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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme to Nagercoil Municipality in Kanyakumari District Under Amrut Programme

Quantity : Int – 39.16 MLD, Ult -49.56 MLD
Cost of Installation : Rs. 251.43 Crores
A.M Cost : Rs. 4.16 Crore

 Prefatory :

Nagercoil is a Special Grade Municipality and the headquarters of Kanyakumari District. It lies at a distance of 20 KM from Kanyakumari. It is located at a latitude of 8010'47" N and longitude of 77'21'50" E. The town, at present including the extended areas has got an area of about 49.10 sq km. The population as per 2011 census after merger of four nearby Village Panchayats (1.Kariamonickapuram, 2.Gandhipuram, 3.NorthSoorankudy, 4.Peruvilai) and one Town Panchayat (Asaripallam) is 246753.The elevation of the town ranges from 12m to 71m. The main occupation of the people is agriculture. The average annual rainfall is 1064 mm.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

The existing water supply schemes now functioning for Nagercoil Municipality with Mukkadal Dam and Ananthanar Channal as source are as detailed below.

a) Water Supply Scheme executed by the then Travancore – Cochin State during 1941.

b) First Water Supply Improvement Scheme executed by TWAD Board during 1978.

c) Work carried out under deposit scheme by Municipality during 1987-88.

d) Second Water Supply Improvement Scheme executed by TWAD Board during 2002.

Water Supply Scheme Executed By Travancore-cochin State:

The scheme was executed during the year 1941 and designed for an ultimate population (year 1971) of 77800.The total ultimate demand was (1.25 mgd) 5.68 mld or 73 Mcft/ year.

i) Head Works:

An impounding reservoir with a drawable capacity of 60.99 Mcft or 381 million gallons has been constructed across Mukkadal valley, which is about 12 Kms. north of Nagercoil.

ii) Conveying Main:

The water from the reservoir was drawn through 500 mm dia. draw off pipe provided at the valve tower and then gravitated through 500 mm MS pipe up to the tunnel end and then through 400 mm dia. steel pipe coated with cement motor both inside and outside. The length of the gravity main was 12045 m up to the treatment unit at Krishnankoil and was designed for a carrying capacity of 3938 lpm.

iii) Treatment Units:

The treatment unit in Krishnankoil was located in an area of about 4.30 Acres. There were two rapid sand filter beds each of capacity 90,800 lit. (20,000 gallons) per hour and third filter bed for 1,13,500 litre capacity (25,000 gallons) per hour. The overall capacity of filter unit is 2,95,100 litre (65,000 gallons) per hour or 7.08 Mld. The filtered water was collected in a R.R masonry sump cum ground level service reservoir of capacity of 13.98 LL having two compartments.

iv) Service Reservoirs and Distribution System:

The contour of the town varies from (+) 12m to (+) 71m. The portion of the town lying between 12 m to 27 m contour was taken as low level zone and the area above 27 m contour was taken as high level zone. For the high level zone, the water was pumped through 300 mm dia CI pipes for a length of 1311 m to two numbers of over head tanks of 8 lakh litres capacity (located nearby water tank road at Christhunagar) by means of three numbers of centrifugal pump sets 40 HP, 40 HP and 30 HP capacity and then supplied to the public through a network of distribution system. The total length of D' system in both the zones is 96 Kms.

First Water Supply Improvement Scheme To Nagercoil Municipality:

A water supply Improvement Scheme for Nagercoil Municipality was sanctioned for Rs.46.00 lakhs in G.O.Ms.No.1211 / PWD / dated: 24.08.1974 and it was subsequently revised to Rs.97.00lakhs and sanctioned in G.O.Ms.No.30 / MAWS / WS.V / dated: 08.02.1993. The improvement scheme was designed for an ultimate population of 1.50,000 (Year 1991) at a prorate supply of 90 lpcd for a daily supply of 3MGD and the scheme was executed and commissioned during 1979.

i) Head Works:

The capacity of the impounding reservoir (Mukkadal Dam) had been increased from 84 mcft to 105 mcft by providing a surplus regulator with movable steel shutters to meet the demand of 3 MGD. This had been achieved by increasing the FRL by 1.22 m (4 feet) height i.e. from 60.98 m to 62.20 m.

ii) Conveying Main:

The water from the reservoir was drawn through the existing 500 mm (20'') steel scour pipe and then conveyed through a parallel gravity main. One break pressure tank had been provided in the conveying main at LS 2745 m.

iii) Treatment Units:

Additional treatment unit of 10 MLD Capacity with two numbers of twin type rapid sand filters of size 6.25 m x 5.75 m had been provided. Out of the two units, one unit was treated as stand bye. With these additional units, the total capacity of treatment unit had been increased to 17.08 mld out of which one 5 mld unit was kept as stand bye against the ultimate demand of 13.62 mld. Moreover an additional clear water sump of 5 lakh litres capacity and a pump house had been constructed.

iv) Service Reservoirs:

The High level zone had been divided into two zones namely high level zone I and high level Zone II. The high level zone I was served by the existing 2 Nos. of Service Reservoirs. The newly constructed RCC Service Reservoir 8,00,000 litres capacity at Maravankudiyiruppu was utilized to serve high level Zone II.

v) Distribution System:

Under improvements scheme, distribution pipes had been laid for a length of 35.90 km and hence the total length of distribution system was 131.9 km. The distribution system consists of CI, AC and PVC pipes of suitable sizes varying from 90 mm to 300 mm. There were 644 Nos. of public fountains.

Works Carried Out Under Deposit Scheme:

i) Pump House and Pump Sets:

One additional pump house had been constructed at Krishnankoil near the existing Masonry GLSR cum sump to house the 60 HP pump set to pump water to high level Zone I Service Reservoir. The duty of the pump set was 3750 lpm against a total head of 45m.

ii) Pumping Main:

An additional 350 mm CI LA Class pumping main had been laid for a length of 1606 m to pump water to the high level zone I Service Reservoir from the sump.

iii) Service Reservoir:

The 8.0 lakhs litres capacity steel tank available at high level Zone I had been replaced by RCC elevated Service Reservoir of 8.00 lakhs litres capacity.

Bore Well Schemes:

a) Five numbers of bore wells had been drilled in Melasoorankudi area during 1987-88.Water from the five bore wells was pumped to a common sump by means of submersible pump sets. The water from the common sump was pumped to the Service Reservoir at Maravankudiyiruppu (HL Zone II).

b) Apart from the above, five additional bore wells had been drilled in Punnainagar area.

c) In addition to the above 27 open wells and 361 hand pumps available which yields non potable water.

Second Water Supply Improvement Scheme To Nagercoil Municipality:

The improvement (1st improvement) to the existing water supply scheme was designed in the year 1974 for an ultimate population of 1,50,000 for the year 1991.But the population of the Municipality had increased to 1, 71,648 in the year 1981 itself and the population as per 1991 census was reported as 1,89,642.Hence the existing water supply scheme was inadequate and severe scarcity occurred for drinking water in Nagercoil Municipality as well as in Kanyakumari Township and Suchindram Town Panchayats.

Hence the Nagercoil Municipality requested the TWAD Board in Lr.No.15605/E2/82 dated 05.07.1982 to take up investigation for improving the water supply position.

The II Water Supply improvement scheme for Nagercoil Municipality was sanctioned for Rs.1706.00 lakhs in G.O.Ms.No.61 dated 08.03.1996.

The improvement scheme was designed for an ultimate population of 4,00,000 for the year 2021 at the prorate supply of 90 lpcd for daily supply of 30.50MLD and the scheme had been executed and commissioned during 2002 by TWAD Board.

The Second water supply improvement scheme was formulated for the intermediate and ultimate population as below.

S.No Description Present (1991) Intermediate (2006) Ultimate (2021)
1 Nagercoil Municipality 189482 290000 400000
2 Kanyakumari T.P. 17706 22500 + 3500 29000 + 5000
3 Suchindram T.P. 15457 23000 32000
  Total 222145 335000 + 3500 461000 + 5000

The second improvement water supply scheme for Nagercoil Municipality was formulated for the Intermediate (2006) requirement of 200 mcft / 15.50 MLD and Ultimate requirement of 326 mcft / 25.29 MLD (2021) with Ananthanar Channel as source. Due to the failure of south west monsoons during 2003 there was no sufficient storage of water in Pechiparai Dam and Mukkadal Dam and water scarcity problem prevailed in Nagercoil Municipality.

Need For New Water Supply Improvement Scheme:

At present the level of supply of water to Nagercoil Municipality is 85 lpcd and supply once in five days. UGS Scheme has been sanctioned for Nagercoil Municipality and is under progress. Therefore prorate level of water supply has to be increased from 90 lpcd to 135 lpcd.

In the District Collectors conference on 17.12.2012, the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu had announced to provide water supply improvement scheme to Nagercoil Municipality with Kuzhithuraiyar River as source vide announcement No. 35. The Nagercoil Municipality had decided to implement WSIS through two Packages. Package I comprises of creation of sources and conveying water up to the Service Reservoir. Package II comprises improvement of infrastructure, Distribution system and house service connections with in Town limit vide resolution No 41 dt. 03.02.2011. The council had passed resolution to carry out investigation works for Package I through TWAD BOARD and for Package II through independent Consultants. Further the Nagercoil Municipality has allotted land for constructions of treatment plant for above WSIS at Puliyadi vide resolution No.1794 dt. 20.12.2012. The Commissioner of Municipal Administration vide Lr. No. 32813 / 2012 / WS2 /dt 22.01.2013 had given permission to the Municipal Commissioner, Nagercoil Municipality to take up the investigation work for the above WSIS through TWAD Board. The Managing Director, TWAD Board had given permission to take up the investigation works vide Lr.No.F.241111 / AE8 / PM / 2013-1 / dt.13.02.2013

Source Considered:

It was decided to locate the source in River Kuzhithuraiyar by the local administration and the same has been announced by the Honorable Chief Minister during the Collector's conference held at Chennai on 17.12.2012. The only perennial water source available in Kanyakumari District is River Kuzhithuriyar. In summer month (February to May) the flow in the River Kuzhithuraiyar is less, the required raw water 58.47 MLD cannot be tapped.

The Pechiparai dam was constructed against River Kothaiyar and Perunchani dam was constructed against River Paraliyar. The water released from Perunchani Dam and Pechiparai Dam (partly) collected in Puthen diversion Dam which is located 1 Km downstream of Perunchani Dam and then left for irrigation.

The Puthen diversion Dam has enough water throughout the year except summer months (February to May). During summer months a quantity of 41.12 MLD to 52.04 MLD has to be released from the Pechiparai or Perunchani to meet out the need of the Nagercoil Municipality water supply requirement.

Deputy Hydro geologist, TWAD Board, T–K Circle, Tirunelveli had selected upstream of Puthen Dam as source for the Nagercoil WSIS and given report on 11.05.2013. Since there is no enough sand depth in the river Paraliyar, off take arrangements may be provided to tap the raw water from the Upstream of Puthen Dam.

Population And Requirement Of This Proposal:

The population of the Municipality as per 2011 census is 2,08,149. The population as per 2011 census after merger of 4 nearby village panchayat (1.Kariamanickapuram, 2.Gandhipuram, 3.North Soorankudy, 4.Peruvilai) and one Town Panchayat (Asaripallam) is 246753.The population forecast has been approved for Nagercoil Municipality WSIS vide the Chief Engineer / TWAD / Madurai Lr.No 8835 / F. Ngl Mpty WSIS / AE3(D) / 2015 / dt. 07.08.2015 based on “Semi log” method

Base year 2017 = 280000

Intermediate 2032 = 320000

Ultimate 2047 = 390000

i) Present Supply:

At present the Nagercoil Municipality is supplying clear water through the following existing schemes. The total quantity supply from the local sources and Mukkadal dam source is 20.95 mld.

Details on existing Elevated Service Reservoirs
S.No Description Clear water
1 Supply from Mukkadal Dam 5.58 mld
2 Supply from Ananthanar channel and gravitated through Mukkadal dam 13.35 mld
3 Supply from Bore well sources and Local sources 2.02 mld
  Total 20.95 mld

In addition to that for Kanyakumari TP and Suchindram TP, 3.10 mld of raw water is drawn near Erachakulam through the existing raw water main to Nagercoil Municipality and treated at Theroor Treatment Plant (3 mld) for subsequent distribution to the above Town Panchayats.

ii) Demand Statement:

A Pro rate supply of 135 lpcd, for Nagercoil Municipality together with 10% transmission loss and 5% treatment loss are adopted in this proposal. The Raw water requirement at intermediate stage and ultimate stage is 41.12 MLD and 52.04 MLD respectively. The demand statement is worked after deducting the supply from existing Mukkadal Dam and local sources (5.58+2.02) = 7.60 mld only. The existing drawal quantity of water from Ananthanar Channel is proposed to be drawn from Paraliyar near Puthen Dam (Pick up weir) itself.

The following table represents the requirement of raw water for intermediate stage 2032 and ultimate stage 2047 and the treatment capacity of the existing and the newly proposed sites.

iii) Requirement of raw water:

Details on existing Elevated Service Reservoirs
S.No Description Base year 2017 Inter-mediate 2032 Ulti-mate 2047
1 Population 2,80,000 3,20,000 3,90,000
2 Pro rate in lpcd 135 135 135
3 Requirement in MLD 37.80 43.20 52.65
4 Existing Supply in MLD (-) 7.60 (-) 7.60 (-) 7.60
5 Net requirement in MLD 30.20 35.60 45.05
6 Transmission Loss @ 10% in MLD 3.02 3.56 4.51
7 Total in MLD 33.22 39.16 49.56
8 Treatment loss @5% in MLD 1.66 1.96 2.48
9 Total raw water Requirement in MLD 34.88 41.12 52.04
10 Rate of Raw water supply in LPM(23 hours pumping)   29797 37710
11 Rate of Clear water supply in LPM (43.20-2.02=41.18X1.1=45.30MLD) (23 hours pumping)   32825 40359

Detailed Description Of The Proposal:

It is proposed to draw the total net requirement of raw water from river Paraliyar near Perunchani for intermediate and ultimate stages are 41.12 MLD and 52.04 MLD respectively. The raw water will be abstracted through 8 m dia. off take well depth 7.0 metre with inlet pipes on sides to draw surface water in the upstream side of Puthen Dam. From the offtake well, the water will be pumped by means of 2 Nos. of 115 HP vertical type Turbine pump sets of duty 14899 lpm x 26m each by adopting 23 hours pumping to Ridge point.(LS 4800m). From the Ridge point to WTP at Krishnankoil Raw water pumping main designed as Branch main. It is proposed to provide full scale treatment units for 41.12 mld capacity with tube settlers and Dual Media Filers at existing WTP site at Krishnankoil. The existing WTP III is proposed for enhancement through Dual Media Filters to 18 mld capacity. After treatment the clear water will be pumped to the existing and the proposed SRs 23 Nos. and the water will be distributed through existing and proposed D’ system.

The intermediate clear water requirement 45.30 mld will be collected at the proposed sump of 19.70 LL capacity for 1 hour detention time.

  • Clear water from the proposed Treatment plant = 39.16 MLD
  • Clear water from Existing TP III (5.58 X 1.10) = 6.14 MLD
  • Total = 45.30 MLD
  • Clear Water Sump capacity adopting 60minutes = 19.70 LL

detention time – intermediate

The clear water from the proposed sump will be pumped to the existing Service Reservoir 12 Nos and proposed service reservoirs 11 Nos by adopting 23 hours pumping. Three clear water pumping mains & one clear water gravity main have been proposed from clear water sump cum pump house. The details of pumping/gravity mains are as follows:

Clear water pumping main - I lead to proposed service reservoirs at Krishnancoil, Aseervathamnagar, Nesamaninagar, Asaripallam (near Medical College), Gnanamnagar and existing service reservoir at Krishnankoil, Aseervathamnager and Gnanamnagar (Tharavilai)

Clear water pumping main - II lead to proposed service reservoirs at Kottar Police quarter (Ganesapuram), Kariamanickapuram, V.N.colony, NGO Colony (Sarakkalvilai) and existing service reservoir at Muncipal office, Exhibition ground and Kalachandai.

Clear water pumping main - III lead to the proposed service reservoirs at Ponnappanadar colony, North Soorankudi and existing service reservoirs at Chirsthunagaer I & II, Thattanvilai, Maravankudieruppu and Holycrossnager.

Clear water from the proposed sump will also be gravitated to the existing Krishnankoil GLSR.

Detailed Description Of The Proposal:

1 Head Works
a) Source Off take well in the bank of upstream of Puthen Dam (8m dia 7m depth) Over head pump room of 12m dia
b) Pump set 115 HP Turbine Pump set – 3Nos (2+1) Duty – 14899 lpm x 26m head (50% stand bye)
2 Raw water Pumping Main - 31850 M
a) 914mm x 8.00mm tk MS pipe 20190 M
b) 813mm x 8.00mm tk MS pipe 11660 M
3 Treatment Plant at Krishnankoil
a) Enhancement of WTP UNIT III to Full scale treatment plant 13.42 MLD To 18.00 MLD using dual media 18.00 MLD
b) Construction of Treatment plant using Tube settlers and Dual media after demolishing existing WTP units I and II 29.57 MLD
4 Clear Water Pumping Main - 31006 M
a) CWP Main I 500mm DI K7 PIPE - 150 m
450mm DI K7 PIPE - 900 m
400mm DI K7 PIPE - 1058 m
350mm DI K7 PIPE - 2827 m
250mm DI K7 PIPE - 1936 m
200mm DI K7 PIPE - 2985 m
150mm DI K7 PIPE - 60 m
100mm DI K7 PIPE - 40 m
Total 9956 m
b) CWP Main II 500mm DI K7 PIPE - 2490 m
400mm DI K7 PIPE - 1220 m
300mm DI K7 PIPE - 1000 m
250mm DI K7 PIPE - 850 m
-2605 m(1755+850)
(Exg.-1755m utilised)
200mm DI K7 PIPE - 1270 m
150mm DI K7 PIPE - 3610 m
Total - 10440 m
c) CWP Main III 500mm DI K7 PIPE - 1425 m
400mm DI K7 PIPE - 2103 m
350mm DI K7 PIPE - 1582 m
250mm DI K7 PIPE - 1070 m
200mm DI K7 PIPE - 1625 m
100mm DI K7 PIPE - 2705 m
Total - 10510 m
d) CW Gravity Main 300mm DI K7 PIPE - 100 m
5 Pump Set Details
a) CWP Main I 145 HP Turbine pump set having duty 9961 lpm x 49m head (1+1 No)
b) CWP Main II 145 HP Turbine pump set having duty 11263 lpm x 44m head (1+1 No)
c) CWP Main III 150 HP Turbine pump set having duty 8886 lpm x 57m head (1+1No)

Capacity of Filter house for entire Muncipality:

S.No Description Intermediate 2032 in mld Ultimate 2047 in mld
1 Total Requirement 43.20 52.65
2 Existing Supply Bore well sources (-) 2.02 (-) 2.02
3 Net requirement 41.18 50.63
4 Transmission Loss @ 10% 4.12 5.06
5 Sub Total 45.30 55.69
6 Treatment Loss @ 5% 2.27 2.78
7 Total 47.57 58.47
8 Existing Filter house to be enhanced 18.00  
9 Proposed capacity of Filter House 29.57  

Proposed New Water Treatment Plant Capacity:

S.No Description Intermediate 2032 in mld Ultimate 2047 in mld
1 Total Requirement 43.20 52.65
2 Mukkadal dam supply and Bore well sources (Excluding Ananathanar Channel Quantity) (-) 7.60 (-) 7.60
3 Net requirement 35.60 45.05
4 Transmission Loss @ 10% 3.56 4.51
5 Sub Total 39.16 49.56
6 Treatment Loss @ 5% 1.96 2.48
7 Total raw water from Puthen dam 41.12 52.04

or the raw water quantity from Puthen dam, a new full scale water treatment plant 41.12 MLD at intermediate stage is proposed with tube settlers and Dual Media Filters using Anthracite coal in the demolished location of existing WTP I & II at Krishnankoil. It is proposed to construct the infrastructures such as Aerator, Raw water channel, Flash mixers, Dividing chamber and up to Clariflocculator for a capacity of 41.12 mld. The filter house with dual media is proposed to construct for a capacity of 29.57 mld. The balance quantity of 11.55 mld is proposed to be conveyed to the existing WTP III through a separate channel.

The existing WTP III is proposed to enhance for 18.00 mld. The existing WTP III components such as aerator, stilling chamber, raw water channel, Dividing chamber and Flash mixer have withstand up to 6.50 MLD capacity only. But rapid sand filter bed have been proposed for enhancement by providing Dual Media Filters using Anthracite coal for 18.00 mld.

After completion of the new WSIS, the present drawal from the Ananthanar Channel has to be disconnected based on the instruction of the district administration.

6.45 MLD raw water from Mukkadal dam will be fed into the existing aerator of WTP III and the remaining 11.55 MLD water fed through a separate channel from the newly proposed clariflocculators to the existing filter bed of WTP III.The total quantity 6.45 + 11.55 =18.00 MLD will be treated with augmented existing WTP III on completion of the improvement scheme.

Clear water sump capacity of 19.70 LL for one hour detention time is proposed for total intermediate clear water requirement of 45.30 mld including transmission loss.

H) Service Reservoirs:

The clear water conveyed from the WTP at Krishnankoil will be stored in the newly proposed elevated Service reservoirs -11 Nos., existing elevated Service reservoirs -11 Nos. and GLSR– 1 No. for the entire Nagercoil Municipality. Details of existing and proposed Service Reservoirs are as listed below.

i) Details Of Proposed Service Reservoirs:

S.No Location Zone No Capacity in LL
1 Krishnancoil GLSR I 12.50
2 Municipal Office campus II A 12.50
3 Exhibition ground II B 12.50
4 Aseervatham Nagar III 7.00
5 Krishnancoil WTP IV 12.00
6 Christhunagar V 8.00
7 Christhunagar VI 8.00
8 Thattanvilai VII A 6.00
9 Holycrossnagar VII B 7.00
10 Maravankudieruppu VIII 8.00
11 Kalaichandai IX 4.50
12 Gnanamnagar (Tharavilai) XV 1.0

i) Details of Existing Proposed Reservoirs details:

S.No Location Zone No Capacity in LL
1 Krishnancoil WTP X 7.50
2 Aseervatham Nagar XI 2.40
3 Nesamonynagar XII 5.00
4 Asaripallam (Near Medical College) XIII 8.80
5 Gnanamnagar XIV 2.50
6 North Soorankudi XVI 1.10
7 Ponnappanadar colony XVII 8.00
8 V.N colony XVIII 9.10
9 Sarakkalvilai (Near NGO Colony) XIX 5.00
10 Kariamanickapuram XX 2.20
11 Kottar Police quarter XXI 8.80

I). Distribution System :

The water stored in the proposed and existing service reservoirs will be distributed through the proposed distribution system net work. In addition provisions have been made for flow control valves at salient locations in order to maintain equitable distribution. Necessary provision for House Service connections has been made up to the boundary of the property limit. It was suggested by the TNUIFSL during the DPR review to change the PVC pipes and AC pipes with HDPE pipes up to 200mm dia. and above 200mm DI pipes. As the existing distribution net work were executed very long back and it was suggested to replace the existing distribution net work with new pipes.. Accordingly it is proposed to replace existing old distribution net work with new HDPE and DI pipes.

The proposed distribution main as detailed below.

200 mm to 400 mm DI K7 pipe = 55093 m

110 mm to 160 mm HDPE pipe = 365519 m


Total 420612 M


The proposed distribution systems for existing service reservoirs are as given below.

S.No Location Zone No D' System pipe length in m
1 Krishnancoil GLSR I 20035
2 Municipal Office campus II A 12155
3 Exhibition ground II B 23230
4 Aseervatham Nagar III 18340
5 Krishnancoil WTP IV 21023
6 Christhunagar -I V 25800
7 Christhunagar -II VI 34453
8 Thattanvilai VII A 18676
9 Holycrossnagar VII B 20627
10 Maravankudieruppu VIII 20793
11 Kalaichandai IX 9270
12 Gnanamnagar (Tharavilai) XV 11825
  Total   236227

The proposed distribution system for new service reservoirs are as given below.

S.No Location Zone No D' System pipe length in m
1 Krishnancoil WTP X 6666
2 Aseervatham Nagar XI 7458
3 Nesamaninagar XII 23277
4 Asaripallam (Near Medical College) XIII A 10050
XIII B 13775
5 Gnanamnagar XIV A 14200
XIV B 4930
6 North Soorankudi XVI 5273
7 Ponnappanadar colony XVII 18351
8 V.N colony XVIII 21085
9 Sarakkalvilai (Near NGO Colony) XIX A 14382
XIX B 27659
10 Kariamanickapuram XX 3435
11 Kottar Police quarter XXI 13844
  Total   184385

House service connection:

All the existing Distribution net work will be discarded and proposed to install new net work with fresh House Service Connections. Provision for 85000 Nos. of house service connections up to the property limit using MDPE pipes with water meter and protection box in the distribution system has been made in the DPR.

Further provisions for SCADA arrangements with provision for power supply and SCADA room, inspection charges for pipes, labour welfare fund charges and scheme investigation charges have been incorporated in the DPR.

Cost :

Cost of Installation = Rs. 251.43 Crores
Cost of annual maintenance = Rs. 4.16 Crores.
Per capita cost (Present) = Rs. 8980
Cost per 1000 litres = Rs. 20.35

Mode Of Finance:

This Scheme is sanctioned under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) 2015 – 16 vide TUFIDCO TUFIDCO/AMRUT/Nagercoil/638/AM(8)/2015/dt. 19.2.2016 for Rs. 223.44 Crores as detailed below.

S.No Means of Finance Amount ( Crores) Percentage (%)
1 Loan from TNUDF under world Bank assisted TNUSDP. 52.46 22.64
2 Grant from G.O.I under AMRUT (SAAP -1) 111.72 48.14
3 Grant from G.O.T.N under AMRUT (SAAP -1) 44.68 19.25
4 ULB Contribution 23.21 10.00
  Total project cost 232.07 100
  O & M cost for five years as per DPR 19.36  
  Project cost including o & M for 5years 251.43  

Present Stage:

The work order for the scheme has been issued on 15.11.2017 and work commenced on 06.12.2017.

So far, 3% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is 23.80 Cr (9%). This WSIS is targeted for completion by 06/2020.

The scheme will be implemented under AMRUT Fund. The scheme will be executed by TWAD Board. After completion of the project, the scheme will be handed over to the Nagercoil Municipality for further maintenance.

Salient Details: