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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing CWSS to 698 Rural Habitations in Nangavalli and Mecheri Unions, with Bulk Provision for 6 Town Panchayats in Salem District.

Quantity to be drawn : 23.45 mld
Source : Cauvery river @ Mettur
Mettur : Offtake Well (23.45 mld)
Estimate cost : Rs.158.64 Crore
AM cost : Rs.6.90 Crore
Per Capita cost : Rs.5309/-
Cost/KL : Rs.21.66

Fund tie up:

i) For Town Panchayats – 80:20 ii) For rural habitations – NRDWP/SMS


Nangavalli and Mecheri unions are located in the Northwestern part of Salem district. The main occupation of the people is agriculture. There are 326 habitations in Nangavalli union and 372 habitations in Mecheri union.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has announced that Drinking water facilities will be provided for Nangavalli and Mecheri Blocks in Salem District during the Collectors Conference held at Chennai on 17.12.2012 vide announcement No 168 with Cauvery River as source, will be taken up for investigation during 2013-14.Accordingly a CWSS has been proposed to provide Cauvery River water to 698 rural Habitations in along with bulk Provision for 6 town panchayats in Nangavalli and Mecheri unions.

Scope of the Project:

it is proposed to cover the following beneficiaries in Salem District.

S.No Urban Beneficiaries Rural Beneficiaries
Union No. of Habs
  Town Panchayats- 6 Nos. Nangavalli 326
1 Nangavalli Mecheri 372
2 Mecheri    
3 Veerakkal Pudur    
4 P.N.Patty    
5 Vanavasi    
6 Jalakandapuram .    
    TOTAL 698

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

At present water supply is being provided to the habitations of Mecheri and Nangavalli unions from Kadayampatty CWSS, Irupali CWSS and Salem Attur CWSS in addition to the ground water sources (viz) Bore well hand pumps and major Power pump schemes. These schemes are now functioning in rural habitations which cannot cater the entire need of the population.

Population and Demand:

The intermediate (2025) and ultimate population (2035) of Nangavalli union is 98444 and 114965 and Mecheri union is 120272 and 135231. with base year as 2015. The demand has been arrived with a pro-rata supply of 55 lpcd after deducting the existing level of supply.

The intermediate (2025) and ultimate population (2035) of above 6 town pancahayts is 123500 and 142500 with base year as 2015. The demand has been arrived with a pro-rata supply of 135 lpcd. after deducting the existing level of supply.

By adopting 18 hours of pumping, the total quantity of clear water requirement for the base year (2015), intermediate year (2025) and ultimate year (2035) will be 15.90 MLD, 18.67 MLD and 22.33 MLD respectively after deducting the existing level of water supply of the 698 habitations and 6 town panchayats.

Population and demand statement is as follows

S.No Name of Union Population LPCD Net Demand after deducting existing supply
Base Year Inter mediate Ultimate Base Year Intermediate Ultimate
2015 2025 2035 2015 2025 2035
1 NANGAVALLI 84351 98444 114965 55 3597341 4202460 4912780
2 MECHERI 107055 120272 135231 55 4512085 5069654 5701516
3 TOWN PTS- 6 Nos 107400 123500 142500 135 3361000 4198500 5498500
  Sub - Total 298806 342216 392696   11470426 13470614 16112796
  INDUSTRIAL DEMAND @10%   1147064 1347094 1611314
  FIRE FIGHTING DEMAND @ 5%   630857 740889 886213
  TRANSMISSION LOSS @20%   2649662 3111712 3722040
  TOTAL   15898081 18670381 22332435
  Clear Water   15.90 18.67 22.33
  Raw Water @ 5% Extra For Wash Water   16692985 19603900 23449057
  Quantity in MLD   16.69 19.60 23.45

Brief Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to construct a off-take well cum raw water pump house of size 12.0m x7.0m at the River bank of river Cauvery near Reddiyur in the downstream of Mettur dam south of Thottilpatti. Raw water is proposed to be pumped by means of 3 Nos of Vertical Turbine pumpsets of duty 9076 lpm against a total head of 100m through 700mm dia MS pipes for a length of 4400 m up to booster station at Thalaiyur and 700 mm dia MS PIPE for a length of 6780m from booster station to treatment plant. It is proposed to construct a full scale Treatment plant of capacity 23.45 MLD for Ultimate Stage at Veerakkal .Treated water will be conveyed to the 75 Nos of Service reservoirs proposed to be constructed and 617 Nos of existing service reservoirs by means of pumping main at total length of 574.50 Km. It is proposed to provide distribution network for a length of 27.10Km with 128Nos Public fountain.


PWD and TWAD Board Schedule of Rates for the year 2013-14 have been adopted

Cost of the project:

The cost of the Combined Water Supply Scheme works out Rs. 158.64 Crores to install and Rs. 6.90 Crores to maintain annually.

The per capita cost and cost per 1,000 litres are furnished below:
i. Per Capita Cost : Rs. 5309/-
ii. Cost per 1000 Litres : Rs. 21.66


Beneficiary-wise Project Cost, and the mode of funding suggested are given below.

S.No Beneficiaries Proportionate Project Mode of Funding
1 Nangavalli.TP 3.58 80%MNP 20% ULB Contribution
2 Mecheri TP 13.60
3 Veerakkal Pudur TP 4.68
4 P.N.Patty TP 1.78
5 Vanavasi TP 3.31
6 Jalakandapuram TP 9.04
7 Rural Habns 698 Nos 122.65 NRDWP/SMS
  Total 158.64  

Now it is proposed to pose MNP components for availing NABARD Loan.


On completion the scheme will be maintained by the Contractor’s for the period of 54 Years and after that the Scheme will be maintained by TWAD Board

Present Stage:

The work order for the scheme has been issued on 19.08.2015 and commenced on 20.08.2015.So far 94% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is Rs.97.43 Cr.(61%) . The scheme is under trial testing from 23.06.2018.The scheme is proposed to be completed by 08/2018  and after 6 months trial run the scheme will be put in to beneficial use of the public.

Salient Details: