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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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CWSS to 1153 Habitations in 9 Unions and Peravurani, Perumagalur And Adiramapattinam Town Panchayats in Thanjavur District With Kollidam River as Source.

Designed Quantity : 38.11 MLD
Project Cost : Rs 495.70 Crores
Technical Sanction : Rs.490.125 Crores


Thanjavur District comprises of 08 Taluks, 14 Panchayat unions, 22 Town panchayats and 3 Municipalities.

Out of 14 panchayat unions, 204 habitations in Bhudalur union are fully covered with river source. In the unions Thirupananthal, Thiruvidaimarudur, Kumbakonam, Papanasam, Thiruvaiyaru and in Thanjavur, the habitations are partly covered by the river sources.

This project area comprises of 1003 rural habitations in Pattukottai, Peravurani, Sethubavachatram, and Madukkur unions and wayside 150 Habitations in Papanasam, Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur, Orathanadu and Thiruvonam unions and also three town panchayats namely Peravurani town panchayat, Perumagalur Town Panchayat and Adhirampattinam town Panchayat.

Present Water supply Scenario

At present protected water supply is being provided to all 1153 rural habitations with IPP schemes, EPL and Mini power pump schemes with local sources

Necessary For The Proposal

The trend of the water level in the project area reveals the depletion of water level over long term. This trend may cause the reduction in the available yield in future. Further , the clear potable category for the water samples collected in the area is also less

Hence it is necessary to formulate a CWSS to the above 1153 rural habitations with river source to provide sustainable quantity and quality of water free from Chemical impurities.

In addition, based on the Announcement made, the hamlets of the Peravurani Town Panchayat, Perumagalur Town Panchayat and Adhirampattinam Town Panchayat are included in the scope of this project.

Project Beneficiaries

S.No. Unions No. of Habitations
1 Pattukottai 300
2 Madukkur 203
3 Sethubavachatram 253
4 Peravurani 247
Total 1003
Way Side Habitations
1 > Papanasam 10
2 Thiruvaiyaru 29
3 Thanjavur 3
4 Orathanadu 60




Total 150
Town Panchayats
1 Peravurani TP  
2 Adhirampattinam TP  
3 Perumagallur  TP  
Grand Total 1153

Population and requirement

The present population projected to 5.82 lakhs , 6.39 lakhs and 6.99 lakhs for the present (2015), Intermediate(2030), Ultimate (2045 )stages respectively

Demand calculated at 55 lpcd for rural habitations

The net requirement works out to, for intermediate (2030), Ultimate (2045 ) stages are 34.31 mld and 38.11 mld respectively. Transmission loss 10% adopted .18 hours of pumping has been adopted in head works and tapping sumps and 12 hours for group sumps

Brief Description of the proposal

It is proposed to collect the water from 3 collector wells located at Semmangudi , Anaikudi , Veeramangudi in river Kollidam and will be pumped to common collection sump at Veeramangudi of capacity 21.20 LL (16.20 LL sump+5.00LL Sump cum Pump House) From this Collection Sump, water will be pumped to Karambiyam Booster Station. On the way water is tapped to two Tapping Sumps namely Soorakottai Tapping Sump and Pudhur Tapping Sump to feed totally 150 wayside Habitations and one Group sump to cover 13 Habitations.

From Karambiyam Booster Station water will be pumped in three directions to Vandakottai , kalanivasal, Paingal group sumps through 134.82 km transmission main and along the way the water is conveyed to 136 Ground level sumps.

The water collected in 136 ground level sumps is pumped through feedermain of length 1151 km to 1291 existing service reservoirs in 1153 rural habitations and 3 town panchayats and proposed to distribute through existing distribution system of length 865.32 km .


Administrative sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No : 158 Dt.19.10.2013.

At a cost of Rs.495.70 crore to install and Rs.9.19 crore to maintain annually


NRDWP fund , MNP and ULB contribution

Present Stage

All works completed and the Scheme was Inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 29.11.2017 .Now the Scheme is under Contractor Maintenance from 29.11.2017 for 5 years. (M/s. The Indian Hume Pipe .,Ltd, Mumbai)  . 

Salient Details