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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing Combined Water Supply Scheme to Cuddalore Municipality, Bhuvanagiri & Parangipettai Town Panchayats and 812 Rural Habitations in Cuddalore District, With River Kollidam as Source At Eyyalur (Phase - I).

Quantity to be drawn : 29.15 MLD
Source : Kollidam river @
1. Eyyalur : 5 IWs (6.60 MLD)
2. Kuchipalayam : 1 CW (7.95 MLD)
3. Achalpuram : 1 CW ( 8.00 MLD)
4. Sirukattur : 1 CW ( 8.00 MLD)
Estimate cost : Rs 260.54 Crores
AM cost : Rs.6 Crores
Per Capita cost :  
Cost / KL : Rs.29.10

Fund tie up

  • For Municipality to be arranged by CMA
  • For Town Panchayats – 80% MNP & 20% ULB/Public contribution
  • For rural habitations – NRDWP/MNP


Cuddalore District is located in the North East part of Tamil Nadu. The main occupation of the people of this area is agriculture and fishing.

The Honourable Minister for Municipal Administration & Rural Development, Govt of Tamil Nadu has announced in the floor of the assembly during the Demand No.34, that a CWSS to provide drinking water to Cuddalore, Virudhachalam Municipalities, 9 Town Panchayats, 1300 Rural habitations in Cuddalore District, 2 Town Panchayats and 525 Rural Habitations in Villupuram District with Kollidam River as source, will be taken up for investigation during 2011-12. Also Government has accorded permission to take up the investigation vide G.O.No.155/ MA&WS(WS2)/ dt.15.10.2011.

In the mean time, based on the request of the then Hon’ble Minister for Education, Sports and welfare of Youth, extension of the scope of this project upto Tindivanam Municipality via Villupuram Municipality was considered, so as to benefit the people of Villupuram, Vickravandi, Mailam and Tindivanam constituencies.

During the Demand No.34 for the year 2012-13 the Honourable Minister for Municipal Administration & Rural Development, Govt of Tamil Nadu has announced to implement the CWSS to provide drinking water to Cuddalore, Virudhachalam, Villupuram, Tindivanam Municipalities, 13 Town Panchayats, 3,593 Rural Habitations in 26 Unions in Cuddalore and Villupuram Districts.

It is desired to consider the above Project in two phases, with sources located in River Kollidam in three different locations, viz, Eyyalore, Thirumazhapadi & Elakurichi.

This Detailed Project Report is pertaining to Phase-I, with Head works proposed at Eyyalur in River Kollidam.

Scope of the Project

Under the Phase-I, it is proposed to cover the following beneficiaries in Cuddalore District

S. No. Urban Beneficiaries Rural Beneficiaries
Union No. of Habitations
  Municipality Keerapalayam 151
1 Cuddalore Bhuvanagiri  
  Town Panchayats Parangipettai 138
1 Bhuvanagiri TP Kurinjipadi 120

Parangipettai TP

Cuddalore 136
Kattumannarkoil 80
Kumaratchi 113
Total 812

Existing Water Supply Arrangements

Cuddalore Municipality, Bhuvanagiri & Parangipettai Town Panchayats and 812 rural habitations are getting water from bore well and open well sources only. Most of the bore well sources have quality and quantity problems.

Cuddalore Municipality

Population of this town as per 2011 census is 173036. Protected water supply is functioning since 1938 with Pennaiyar as source. Subsequently improvements were carried out during the year 1985 and Rejuvenation works were carried out during the year 1997-98. Now there are 3 Nos. of Head Works at Chavadi, Capper Hills and Thiruvanthipuram with deep Bore well Source. From Capper Hills and Thiruvanthipuram Head works, 8.5 mld is being supplied to Municipality with a per capita supply of 50 LPCD. Water from the two head works is distributed through the existing 19 no.of OHTs through the existing distribution network of length 182.648km. Water from Capper Hills head works could be drawn during rainy season and during floods only. Hence, this source could not be taken into account.

Bhuvanagiri T.p

Population of this town as per 2011 census is 22274. At present 1.63 mld of water is being supplied from 11 borewells through existing 9 OHTs of capacity ranging from 1.50LL to 0.10LL and distributed to public through a network of Distribution system of 28.87Km. Present supply level is 60 lpcd

Parangipettai T.p

Population of this town as per 2011 census is 23003. At present 1.72 mld of water is being supplied from the 2 nos of bore wells through 7 OHTs of capacity ranging from 4.00LL to 1.00LL and distributed to public through a Distribution network of 28.94Km. Present supply level is 60 lpcd.

Rural Habitations

Of the 812 wayside Rural habitations considered for coverage under this proposal, 27 habitations are Quality affected Habitations having higher value of Iron / TDS. In the balance 785 habitations, water supply level is in the range of 20-29 lpcd. Bore well depth in these habitations ranges from 60 to 180 mts. The quality of Ground water in the bore well has deteriorated owing to excess Iron content.

Population and Demand

Future Population is projected as 6.10 Lakhs, 6.93 Lakhs & 7.75 Lakhs for the Base year (2014), intermediate (2029) & ultimate (2044) stages respectively.

Demand is calculated at the rate of 135 lpcd for Municipalities, 90 lpcd for Town Panchayats 40 LPCD for quality affected Rural habitations and 20 LPCD for way side habitations. Provision for Industrial Demand has also been given @ 10% on the net demand of Cuddalore Municipality.

Considering the prevailing power supply situation and the beneficiaries are located in the coastal belt, 20 hours of pumping has been considered as against 23 hours indicated in the guidelines in force(vide Lr.No.81110/SDO/PDC/2010 dt.08.11.2010).

Net Demand calculated after deducting the existing supply & the quantity expected through augmentation of local sources, keeping the minimum flow in pipes as 10lpm and including transmission loss @ 10%, works out to 14.39 mld, 21.77 mld & 29.15 mld for the present (2014), intermediate (2029) & ultimate (2044) stages respectively.

Description of The Proposal

Providing WS from Eyyalur Head Works in River Kollidam

Total ultimate requirement of 29.15 MLD of water for this Phase-I is proposed to be tapped from River Kollidam at Eyyalur Head works. Based on the geophysical investigation carried out, 2 Nos Collector wells one each at Achalpuram & Kuchipalayam and 10Nos of Infiltration wells 5No each @at Eyyalur and Sirukattur were recommended by the Regional Scientific Source Finding Committee on 18.06.2012, so as to tap the requirement of 29.15 MLD.

Water from the 2 collector wells and 5 infiltration wells at Eyyalur will be collected in the common sump of capacity 14.60 LL at Eyyalur Water from 5 Infiltration Wells at Sirukattur will be collected in a 3.30 LL sump and then pumped to the common sump at Eyyalur Head Works. From the sump water will be pumped to the proposed Booster station at B.Mutlur at LS 50,450 m after feeding 13 Nos. of way side Tapping sumps and 16 Nos. of group sumps proposed for rural habitations and 2 Nos. of way side sumps proposed for Bhuvanagiri and Parangipettai Town Panchayats.

Water from the Booster sump at B.Mutlur will be pumped to a group sump at Kondur after feeding 16 Nos. of wayside Tapping sumps and 12 Nos. of group sumps for rural habitations and 3 Nos. of collection sumps proposed for Cuddalore Municipality.

From the rural wayside tapping sumps and group sumps water will be pumped to the service reservoirs in rural habitations. From the collection sumps at Cuddalore, water will be pumped to all 19 Nos. of existing and two Nos. of proposed service reservoirs of Cuddalore Municipality. From the wayside sump at Bhuvanagiri water will be pumped to all 11 Nos. of service reservoirs in Bhuvanagiri Town. From the wayside sump at B.Mutlur, water will be pumped to 8 Nos. of existing and 3 Nos. of proposed service reservoirs in Parangipettai Town Panchayat. Water from the Service Reservoirs will be supplied to the public through the existing/additional/ remodeled distribution mains.

Improvements to the existing systems in Urban Towns

Cuddalore Municipality

All the existing sources in Cuddalore Municipality at Thiruvanthipuram head works, Capper Hills head works will be improved by providing 7 additional Bore wells and 8 additional Iron removal plants. Additional OHTs of capacity 2.00 LL-1No & 1.00 LL-1No and distribution mains are proposed for a length of 76.187 km. 12.5 mld of water is expected additionally, by providing these improvements.

Bhuvanagiri Town Panchayat

Existing 2 nos of dilapidated Service Reservoirs at Bhuvanagiri Town Panchayat will be replaced with one new 4.00 Lakhs Litres Service Reservoir and one new 2.00 Lakhs Litres Service Reservoir. Additional distribution mains are proposed for a length of 9.193km.

Parangipettai Town Panchayat

Two new 30,000 Litres capacity service reservoirs will be constructed in two far away hamlets and one 30,000 Litres capacity Service Reservoir will be constructed for replacing dilapidated Service Reservoir in Parangipettai Town Panchayat. Rejuvenation works will be carried out to damaged Service Reservoirs. Additional distribution mains are proposed for a length of 19.311km.


PWD and TWAD Board Schedule of Rates for the year 2012-13 have been adopted.

Cost of the Project

The cost of the Combined Water Supply Scheme works out Rs. 260.54 Crores to install and Rs. 6.00 Crores to maintain annually

The per capita cost and cost per 1,000 litres are furnished below:

i. Per Capita Cost : Rs. 4271/-

ii. Cost per 1000 Litres : Rs. 29.10.


Beneficiary-wise Project Cost, and the mode of funding suggested are given below.

S.No Beneficiaries Proportionate Project Cost ( Crores) Mode of Funding Proposed
1 Cuddalore Mpty 148.09 To be finalized by CMA
2 Bhuvanagiri TP 7.99 80%MNP
20% ULB Contribution
3 Parangipettai TP 11.67
4 Rural Habns 812 Nos 92.79 MNP/NRDWP
  Total 260.54  


On completion, the Scheme will be maintained by TWAD Board

Present Stage

At present 97% of works have been completed and   expenditure incurred is Rs.205.915 Crore (79%)  . The scheme is under trial pumping  and Inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu  on 16.08.2017.

Salient Details