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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Improvement of Water Supply Distribution to The Added Areas of Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation in Tiruppur District.

Quantity : Int : 214.16 MLD and Ultimate : 297.41 MLD
Cost of Installation : Rs. 250.00 Crores
A.M Cost : Rs. 43.85 Crores

WSIS to Tiruppur Corporation in Tiruppur District was administratively sanctioned vide G.O.Ms. No. 109 / MA&WS / MA(2) / 2016 Dated. 29.08.2016 for Rs. 250.00 Crores under AMRUT Programme with funding pattern of 50% share by Government of India – 125.00 Crores, 20% share by Government of Tamilnadu – 50.00 Crores and 30% contribution by Urban Local Body – 75.00 Crores.

 Prefatory :

Tirupur (also spelled as Tiruppur) was recognized as a Grade III Municipality by the Government of TamilNadu in the year 1917. The Municipality was subsequently classified as a Selection Grade Municipality in 1972 and subsequently was constituted as a Special Grade Municipality in 1983. Tiruppur Municipality has been upgraded into Tirupur City Municipal Corporation with effect from 01.01.2008. Tirupur City Municipal Corporation was formed by annexing adjoining other local bodies such as Nallur and Velampalayam (Municipalities), Andipalayam, Chettipalayam, Mannarai, Murugampalayam, Muthanampalayam, Nerupherichal, Thottipalayam, Veerapandi, (Village Panchayats). The total area of the Corporation is 159.35 The extended Corporation area is effective from October 2011, after the local body elections. The population as per 2011 census is 8, 77,778 and is divided into 60 administrative wards.

The town is situated at a distance of 448 Kms to the South West of Chennai and at the intersection of 70° 22’ longitude and 11° 6’ latitude. Tirupur is situated in the Coimbatore-Tiruchirapalli industrial belt known as the seventh largest industrial corridor of the country. River Noyyal, originating from the Velliangiri Hills flows through the city centre in the easterly direction and the Western Ghats on the near west, are the major geographical features of this region. Chennai-Trivandrum broad gauge railway line and Salem-Kanyakumari National Highway (NH47) passes close to the city.

Tirupur is characterized by an undulating terrain with the elevation ranging between 275 m and 358 m above MSL. A number of surface streams that confluence in the River Noyyal flowing through the center of the town, characterize the landscape of the town.The town is the black cotton tract and black loam/ black clay soils are predominant in the region. The water retention capacity of the black soil of the region is conducive for the cultivation of cotton. Also found in the region are alluvial rocks, few arterial formations and lime stone deposits.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

Tirupur Corporation receives water from three water supply schemes, two with River Bhavani as source (Scheme 1 and Scheme 2) and one with River Cauvery as source implemented and maintained by NTADCL (Scheme 3). Scheme 1, commissioned in 1965 is owned and operated by Tirupur Corporation, the Scheme II commissioned in 1993 is combined water supply scheme operated and maintained by TWAD Board. Tirupur Corporation also receives bulk supply from 3rd water supply scheme constructed, owned and maintained by NTADCL. The water allocation for the Corporation area from the three schemes is about 75 MLD. In addition Government vide GO (MAWS) No.25 dated 16.03.2012 has allotted 100 MLD surplus water available with NTADCL for domestic use within its Service Area. A major portion of this 100 MLD will be available to Tiruppur Corporation.

The salient details of the water supply Schemes are given in the table below:

Salient Details of Existing Water Supply Schemes
S.No Description Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Scheme 3
1 Year of commissioning 1965 1993 2005
2 Ultimate design year 1991 2011 2030
3 Source River Bhavani River Bhavani River Cauvery
4 Intake at On bank of River Bhavani at Mettupalayam On bank of River Bhavani at Mettupalayam On bank of River Cauvery at Anainasuvampalyam Village –Erode
5 WTP at Mettupalayam Mettupalayam Suriampalayam Village – Erode
6 Designed Capacity (Total) 7.15 MLD 46.10 MLD 185.00 MLD expandable to 250 MLD
7 Allocation to TCMC 5.450 MLD 30.113 MLD 88.957 MLD
8 Maintained by TCMC TWAD Board NTADCL

Necessity Of the Scheme

The population of the expanded corporation as per 2011 census is 8.78 lakhs. The projected population for the year 2032 and 2047 are expected to be 14.00 and 19.50 lakh respectively. Drinking water requirement at the rate of 135 LPCD as per the CPHEEO Norms is estimated to be about 192.74 MLD and 267.67 MLD for the year 2032 and 2047 respectively. Further the extended areas of corporation do not have a planned water distribution system and not able to achieve daily equitable water supply to entire corporation area.

The scope of the work is to provide improvements in Water Supply by creation of infrastructure facilities like additional reservoirs, feeder mains, rezoning and expansion of distribution system to the uncovered areas to facilitate equitable water supply for the entire corporation area.

The Objective of this scheme is to provide improvements to water supply distribution system by way of creating additional infrastructure to the existing water supply system covering analysis of existing water supply sources, the need for additional storage reservoirs, augmenting or providing conveying mains to the OHT’s (from NTADCL off-take points), rezoning the distribution system to achieve equitable supply, augmentation of distribution system for 135 lpcd and for the 30 years design horizon (Year 2047), study of the existing pipes (type, condition, age, carrying capacity etc) and suggest replacement of pipes, expansion of water supply distribution network to the uncovered areas so as to achieve equitable and daily supply of water to all the consumers throughout the Corporation.

Population And Demand

The water demand for the entire municipal area is now assessed based on the following norms as given in CPHEEO Manual:

Base water demand - 135 lpcd
Fire &Floating population demand - As per Norms
Distribution losses - 10%

According to Census population for the past decades from 1971 to 2001 and present population for 2011 are collected and furnished below.

Details of Projected Design Population

I. Service Reservoir and Additional Storage facilities:

Under the present project, it is proposed to divide the corporation area into 34 Nos. of distinct water supply zones which will be having 26 Nos. of Service Reservoirs based on the terrain/profile of the city and the population distributed.

The Ward/streets to be fed from respective service reservoir have been identified in consultation with Corporation Officials. The proposed service reservoir capacity has been worked out based on 1/3 of the zonal demand for intermediate stage. The details of each distribution zone like ward to be served, Intermediate population, Ultimate population, Intermediate water demand, Ultimate water demand, storage required, existing capacity, proposed capacity etc., is furnished below.

The storage requirement for the Ultimate period is 297.41 MLD. The existing storage including ongoing TWAD board ongoing construction accounts to 174.52 MLD. Hence there is need for additional storage requirement of 122.89 MLD for ultimate design period, 26 Nos. of additional storage reservoir of capacities varying from 5.00LL to 20.00LL are proposed.

A.Summary of Proposed ELSR
Proposed OHT Capacities (LL) No.of Tanks
20.00LL 2
17.50LL 5
15.00LL 3
12.50LL 3
10.00LL 9
7.50LL 3
5.00LL 1

Out of 26 Nos. of proposed distribution zoning system, 26 zones will be served from the 26 Nos of proposed reservoirs

B. Details of Proposed Service Reservoirs
S.No Location Capacity (LL)
1 Thennampalayam 5
2 Chamundipuram 12.5
3 Chinnandipalayam 20
4 Velampalayam 15
5 Iswarya Gate 17.5
6 Thai Moogambigai Nagar 17.5
7 Kumaran Park 15
8 Palavanjipalayam 7.5
9 Palavanjipalayam 7.5
10 JJ Nagar 12.5
11 JJ Nagar 10
12 Pandiyan Nagar 15
13 Sathya Colony 17.5
14 ChandrapuramKuttai 7.5
15 G.M Nagar 10
16 Goundanaickenpalayam 17.5
17 Iduvampalayam South Street 10
18 Iduvampalayam 10
19 ChandrapuramKuttai 10
20 Palavanjipalayam 20
21 Kavitha Nagar 12.5
22 VGV Vijay Garden 10
23 Sundamedu 17.5
24 Ponsubhu Nagar 10
25 Koothampalayam Pirivu 10
26 Murugampalayam 10
C.Details of Proposed Booster Sumps
S.No Location Capacity (LL)
1 Chamundipuram 2.00
2 Velampalayam 5.00
3 Kumaran Park 2.60
4 Neruperichal 4.00
5 Pandiyan Nagar 5.00
6 Pooluvapatty 4.90
7 Goundanaickenpalayam 2.80
8 Chinnandipalayam 3.40
9 Veerapandy 6.15
10 Chandrapuramkuttai 3.00
11 Iduvampalayam 3.60
12 Nallur 3.60
13 Sundamedu 3.00
14 Murugampalayam 1.60

II. Distribution System::

The entire corporation area has been divided into 26 water supply distribution zones. Zoning has been done based on the topography. Each water supply zone is provided with Over Head Tank and water distribution mains. The distribution system and the staging height of the OHT’s have been designed to have a residual pressure of 7 m at the consumer end.

The proposed distribution zones will have 507.707 Kms of water supply distribution network. The total length of pipe includes 68.994Km DI K7 pipes and 438.713km HDPE Pipes.

III. House Service Connections:

About 33100 Nos. of Domestic House Service connections and 7100 Nos. of commercial connections are proposed in the new distribution system. The proposed house service connection and the new connection to be given in future will be Blue PN 16 (SDR 9) MDPE pipes conforming to ISO 4427:1996 manufactured from virgin resin PE 80 and will be connected to ferrule to be fixed in DI pipes confirming to IS 2692 – 1989.

IV.Present Stage Of The Scheme:

The work order for the scheme has been awarded to M/s. The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd., Mumbai on 16.06.2017 and the work commenced on 13.07.2017.

So far 24% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is 45.07 Cr. (18 %) .

The WSDS is targeted for completion by 06/2019.

Salient Details