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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Combined Water Supply Scheme to 293 Rural Habitations in Musiri, Thathaiyangarpettai, Thuraiyur and Uppiliyapuram Unions of Tiruchirappalli District.

Announcement Scheme by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during the District Collector's and Police officer's Conference held during 11.12.2013 to 13.12.2013 (Announcement No.191)

Quantity to be drawn : 9.87 mld
Fund : NABARD Loan and MNP Grant
Source : River Cauvery near Seventhilingapuram
Estimate cost : Rs.140.22 Crores
A.M. Cost : Rs.2.50 Crores
Cost/1000 Lit. : Rs.27.93/-


Musiri and Thathaiyangarpettai unions are situated in Musiri Taluk and Thuraiyur and Uppiliyapuram unions are situated in Thuraiyur Taluk of Tiruchy District. The main occupations of the people in these areas are Agriculture.The annual rain fall of this District is 824mm of which maximum contribution from North East monsoon rain fall. The average summer and winter water level of this District is 12m to 18m and 5m to 8m respectively. In general the quality of Ground water available in this area is potable. The rain recharging factor to the Ground water is seasonal rainfall and river system.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

Bore wells fitted with Hand pumps and power pumps with bore wells as source are catering the drinking water need of the people in these habitations covered in this proposals.

Necessity for Providing Combined Water Supply Scheme:

These areas do not have sustainable Ground Water Potential. The water available from the existing power pump and Hand pump schemes in these rural areas are not sufficient to meet the requirement. Due to frequent failure of monsoon, the yield from the bore wells is reduced. The power pump and Hand Pump water supply schemes are giving low yield in most of the habitations in these areas.

Based on the request of the people, an Announcement was made by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during the District Collectors' and Police officers' Conference on 13.12.2013 (Announcement No.191), that investigation will be taken up for providing a combined water supply scheme to 293 rural habitations in Musiri union, Thathaiyangarpettai union, Thuraiyur union and Uppiliyapuram union in Tiruchirappalli District.


The approved population forecast details for Intermediate Stage (2026) and Ultimate Stage (2036) are as follows.

S.NO Name of Union No. of Habitations Population
Present stage 2016 Inter-mediate stage 2026 Ultimatestage 2036
1 Musiri Union 21 7369 7839 8316
2 ThathaiyangarpettaiUnion 73 22819 24285 25747
3 Thuraiyur Union 122 54591 58088 61596
4 Uppiliyapuram Union 77 64461 68593 72723
  TOTAL 293 149240 158805 168382

Sustainability of existing supply:

The yield in the existing bore wells were studied and accordingly the sustainability has been assessed in each of the habitations. The net requirement in each habitation is worked out with respect to sustainable supply of the existing Bore well and for enhanced per capita supply of 55 LPCD.


S.No Name of union No.of Habitations Requirement including losses @20% in Litres Daily Requirement for 18 Hours in LPM
2026 2036 2026 2036
1 Musiri Union 21 394290 418288 366 388
2 Thathaiyangarpettai Union 73 1251126 1320440 1165 1228
3 Thuraiyur Union 122 2940822 3114604 2729 2888
4 Uppiliyapuram Union 77 3435516 3639306 3186 3375
  GRAND TOTAL -A 293 8021754 8492638 7446 7879
  Industrial demand @ 10%-B   802175 849264 744 788
  TOTAL   8823929 9341902 8190 8667
  Fire Fighting demand @ 5 % of Total Demand   504246 531895 468 492
  GRAND TOTAL   9328175 9873797 8658 9159
  DEMAND IN MLD   9.33 9.87    


It is proposed to construct one Collector well of 6.00 m Dia and 18.00 m Depth in River Cauvery near Seventhilingapuram.

Brief Description of the present proposal:

The total requirement of 9.87 MLD is proposed to draw from the Collector well and will be pumped through a pumping main of DI pipes size ranging from 450 mm to 400 mm dia for a total length of 32.96 Km, up to Booster sump proposed at Devanur.

There is one intermediate Booster sump proposed in the alignment of pumping main at Valavanthi.

The requirements for 293 Rural habitations will be provided in Tapping sumps and Group sumps and from the Tapping sump and Group sumps, the water will be pumped to the respective existing & proposed Service Reservoirs . From the Service reservoirs, the water will be distributed to the public through existing as well as proposed Distribution system.

Booster sump, Tapping sump, Group sump, Stand post and Service Reservoirs:

Deatils Nos
Booster Sump 2
Tapping Sump 9
Group Sump 69
Stand post 6
Service Reservoirs 13

Pumping main:

The proposed length of Pumping main ,Feeder mains and Branch mains (to Group sumps and Stand posts) proposed will be 670.55 Km and the size of pipes is in the range of 450 mm DI/K7 Pipes to 50 mm OD PVC 6 KSC Pipes .

D'System and Public Fountains:

1. Total length of D'System proposed is 6.70 km.

2. Public Fountains proposed is 26 Nos.

For the remaining habitations, the existing Service Reservoirs, D'system and the Public Fountains will be utilized.

Administrative Approval and Technical Sanction:

Administrative approval was accorded for the Combined Water Supply Scheme vide G.O. Ms. No.58 Dated 23.3.2015 at an estimated cost of Rs.140.22 Crore to install and Rs.2.50 Crore to maintain annually.

The Chief Engineer, TWAD Board, Thanjavur, has accorded Technical Sanction for the above scheme for Rs.140.20 Crore to install and Rs 2.636 Crore to maintain annually and registered vide CE / TNJ No.4 / 2015-16 Dt.22.4.2015.


This scheme will be implemented under NABARD Loan and State Government contribution.

Present Stage:

The Chief Engineer, TWAD Board, Thanjavur has issued Work order on 22.11.2016 towards execution including paid maintenance for five years for the above CWSS to M/s. Pratibha Industries Limited, Govandi, Mumbai-400 043. Period of completion of the project is 18 months. Work commenced on 15.12.2016. The Physical progress of the scheme is 54% and the financial progress is Rs.58.19 Crore (41%).

Salient Details: