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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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CWSS to 7 Town Panchayats and 395 Rural Habitations in Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, Watrap and Sivakasi (Part) Unions in Virudhunagar District with River Tamiraparani as Source Near Mukkudal.

Original Quantity : 18.17 MLD
Revised Quantity : 18.16 MLD
Project Cost : Rs.173 Crore
Technical Sanction : Rs. 170 Crore

Virudhunagar District consists of 7 Municipalities, 9 Town Panchayats and 1,891 Rural Habitations(including 263 new Habitations) in 450 Villagel Panchayats.

This Project area comprises of 7 Town Panchayats namely Seithur, Chettiyarpatty, Mamsapuram, Sundarapandiam, W.Pudupatty, Watrap, and S.Kodikulam and 395 Rural Habitations in Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, Watrap and Sivakasi unions in Virudhunagar District .

Present Water Supply Scenario:

At present, most of the Habitations are getting water from local and near by Bore Well Sources. Some of the habitations have been provided with water supply from Infiltration Wells in River Vaipar, River Arjuna, Gundar and River Vaigai. Moreover, the Rivers mentioned above are not perennial. The present level of service to the rural areas is 10 lpcd and to the Town Panchayat varies from 28 lpcd to 50 lpcd.

Need For This Proposal:

In Virudhunagar District, all the existing Bore wells and Open Wells are not sustainable. The Rivers flowing within this District are also not perennial. In order to enhance the level of service as per the norms, it is necessitated to formulate the above CWSS with River Tamiraparani as source.

Project Beneficiaries:

S.No Name of Town Panchayats S.No Name of Unions No.of Habitations
1. Seithur 1. Rajapalayam 147
2. Chettiyarpatty 2. Srivilliputhur 161
3. Mamsapuram 3. Watrap 82
4. Sundarapandiam 4. Sivakasi 5
5. W.Pudupatti   TOTAL 395
6. Watrap      
7. S.Kodikulam      

Population and Requirement:

The population has been forecasted for the base year (2012), intermediate (2027) and ultimate stages as 3.8 Lakhs,4.31 Lakhs and 4.82 Lakhs respectively.

Water requirement has been worked out as 15.46 MLD and 18.16 MLD for the intermediate (2027) and ultimate (2042) stages, respectively by adopting pro-rata of 70 lpcd including existing supply for Town Panchayat and 40 lpcd including the existing sustainable supply of 10 lpcd for Rural habitation.

Detailed Description of Proposal:

It is proposed to tap sub-surface water of 18.16 MLD in River Tamiraparani near Mukkudal by providing 13 nos of Infiltration Wells. Water from these wells will be pumped to the collection sump of capacity 8 LL. Water from this collection sump will be pumped to 3 Intermediate Boosters and then to 100 rural sumps to feed the beneficiaries. The total length of transmission main is 788.34km (612mm to 200mm-DI pipe and 160mm to 50mm-Pvc pipe). In addition to the existing 549 nos of Service reservoirs, 15 nos are proposed for the habitations having no service reservoirs and 1 No of 3LL capacity Service Reservoir is proposed for Mamsapuram T.P. The water collected in the Service Reservoirs will be distributed to the Public through 582 km of existing and 6.3 km of proposed Distribution system for Rural Habitations and 71.3km of existing and 26.35 km of proposed distribution system for Town Panchayats.


Administrative Sanction accorded in GO.MS.NO.166/MA&WS (WS2) Department dt.11.8.10 for Rs.173 Crore. Subsequently, the Detailed Project Report was reviewed by the Third Party Independent Consultant engaged by TNUIFSL and revised to Rs.170 Crore to install and Rs.5.8 Crore to maintain annually.


The Scheme has been implemented with the funds from GOI and TN Government under NRDWP/MNP and ULB contribution.

Present Stage:

All works completed and the Scheme is under TWAD Board Maintenance from 01/02/2016 .The Scheme was Inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 29.05.2015.

Salient Details: