 LPCD MLD 71.67 94.32 124.49
Floating Population Water demand @ 25LPCD MLD 0.94 1.44 2.11
Fire demand MLD 2.523 3.116 3.601
Industrial demand @10% MLD 7.167 9.432 12.449
Distribution losses @10% MLD 7.17 9.432 12.45
Total demand MLD 89.47 117.74 155.10
Losses in Transmission main 1.0% MLD 0.90 1.17 1.55
Clear water demand   90.37 118.92 156.65

The total water supply requirement for the proposed project area at Immediate stage (2018), Intermediate (2033) and Ultimate (2048) are 90.37 MLD, 118.92 MLD &156.65 MLD respectively.

Detailed Description of Proposal:


The existing sources of Siruvani, Pillur reservoir and River Aliyar are continued to be utilized with existing schemes till 2018. The water supply to be provided from the Existing water supply system to the project area till Pillur III is commissioned is 90.37 MLD. The Proposal for Feeder Mains from existing sources to the MBRs will be taken up separately by Coimbatore Corporation and not under the scope of this DPR. Pillur III scheme to Coimbatore Corporation to meet Intermediate & ultimate demand with River Bhavani as source is under investigation.

Feeder Mains

Feeder Mains from Siruvani WSS to Press Enclave MBR and Pillayarpuram MBR (Zones 3 & 4).

Feeder Mains from Siruvani WSS to Press Enclave MBR and Pillayarpuram MBR (Zones 3 & 4).

The quantity of 35.02 MLD is proposed to be tapped near Kovaipudur Pirivu in Coimbatore to Siruvani Road from the existing mains 500 mm CI and 450 mm CI- (2 Nos) now feeding Gandhi park GLSR, Kurichi and Kuniamuthur areas and let into the proposed 15 LL capacity Sump near the tapping point. From the sump, the quantity will be pumped by means of vertical turbine pumpsets of duty 12161 lpm x 96 m (2 Nos working in parallel and 1 No. standby) through 600 mm/ 450 mm dia DI pipes to the proposed 15 LL MBR at Press Enclave(Kuniyamthur) and 20 LL MBR at Pillayarpuram(Kuichi).

Feeder Main from Kurichi Kuniamuthur CWSS to Pillayarpuram MBR( Zone 3)

After upgrading the existing Kurichi Kuniyamuthur CWSS from Intermediate stage of 9 Mld to Ultimate stage. The quantity of 11.25 MLD is proposed to be tapped from the existing sump at Kurichi and pumped to the MBR at Pillayarpuram through 450 mm dia DI pipes.

Feeder Mains from Pillur I and II WSS to MBR at Valarmathy Nagar (Zone 6a)

The quantity of 22.962 MLD from Pillur I Scheme is proposed to be drawn at two locations.

  • a. The quantity of 5 MLD will be tapped at LS 6660 m ( @ Thudiyalur) of Feeder Main I of Pillur I Scheme and conveyed by gravity to the proposed 20 LL MBR at Valarmathy Nagar through 450 mm dia DI pipes.
  • b. The quantity of 17.96 MLD will be tapped at LS 17099 m of Clear water Main of Pillur I Scheme (@ Karattumedu) and conveyed by gravity through the existing 1000 mm PSC pipes to the MSR at Ramakrishnapuram. The quantity of 19 MLD for Valarmathy Nagar MBR will be drawn from the MSR at Ramakrishnapuram (17.96 MLD conveyed from from Pillur I and 1.04 MLD from Pillur 2) and conveyed by gravity along with the quantity of 6.52 MLD for Kavundampalayam to the proposed 10 LL capacity Sump at Jai Nagar through the 900 mm MS pipes. (Both 10 LL sump and 900 mm MS pipes are already proposed under Kavundampalayam, Vadavalli, Veerakeralam DPR). From the Jai Nagar Sump the quantity of 19 MLD will be pumped to the MBR at Valarmathy Nagar through 450 mm DI pipes.

Existing MBR at Ramakrishnapuram (Zone 6b)

The existing 30 LL MSR at Ramakrishnapuram is proposed as MBR for Zone 6 b. The quantity of 11.50 MLD for Zone 6 b (Kalapatty and Vilankurichi areas) will be made available from Pillur 2 Scheme.

As per feeder main design it is proposed to introduce the intermediate in line booster will be provided at the following location.

1) Booster near Appanaickenpalayam 1 LL Junction 1747 lpm @35m - 20 HP.

2) Booster near Tirupathi nagar 2863 lpm @35m - 65 HP.

3) Booster near Kooturaveu nagar 1123 lpm @35m - 12.54 HP.

4) Booster near Anjugam nagar 3180 lpm @40m - 41 HP.

Feeder main from Proposed MBRs and from existing MBR at Ramakrishnapuram to Existing and Proposed Service Reservoirs for 114.896 km (100mm to 600mm DI -95.797 km and MS pipe 711 to 1016mm -19.099 km).

Providing Sump of 15 LL, Well cum Pump House, Pumpsets (12160 lpm X 96 m – 3 Sets Vertical turbine at Kovaipudur and 13194 lpm x 66m- 2 sets HSC Centrifugal at Jainagar) laying of pipes of 600 mm/500mm /450 mm DI pipes(22.51 Km) for interconnecting existing schemes with the proposed MBRs.

Details of proposed Service Reservoirs

Demand :

S.No Description Nos
1 2.5 LL x 16 m staging Height 11
2 2.5 LL GLSR 1
3 5.00 LL x 12 m staging Height 3
4 5.00 LL x 16 m staging Height 13
5 5.00 LL x 18 m staging Height 1
6 7.5 LL x 16 m staging Height 7
7 10.00 LL x 16 m staging Height 1
8 12.5 LL x 16 m staging Height 1
9 15.0 LL x 16 m staging Height 3
10 20.0 LL x 16 m staging Height 2
  Total 43

Distribution pipes in the Project area for a length of 917.676 Km ( GI 80mm to 150 mm -5.942km , HDPE 140mm to 225mm -859.767km and DI 200mm to 600mm -51.967 km ).

MDPE House Service Connection - 115192 Nos.

Cost of the Scheme :

    The total cost of the scheme works out to Rs. 409.33 Crores for installation.

Mode of Finance

Funding Pattern:

1 GoI share Rs.130.48 Crore
2 GoTN share Rs. 79.08 Crore.
3 Loan from TNUDF under Kfw assisted SMIF Rs. 102.35 Crore
4 Grant from PSGF under Kfw assisted SMIF  Rs. 56.49 Crore
5 ULB contribution Rs. 40.93 Crore
  Total Rs. 409.33 


The scheme will be handed over to Coimbatore Corporation for maintenance, after the completion of Contractor’s maintenance period of one year.

Present Stage:

  1. Package -I:-
    The work order for the scheme has been issued on 10.10.2017 and work commenced on 30.10.2017.
    So far, 7% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is 42.18 Cr (21%) .
    This WSDS is targeted for completion by 10/2019 .
  2. Package -II:-
    The work order for the scheme has been issued on 31.05.2017 and work commenced on 19.06.2017.
    So far, 13% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is 35.59 Cr (18%) .

Salient Details