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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing Combined Water Supply Scheme To 1766 Rural Habitations In Viralimalai(Part), annavasal(Part), ponnamaravathy, thirumayam, arimalam, Kunnandarkoil(Part) And Pudukottai(Part) Of Pudukottai District And 125 Habitations In S.pudur And Sakottai Panchayat Union In Sivagangai District.

Designed Quantity : 23.12 MLD
Project Cost : Rs 301.50 Crores
Technical Sanction : Rs.294.23 Crores

(Announcement to take up for Investigation works for a CWSS to 1766 Rural Habitations was made during 2011-12 under Announcement No.23.

Announcement to take up for Implementation of CWSS to 1766 Rural Habitations was made during 2012-13 under Announcement No.1.3.)


Pudukkottai District once a princely state and having rich cultural heritage in South of Trichy and North of Sivagangai. This Pudukkottai District consists of 2 Municipalities, 6 town panchayats and 13 panchayat unions having a total population of 14, 52,269. Out of this, the rural population is 1206372. The area extent of this District is 4663

The annual normal rain fall of this District is 929 mm in which the maximum rain fall is during the North East Monsoon period of October to December. The District is drained by the major rivers systems, of Vellar and Agniyar.

The average summer and winter water level of this District is 10 to 20 m and 6 to 10 m respectively. In general the quality of the ground water available in this District is potable. The main recharging factor to the ground water is the season rain and the local river systems.

Present Water supply Scenario

Pudukkottai District comprises of 13 Panchayat Unions. Out of 13 Unions, Avudayarkoil, Manamelkudi unions and Aranthangi (part) and Arimalam (part) are fully provided with protected water supply schemes by sustainable river sources. The balance 11 unions including Aranthangi (part) and Arimalam (part) unions present water supply is being effected by individual power pump schemes with local bore wells as source.

Need For The Proposal

The habitations in the balance 11 unions are not covered by a comprehensive water supply scheme with sustainable river source. In order to provide sustainable water supply in the above 11 panchayat unions, the works are under progress for providing combined water supply scheme for 3517 rural habitations in 11 Panchayat unions of Pudukottai district, 125 rural habitations in 2 Panchayat unions of Sivagangai district and Vallam Town Panchayat in Thanjavur district during the year 2012-2013 with river Cauvery and Kollidam as sources.

Considering distance from the Cauvery River and techno economical and geographical consideration, the project area has been divided into two zones, one on Western zone and another on Eastern zone with independent collector wells. Accordingly this project proposal is formulated in to 2 schemes.

This Combined Water Supply Scheme includes 1766 rural habitations in Viralimalai(part), Annavasal(part) Ponnamaravathy,Thirumayam,Arimalam, Kunnandarkoil(part) and Pudukottai(part) of Pudukottai District and 125 habitations in S.Pudur and Sakottai Panchayat union in Sivagangai district

Population and requirement

The present population projected to 5.54 Lakhs, 6.10 Lakhs and 6.65 Lakhs for the present (2012), intermediate (2027) and ultimate (2042) stages respectively.

A pro rata supply of 30/20 LPCD is adopted after ascertaining the sustainability of existing water supply sources as 10/20 LPCD, based on the sustainability .

The net Project requirement for the intermediate year (2027) and ultimate year (2042) stages work out to 21.21 mld and 23.12 mld respectively by adopting 23 hours of pumping from head works .

Brief Description of the proposal

It is proposed to provide 1 No. of collector well as source with 6 m inner dia, to a depth of 16.50 m, with 704 m length of Radial arms in two rows in Cauvery river near Thirupparaithurai village.

Water from the proposed collector well will be pumped to the total length of 2634.042 Km of Pumping main, Gravity main, and Feeder main through 257 Nos. of sumps and fed in to existing and 98 Nos. of service reservoirs and distributed to the public through the Distribution system to a length of 62.40 Km


Administrative Sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No. 2 / MA&WS (WS4) Dept. / Dated 10.01.2013 for Rs. 301.50 Crore. and Rs 10.86 Crore to maintain annually.


The above scheme is proposed to be implemented under MNP & NRDWP

Present Stage

All works completed   and the Scheme was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 14.10.2017. At present  702 Habitations are  under TWAD  Maintenance from 15.05.2018  out of 1891 Habitations. Balance Habitations are  under Trial testing  and to be covered before 31.8.2018.     

Salient Details