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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme to Inam Karur Municipality in Karur District.

Designed Quantity : 11.430 Mld.
Project Cost : Rs. 18.57 Crore .
Technical Sanction : Rs. 20.41 Crore


Inam Karur, a III Grade Municipality in Karur District is situated within a scale of 2 Km radius from District Head Quarters Karur, in Karur–Salem main The Municipality contains 19 hamlets scattered all over an area of this Municipality is merged with the Integrtaed Karur Municipality

Existing Water Supply Scheme:

At present two numbers of open wells at Periakuluthupalayam and Thirukampuliyur fitted with power pump is functioning and 19 nos of deep bore wells fitted with hand pumps are also working at various places in and around the municipal area.

One scheme has been executed for this Municipality (then Town Panchayat) with Amaravathi River as source during the year 1976. The scheme was designed for 1.68mld for ultimate population of 24000 in the year 2006. This scheme is not functioning, since the source is not dependable and potable due to heavy industrial and domestic pollution.

Hence, an alternate scheme was executed during 1997 – 2000 with river Cauvery as source near Vangal village by providing a collector well of 6.0m dia. with radial arms of 277m with pro rata supply of 70 LPCD. The scheme was designed to supply 7.97 MLD of water at ultimate stage. The present supply from this scheme is 6.0 MLD.

Necessity For The Proposal:

The existing WSIS was designed and executed for the intermediate requirement of 5.97mld (2006) and ultimate requirement of 7.97mld (2021). Due to the various developments in the municipality and the rate of increase of population in the town (due to the Textile industry) the present supply from the existing scheme is found inadequate. Further, it is required to enhance the pro – rata of supply applicable to municipalities and to cater the needs of the increased population. Moreover an under ground sewerage scheme (for Karur & Inam Karur municipalities) is executed and now functioning. 135 lpcd to 70% population and 40 lpcd to 30% population has been adopted in the proposal with an average of 106.50 lpcd. Hence, it is necessary to provide adequate water supply to this municipality, so that the total sanitation is implemented effectively. Accordingly, augmentation of supply from 70 lpcd to 135 lpcd is a necessary requirement, which could not be enhanced from the existing scheme. Hence, water supply improvement to Inam Karur municipality is essential.

Population and Requirement:

a) Population

1 Present Year(2001) 45,254

2 Base Year(2010) 82,000

3 Intermediate year(2025) 1,10,000

4 Ultimate Year (2040) 1,45,000

5 Floating population 20,000

b) Demand

The demand had been arrived based on the following provision

135 lpcd for 70% population

40 lpcd for 30% population

Adopting the above pro rata supply and 23 hours of pumping, the daily requirement for the present, intermediate and ultimate stages works out to 4.50 mld, 7.33 mld and 11.43 mld respectively for the intermediate and ultimate stages after deducting the present supply of water.

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to construct 6.00m dia collector well cum pump house near Melamayanur village in river Cauvery. The water from the collector well is pumped by means of 80HP vertical turbine pumpset with a duty of 3882LPM x 69M Head through 350mm dia DI K9 & K7 pumping main for a total length of 18760m to proposed 4.15Lakh Litres sump at KVB Nagar. From the KVB Nagar water is pumped to the KVB Nagar SR(7.8LL) ,Indra Nagar SR(2.90LL)& Ramanuja Nagar(3.90LL), VVG Nagar SR(4.6LL) by separate pumping. From the Service Reserviors the water is distributed through the network system of 47.38 Km and 25 Nos. of Public Fountains.

Cost :

The cost of the project works out to Rs.20.41Crore to install and Rs.41.14 lakhs to maintain annually. .

Present Stage :

Administrative sanction was accorded to this scheme vide G.O.(Ms) No: 129/14.7.2010 at an estimated project cost of Rs18.57 Crore. Technical sanction was accorded and tenders called for. Tender finalised and work order was issued on 24.02.2012. Expected date of completion 03/2017. So for 60% work has been completed.

Salient Details: