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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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CWSS to Melur, Avaniapuram, Thirumangalam Municipalities, Thirunagar, Vilangudi, Paravai, A.Vellalapatti, Alanganallur, Palamedu Town Panchayats and 1430 rural habitations in 8 unions of Madurai District and Singampunari Town Panchayat in Sivagangai District.

Original Quantity : 84 Mld
Project Cost : Rs.784.0 Cr.
Technical Sanction : Rs.780.5 Cr.


Madurai Corporation and the Urban Local Bodies lying in the Local Planning Areas have been selected for execution of development works under JNNURM. TWAD Board had taken up investigation works and prepared the Detailed Project Report for providing CWSS to Melur, Avaniyapuram & Thirumangalam Municipalities and A.Vellalapatti, Thirunagar, Paravai & Vilangudi, Alanganallur,Palamedu, Town Panchayats 1430 rural habitations in Madurai District and Singampunari Town Panchayat in Sivagangai District with River Cauvery as source at a cost of to Rs.784 Crore to install and Rs.15.60 Crore to maintain annually.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

The entire beneficiaries, ULBs and rural habitations are provided with protected water supply schemes with Infiltration wells, Openwells and borewells. During summer months extraction of ground water for agricultural activities are noticed which promotes the depletion of water level and hence there is inadequacy of water supply to these beneficiaries.

Need For The Proposal:

Due to the proximity of Madurai City, middle class population settlement has increased in the sub urban towns, thereby increasing the water demand in the proposed towns covered under Local Planning Areas. Moreover, UGS Schemes have been proposed in all the towns (except A.Vellalapatti, Alanganallur, Palamedu, Singampuneri Town Panchayats and Melur Muncipality). Rural habitations are supplied with local sources such as borewells and the sustainable level of service is 10 lpcd. In order to enhance the level of service to 40 lpcd, for rural habitations and 135 lpcd for the Municipalities with UGSS contemplated and 70 lpcd for Town Panchayats and 90 lpcd for Municipalities without UGSS, it necessitated to formulate the above CWSS with river Cauvery as source.

Project Beneficiaries:


Melur,Thirumangalam and Avaniapuram (merged with Madurai corporation)


Paravai,A.Vellalapatty,Alanganallur, Palamedu,Singampunari and Vilangudi,Thirunagar (merged with Madurai corporation)

Rural habitations:

1430 habitations in 8 unions

Population and Requirement:

The Population projected to 12.15 lakh, 13.94 lakh,15.92 lakh for the present(2012) ,Intermediate(2027) and Ultimate(2042) stages respectively.Adopting a pro rata supply of 135 lpcd for the Urban Local Bodies contemplated with UGSS, 70 lpcd for Town Panchayats and 90 lpcd for Municipalities without UGSS and 40 lpcd for rural habitations and after deducting existing supply and including system loss of 15% with minimum 10 lpm in pipe line and providing quantity provision for industries, the net intermediate and ultimate requirement of the project is 64 mld and 84 mld respectively.

Brief Description of the Proposal:

From river Cauvery near Kulithalai in Karur district, 84 mld of water is drawn from 3 Nos. of collector wells and collected in the common sump at Mettumahadanapuram and then conveyed to a Receiving sump at Kottaiyur through 1100mm pipes for a length of 101 Km with two intermediate booster stations at Chinnareddipatti and Pannankombu.

From Kottaiyur sump, water will be conveyed through a length of 105 Km of Gravity main to Thirumangalam sump. Also water is conveyed through a net work of pipe lines of 2294 Km and collected in 329 sumps. Again water is pumped to service reservoirs (Existing - 1512 Nos., New 72 Nos. ) and then distributed through a net work of Distribution system (Existing – 2468 Km , New 76 Km)

Further, a bulk provision of 8.97 mld of water is given to Madurai Corporation, tapping at Melur Municipality sump . The implementation of the project was commenced in January 2012 and are executed under 2 Packages


Administrative Sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No. 164 / MA&WS (WS2) Dept. / Dated 11.8.2010 for Rs. 784 crore. Third Party independent Consultant appointed by TNUIFSL has reviewed the DPR and revised the Project Cost to Rs.780.50 Crore to install and Rs 15.87 Crore to maintain annually.


The above scheme is proposed to be implemented under JNNURM / UIDSSMT / MNP / NRDWP.

Present Stage:

Work completed and the scheme was inaugurated by Honourable  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 28.12.2015.  Package I and II are under TWAD maintenance from 01.04.2016  and  01.01.2017 respectively. 

Salient Details: