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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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CWSS to Vellore Corporation, 11 Municipalities, 5 Town Panchayats and 944 Rural Habitations in Vellore District With River Cauvery Downstream of Mettur Dam Near Chekkanur Barrage as Source.

Quantity : 215 MLD
Project Cost : Rs.1295 Crore


Vellore District comprises One Corporation (comprising of erstwhile 2 Municipalities, 6 Town Panchayats and 109 Habitations in 9 Village Panchayats), 11 Municipalities, 16 Town Panchayats and 5,688 Rural Habitations in 20 Panchayat Unions.

Necessary For The Proposal:

Palar and Ponnaiar are the two major Rivers traversing through Vellore District. Even though, they are non-perennial, the sub surface water potential fulfills the drinking water requirements. The entire Vellore District mainly depends on the above source for their drinking water needs. 84 Head Works are located in River Palar and 29 Head Works are located in Ponnaiar River.

The average rain fall in this District is in the order of 753.4 mm and that too has been scanty for the past 10 years. The frequent failure of monsoon for the past one decade and sand mining in the River beds has resulted in depletion of water table and reduction of the storage capacity of the Rivers. Moreover, the discharge of Tannery effluents and discharge of sewage and sullage let out from the Urban Towns located on either side of the Rivers has polluted the water alarmingly. This contamination has induced serious health hazards like Asthma, Chromium Ulcers and Skin diseases.

Need For The Proposal:

Due to discharge of Tannery effluent, sewage and sullage into Palar River from urban areas, the existing Water Supply schemes to Urban Towns and Rural Habitations are adversely affected. Apart from this, a part of the District on the western side is also affected by high fluoride content in the ground water. As such, the water supply status of the District is not satisfactory even though River Palar and Ponnai, which are the main source for the water supply schemes, exist in this District. These Rivers are also not perennial.

In view of the above critical situation and also considering the public demand, the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister had announced in the Assembly during Budget session for the year 2008-2009 that the “Investigation works will be taken up during the year 2008 for CWSIS to Vellore Corporation and other Local Bodies in Vellore District with River Cauvery as source to be tapped from Mettur Dam”. In the Budget for the current year 2010-2011, the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister also announced that the above Mega Scheme will be taken up for execution by arranging a suitable fund tie-up.

Accordingly, TWAD Board took up Investigation works, to provide a Combined Water Supply Scheme with River Cauvery as source to Vellore Corporation & other local bodies, in Vellore District, as a permanent remedial solution.

Project Beneficiaries:

S. No. Corporation S. No. Municipalities S. No. Town Panchayats
1. Vellore Corporation:
(3 Municipalities viz., Vellore, Sathuvachari, Tharapadavedu,  6 Town Panchayats viz., Thorapadi, Allapuram, Shenbakkam, Kalinjur, Gandhi Nagar, Katpadi & 109 rural habitations)


1. Thirupathur 1. Natrampalli
2. Jolarpet 2. Udhayendiram


Vaniyampadi 3. Alangayam
4. Ambur 4. Odugathur
5. Pernampet 5. Pallikonda
6. Gudiyatham Rural Habitations
7. Melvisharam 944 habitations
8. Arcot  
9. Ranipettai  





Population & Requirement:

The population projected to 18.68 Lakhs, 21.50 Lakhs & 24.46 Lakhs for the present (2012), intermediate (2027) & ultimate (2042) stages respectively.

Demand calculated at 135 lpcd for Vellore Corporation, 90 lpcd for Municipalities, 70 lpcd for Town Panchayats and 40 lpcd for rural habitations.

The net demand now works out to 148 mld, 181 mld & 215 mld for the present (2012), intermediate (2027) & ultimate (2042) stages respectively.

Description of The Proposal:

It is proposed to tap the project ultimate requirement by providing off-take well arrangements in River Cauvery near Thottilpatti Village, down stream of Mettur Dam & upstream of Chekkanur Barrage. Collected Raw Water will be pumped (23 hours) to the Treatment Plant of 181mld capacity, located at Thottilpatti Village at Head works site owned by TWAD Board (10.50 acres).

Treated water will be pumped for a total length of 80.70 km, through relay pumping through 3 Booster stations viz Komburankadu, Palakkanur & Muthampatti to a Master Balancing GLSR at Kadathur Ridge point.

From the MBGLSR, water will be gravitated for a total length of 228 km, to the beneficiaries up to Arakkonam, through sumps for urban beneficiaries & group sumps for rural habitations.

Water will be distributed to the beneficiaries by utilizing existing & proposed infrastructures.

Cost of Proposal:

The cost of this scheme is Rs.1295.00 Crore. Annual Maintenance Cost is Rs.58.20 Crore.

Present Stage of Proposal:

Government have accorded Administrative Sanction for Rs.1295 Crore for the above Scheme, vide G.O.Ms.No.319(WS1)MA&WS Dept. Dated.31.12.2010.

Package - I:

Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Vellore on 5.3.2012 to M/S. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., ECC, Chennai.

Package - II and III:

Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Vellore on 30.12.2011 to M/S. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., ECC, Chennai.

Present Stage:

All works completed and the scheme was inaugurated by Honourable  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 28.12.2015.   Package I  is  under Contractor maintenance from 14.09.2015 for 5 years  and Package  II & Package  III  are under  TWAD  Board  maintenance    from 16.12.2016 and 01.07.2017 respectively . 

Vellore CWSS –Saliant Details

Beneficiary District Vellore
  Vellore Corporation - I (3 Municipalities viz, Vellore , Sathuvachari and Tharapadavedu; 6Town Panchayats viz,Thorapadi, Allapuram, Shenbakkam, Kalinjur, Gandhi Nagar,Katpadi & 109 habitations in 9 Village Panchayats in 3 Unions)
Municipalities: 11 (Thirupathur, Jolarpet, Vaniyampadi, Ambur, Gudiyatham, Pernampet, Melvisharam, Arcot, Ranipet, Walajapet and Arakkonam. Town Panchayats - 5 (Natrampalli, Udeyendiram, Alangayam, Odugathur, Pallikonda.
Rural Habitations : 944 Habitations in 14 Unions

Population & Requirement Present (2012) Intermediate (2027) Ultimate (2042)
Population & Requirement 18.68 Lakhs 21.50 Lakhs 24.46 Lakhs
Requirement ( Corporation @ 135 lpcd, Municipalities @ 90 lpcd, Town Panchayats @ 70 lpcd and Rural habitations @ 40 lpcd) 148 mld 181 mld 215 mld
Source River Cauvery near Thottilpatti Village, d/s Mettur Dam and u/s of Chekkanur barrage
Off take well cum cum Pump house  16.20 m x 11.20 m x 22.50 m 
Raw water pumpset  268 HPx 65670 lpm x 14 m ( 2+1)
Raw water Pumping main  1500mm dia  MS pipe – 70 m
Treatment Plant  181 mld
Clear water  Sump 2 Nos x 45 LL Capacity( 60 minites detention
Pump set 1275 HP turbine x 65670 lpm x 77 m ( 2+1)
Pumping main  1500 Ms pipe - 7926 m
Booster  Station I (60 minites detention)( LS 6350 m) 2 Nos x 45 LL Capacity - Komburankadu
Pumpset - 2147 HP Turbine  x 62670 lpm x 103 m (2+1)
Pumping main : 1500 mm MS pipe - 7200 m
Booster  Station II (60 minites detention)( LS 14440 m) 2 Nos x 45 LL Capacity -Palakkanur
Pumpset - 1880 HP Turbine  x 62670 lpm x 107 m (2+1)
Pumping main : 1500 mm MS pipe - 44160 m
Booster  Station III (60 minites detention)( LS 56730 m) 2 Nos x 45 LL Capacity - Muthampatti                             Pumpset - 1542 HP Turbine  x 62670 lpm x 80 m (2+1)
Pumping main : 1500 mm MS pipe - 22190m
Master Balancing Reservoir(60 minites detention)( LS 79260 m) 2 Nos x 45 LL Capacity -Kadathur
Break Pressure Tanks – (3 Nos.-10 minites detention) 1) 12.20 LL Capacity @ LS 165965 m @ Vaniyambadi  ( Pkg II )
2) 8.90 LL Capacity @ LS 215902 m  @ Pallikonda  Pkg III )
3) 0.60 LL Capacity @ LS 268161 m  @ Walaja   ( Pkg III )
Tail end sump  4.75 LL capacity at LS 326709 m at Arakkonam
Gravity Main & Branch Gravity main Total : 391.43 km 
MS pipes : 1600 mm to 700 mm  - 167.65 km          DI pipes  :   600 mm to 100 mm  -    223.78 km
Pumping mains & Feeder mains    DI pipes  :   600 mm to 100 mm  -    290.56 km
New D’system 1.   176.64 km  ( PKG II : 66.40 km + PKG III : 110.24 km )
2.   Vellore Corporation : 127.49 Km
Sumps Total : 157 Nos( Pkg II   :  27 Nos.+ Pkg III : 130 Nos. )
New OHT 1).  14 Nos. ( Pkg II : 3 nos. + Pkg III : 11 nos.)  ( 0.30 LL to 7.00 LL )
2).  Vellore Corporation : 20 Nos. ( 1.00 LL to 9.60 LL )
Installation Cost Rs.1295.00 Crore
Annual Maintenance Rs.58.20 Crore
Per Capita Cost Rs.6931
Cost per 1000 Litres Rs.25.13
Rural Component Rs.214.10 Cror
Urban Component Rs.1044.90 Crore
Town Panchayat Rs.36.00 crore