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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing Combined Water Supply Scheme to 295 Quality Affected Habitations and 315 Wayside Habitations in Sirkali, Kollidam, Sembanarkoil and Mayiladuthurai Unions in Nagapattinam District.

Original Quantity : 13.76MLD
Revised Quantity : 14.20 MLD
Project Cost : Rs.105.70 Cr.
Technical Sanction : Rs. 96.31 Cr.


Sirkali, Kollidam, Sembanarkoil and Mayiladuthurai Unions are lie on the coastal belt of Nagapattinam District. Total No. of habitations in these unions are 1297. Out of which, 1153 Nos. were covered by IPP schemes with bore wells as source (with medium and shallow depth and the depth of the sources are restricted since brackish or saline water underlies these shallow aquifers) and 244 Nos. were already covered by 2 CWSS with river source.

Now, 295 habitations were identified as quality affected habitations out of 1153 IPP covered habitations.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

Habitations in these unions are getting adequate water from bore wells drilled in Sedimentary formations fitted with power pumps and hand pumps. These blocks lies on the Cauvery sub basin and experienced a water level around 1.00 m during winter and 6.00 m during summer below ground level.

Need For The Proposal:

Water sample reports reveals that the 295 Nos. of habitations are affected by excess Iron (value ranges from 0.67 mg/l to 2.35 mg/l), Manganese (value ranges from 0.67 mg/l to 2.35 mg/l) and TDS (value ranges from 0.67 NTU to 2.35 NTU).

No. of habitations affected by,

  • Excess Iron – 223 Nos.
  • Excess Iron and Manganese – 45 Nos.
  • Excess Iron and TDS – 15 Nos
  • Excess TDS – 12 Nos.

While formulating the above 295 quality affected habitations, it is necessary to include 315 Nos. of wayside habitations in this proposal.

Hence, it is necessary to provide potable water supply with sustainable source from Perennial River by formulating combined water supply scheme.

Population And Requirement:

The present population projected to 3.08 Lakhs, 3.39 Lakhs and 3.70 Lakhs for the present (2012), intermediate (2027) and ultimate (2042) stages respectively.

Demand calculated at 40 lpcd for Quality affected habitations and 40 lpcd for the Wayside habitations including 20 lpcd of sustainable supply from existing sources is adopted.

The net Project requirement works out to, for the present (2012), intermediate (2027) and ultimate (2042) stages are 12.51 mld, 13.34 mld and 14.20 mld respectively by adopting 23 hours of pumping from head works to the group sumps and 10 hours of pumping from group sumps to the habitations.

Brief Description of The Proposal:

It is proposed to tap the project ultimate requirement by constructing 2 Nos of Collector wells in River Coleroon at Seepuliyur and at Kumaramangalam.

Water from the proposed collector wells will be lifted to the proposed Collection sump ( 6.20 LL capacity ) at Seepuliyur. Water thus collected at Seepuliyur Collection sump will be conveyed for a length of 15.00 Kms to the Common sump at Thalainayar (6.20 LL capacity).

From this sump, water will be conveyed to the 88 Nos. of proposed Group Sumps in two directions through the common sumps proposed to be located at Kappiyakudi (1.45 LL) , Kunnam (0.85 LL), Semmankudi (1.05 LL), Vallalalagaram (1.10 LL), Nadukarai (1.55 LL) and Gudalur (0.40 LL) through the pumping main to a total length of 234.175 Kms.

Water thus collected in the Group sumps will be pumped to the 566 Nos. of existing OHTs through the pumping main to a total length of 432.502 Kms. and will be distributed through the network of existing distribution system of 300.35 Kms.


Administrative Sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No. 163 / MA&WS (WS1) Dept. / Dated 11.8.2010 for Rs. 105.70 Crore. Third Party independent Consultant appointed by TNUIFSL has reviewed the DPR and revised the Project Cost to Rs.96.31 Crore to install and Rs 3.70 Crore to maintain annually.


The above scheme is proposed to be implemented under MNP / NRDWP.

Present Stage:

Work order issued by the CE, Thanjavur on 29.12.2011 to M/S IVRCL Ltd., Chennai. Agreement concluded on 06.02.2012. Work has been started on 23.01.2012 and only 56 % of work was completed during the agreement period. Due to poor performance on the progress of works the Contract for the above work was terminated on 30.09.2014. To complete the balance works of above scheme, tender (Rs.52 crore) was called for by the Chief Engineer, Thanjavur by fixing last date on 15.12.2014. M/s IVRCL obtained stay order for the tender notification from Madurai Court. Stay vacated on 18.03.2015. Tender no response for 1st call. Again retender was called for the balance work and work order has been issued to M/s. SMC Infra Structures, Mumbai on 03.08.2015. Now the work is in progress. so far 90% of works have been completed and expenditure   incurred is Rs.88.88 Crore (78%).The scheme is proposed to be completed by 09 / 2018 and after 6 months period of trial run, the scheme will be put in to beneficial use of the public.

Salient Details: