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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Original Quantity : 18.17 MLD
Project Cost : Rs.270 Cr.
Technical Sanction : Rs.240 Cr.

The existing Salem – Attur CWSS implemented under World Bank Project is benefiting 3 Municipalities (erstwhile Salem and Suramangalam Municipalities and Attur Municipality), 9 Town Panchayats namely, erstwhile Narasingapuram Town Panchayat, Mecheri, Omalur, Karuppur, Kannankurichi, Ayothiyapattinam, Valapady, Yethapur and Pethanaickenpalayam Town Panchayats and 264 Rural Habitations in 8 Unions in Salem District.

Salem-Attur CWSS with River Cauvery was implemented during 1994 with the World Bank Assistance as per G.O.Ms.No.177/MA&WS/ dated 19.03.1984 at a cost of Rs.29.39 Crore.

Salem-Attur CWSS was designed for ultimate stage (2011) requirement of 84.134 mld of which 53.11 mld was earmarked for Salem Corporation (comprising erstwhile Salem & Suramangalam Municipalities and 39 Rural Habitations) and the remaining 31.024 mld for other beneficiaries. Now, Salem Corporation has proposed to implement a Dedicated Water Supply Scheme solely to meet their requirement duly forfeiting their share of 53.11 mld from the existing scheme. Utilizing the quantity of 53.11 mld proposed to be surrendered by Salem Corporation and the quantity of 31.024 mld now being served to other existing beneficiaries, the present proposal is formulated for a total quantity of 84.134 mld, to provide water supply to the existing beneficiaries as well as to newly identified Urban and Rural beneficiaries.


The surface water (88.30 mld) from River Cauvery is tapped by means of off take arrangements, down stream of Mettur Dam and conveyed to the Treatment Plant at Komburankadu. The Clear Water (84.134 mld) is conveyed up to Attur Municipalitiy and other beneficiaries covered under the Project as given below in Table 1.

Table:1 - Existing Salem-Attur CWSS- Beneficiaries with water allocation

Sl.No Beneficiary Local Body Designed
Population benefited
Ultimate 2011
Designed Qty. Qty In MLD inclusive loses @ 15%
I Municipalities    
1 Salem 7,00,000 44.825
2 Suramangalam 53,000 5.002
3 Attur 1,00,000 8.858


II Town Panchayats
1 Mecheri 25,000 1.881
2 Omalur 21,000 1.549
3 Karuppur 20,000 1.377
4 Kannankurichi 24,000 1.610
5 Ayothiyapattinam 16,000 1.183
6 Valappady 17,000 1.195
7 Yethapur 19,000 1.164
8 P.N.Palayam 25,000 1.591
9 Narasingapuram (Now upgraded as Municipality) 15,000 1.109
III 264 Rural Habitations in 8 Unions 2,58,162 12.790
  Total   84.134 mld

The raw water is pumped by means of 4 Nos. of Vertical Turbine pumpsets of duty 11,000 lpm x 98 m head & 4 Nos. of Vertical Pumpsets of duty 10,500 lpm x 104 m head to a 6.00 Lakh Litre capacity Balancing Reservoir at ridge point at LS 520m through 900mm dia MS pipes laid in duplicate. From this Balancing Reservoir, the raw water is gravitated to the Treatment Plant of capacity 88.30 mld at Komburankadu (LS 3,600m) through 1,000mm dia MS pipes.

The Clear Water from the Treatment Plant is collected in a Clear Water Reservoir of capacity 35.00 LL and pumped by means of 4 Nos. of Turbine pump set of duty 10,380lpm x 118 m head and 4 Nos. of Turbine pump set of duty 10,500 lpm x128 m head with 50% stand bye to a balancing reservoir of capacity 9.00 Lakh Litres situated at the ridge point at Palakaranur LS 10,800m through 1,100mm dia of MS pipes of length 2,010m and 1,100mm dia of PSC pipes of length 5,250m. From the balancing reservoir, water is gravitated to the Booster Sump at Ammapet at LS 47,300 m through 1,100 mm MS –2,010 m, 1,100mm PSC-36,610m, 700mm PSC-2,500m, 600mm CI-2,500m.

From Ammapet Booster Station, water is pumped to the BPT at Mettupatty (LS 56,790 m) through 12,570m pumping main having 700mm MS - 1,200 m, 700 mm PSC-11,370 m. From the BPT water is gravitated upto Attur ( LS 94,265) through 34,395m of gravity pipe line consisting of 500 mm PSC-16,820m: to 450 mm PSC –7,245m, 400 mm PSC-5220m; 400mm AC-2500M; 400mm CI-2000m; and 350mm CI –610m.

At present, due to widening and realignment of NH 68 by NHAI, the existing AC pipeline is proposed to be replaced with PSC pipe line of respective sizes and the work is in progress. On completion of this work, the entire pipe line will have PSC/ CI pipes only.

The requirement of Salem Corporation is drawn at three locations of Clear Water Transmission Main between LS 36,300 m to 46,700 m.


The Commissioner, Salem Corporation in his letter No. E6 / 24456 / 95 /dated 5.3.2002 had requested TWAD Board to take up investigation to formulate a proposal for Dedicated Water Supply Scheme to Salem Corporation duly enclosing the Resolution No. 288, dated 27.2.2002 of the Salem Corporation.

Now, a Dedicated Water Supply Scheme to Salem Corporation has been Administratively Sanctioned for Rs.283.09 Crore in G.O Ms No.258 MA&WS (MA2) dated 30.12.2009 and is being implemented by the Corporation. On implementation, a quantity of 53.11 mld pertaining to Salem Corporation (Salem & Suramangalam erstwhile Municipalities and 39 Rural Habitations) under Salem - Attur CWSS will be available to utilising to needy beneficiary Local Bodies and Industries. Therefore, it is now proposed to utilise the above quantity for providing Water Supply to 12 Town Panchayats and additional new Way-side Rural Habitations lying in the project area. The Honourable Deputy Chief Minister in the Floor of Assembly during 2008-2009, has announced that “a Combined Water Supply Scheme to Narasingapuram Municipality, 18 Town Panchayats and 921 Rural Habitations in 7 Union of Salem District at a cost of Rs.176 Crore to benefit a population of 8 Lakh will be taken up for implementation during 2008-2009”. Now, a Combined Water Supply Scheme for providing Water Supply to Attur, Narasingapuram Municipalities, 20 Town Panchayats and 1,345 Rural Habitations in 12 Panchayat Unions of Salem District is prepared utilising the 84.134 mld water already available from the said CWSS.


The per capita supply rate adopted is as below:-

  • Municipalities – 90 lpcd
  • Town Panchayats – 70 lpcd
  • Rural habitations - 40 lpcd

The base year population 2012, intermediate population 2027 and ultimate population 2042 . The demand now works out to 75.17 mld, 76.94 mld & 84.134 mld for the present (2012), Intermediate (2027) and Ultimate (2042) stages respectively.


It is proposed to utilize the existing head works and Treatment plant with a Designed capacity to treat 88.30 MLD of Raw Water and to supply 84.134 MLD of clear water. Since the efficiency of the pump sets installed during 1994 has reduced and the intermediate period is also over, the existing Pumpsets are proposed to be replaced with 4 Nos. of Turbine pump sets.


The existing Transmission Main from clear water sump up to LS 34,460 (Dalmia Magnesite Arch) is proposed to be utilized in this proposal. The water supply requirement for the beneficiary Local Bodies from Head Works to Salem is 15.70 mld and is proposed to be supplied through the existing system. The existing Transmission Main from LS 34,300m from Dalmia Magnesite Arch to Ammapet Booster Station at LS 47,300 m laying within the Salem Corporation limit, is intended to be utilized by Salem Corporation for their dedicated Water Supply Scheme. This necessitates laying a new pipe line between LS 34,460 m LS 47,300 m. This alignment traverses through Vinayaganagar, Udainthapalam, Dalmia Magnesite Road, Chettichavadi, Gorimedu and Kannankurichi leading to Ammapet Sump covering a distance of 22.060 KM. The proposed transmission main from Dalmia Magnesite Arch LS 0.00 m will be linked with the existing Transmission Main at Ammapet LS 20,960 m The hydraulic carrying capacity of the transmission main from Ammapet Booster Station to Attur was analyzed and found to be under utilized. The present quantity of 21.17 mld can be increased to 26.11 mld and the Transmission Main is proposed to be utilised for its full carrying capacity. Further, Sub main and Feeder main for a total length of 1503.72 KM have also been proposed in the project.


The Project Cost works out to Rs.270 Crore to install and Rs. 22.20 Crore to maintenance annually. The Per Capita Cost works out to Rs. 2,604/- for the present population (year 2012). The cost per 1,000 litres works out to Rs.10.16. Administrative Approval for the above project has been accorded for Rs.270 crore in G.O.(Ms) No. 265/MA&WS (WS 1)/Dated 26.10.10. Technical sanction for the above project has been accorded for Rs.240 crore in CE/WR /82/ DT27.12.2010


The Scheme has been implemented with the funds from TN Government share and ULB contribution

Present Stage:

All works completed and the Scheme is under TWAD Maintenance from 01/07/2016 The Scheme was Inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 29.05.2015

Salient Details: