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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme To Karur Municipality In Karur District.

Designed Quantity : 7.77 Mld.
Project Cost : Rs 24.67 Crore
Technical Sanction : Rs.23.84 Crore


Karur, a special grade Municipality, located at 10o 58’ North Latitude and 78o 07’ East Longitude, is the head quarters of the district of Karur in Tamilnadu state. It is located on the banks of the river Amaravathi. Average annual rainfall is 796.50 mm and the maximum temperature varies from 28 o C to 32 o C. It is located at about 400 km from the capital city of Chennai. The town is divided into 36 wards and the area of the town is 5.96

Present Water Supply Scenario:

At present 84 lakh litres of water is being supplied to the town daily with the per capita rate of 110 lpcd. Supply cycle maintained is once in 3 days as water could not be pumped to all the service reservoirs simultaneously. This scheme was implemented in 1995. This is the main dependable source of water for Karur Municipality. The headwork is located at Nerur in river Cauvery which is about 13 km from Karur. Total quantity of 8.40 mld of water is being pumped from this headworks, at rate of 7800 lpm for 20 hrs, to 11 numbers of elevated service reservoirs in Karur Municipality

Near the collector well, 4 numbers of bore wells of 11 m depth, installed with 10 HP submersible pumpsets are also available. During summer, water is being pumped from these bore wells to the collector well. As the radial arms are already overhauled to increase the efficiency of the system, further drawal may not be feasible, beyond the present quantity of 8.40 MLD.Beyond this an immediate improvement scheme, to provide 1.62 MLD of water, is being implemented for Karur Municipality. There are 38 zones in the existing distribution system

Need For This Proposal:

Due to the various developments in the municipality and the rate of increase of population in the town (due to the Textile industry) the present supply from the existing scheme is found inadequate. Further, it is required to enhance the pro – rata of supply of 135lpcd applicable to municipalities having an under ground sewerage scheme Accordingly, augmentation of supply from 110 lpcd to 135 lpcd is a necessary requirement, which could not be enhanced from the existing scheme. Hence, water supply improvement to Karur municipality is essential.

Population and Requirement:

a) Population:

1) Population (2001) - 76336

2) Base year (2010) - 84927

3) Intermediate year (2025) - 93850

4) Ultimate year (2040) - 102750

5) Floating population - 50000

Adopting the pro rata supply of 135lpcd the daily requirement for the present, intermediate and ultimate stages works out to 4.32mld, 6.04mld and 7.77mld respectively for the intermediate and ultimate stages after deducting the present supply of water.

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to augment the quantum of water supplied to the town by tapping the subsurface water of river Cauvery. Additional quantity of water (7.77 mld) required for the ultimate period (2040) is proposed to be collected through a new collector well with radial arms. It is also proposed to replace the entire existing AC main of 500 mm diameter .Water from the proposed collector well will be pumped to the new collection well cum pump house of capacity 4.70 LL, proposed near the existing collector well, through 300 mm diameter DI K7 and K9. Water from the existing collector well will also be pumped to this new collection well cum pump house of 4.70 LL through 350 mm diameter DI K7 pipes for a length of 170m and through the existing 500mm CI pipe for a length of 180m . Then water will be pumped from the new collection well cum pump house of 4.70 LL to the proposed booster sumpcum pump house of 4.75 LL proposed adjacent to the existing sump of 3.00 LL capacity and pump room at Vangal Road, Pumping main of size 450 mm diameter DI K7 pipes are proposed for a length of 9520 m.

From the booster station at Vangal Road, water is pumped to the existing 11 service reservoirs and to a proposed service reservoir at Andalnagar, through two feeder mains. Feeder main I will serve 4 service reservoirs, Feeder Main I is of 250 mm to 100 mm diameter DI K7 pipes for a total length of 3181 m. Feeder main II will serve 8 service reservoirs, Feeder main II is of 450mm to 100 mm diameter DI K7 pipes for a total length of 6329 m. A new service reservoir of capacity 1.30 LL is proposed for Andalnagar for effective distribution of the newly developed area. Distribution system is rezoned and redesigned with 12 zones by retaining 15.33 km length of existing PVC pipes, and relaying of new PVC & DI pipes in place of the existing PVC pipes for a length of Entire existing house service connections are proposed to be replaced with new MDPE pipes and electro fusion saddle pieces so as have zero leakage joints in the house service connections and to eliminate unauthorised tapings.


The cost of scheme estimated to a value of Rs 2384.00 lakhs to install and the operation and Maintenance cost works out to Rs 77.25 lakhs annually. Per capita cost for present stage works out to Rs.2807 and cost per thousand litres works out to Rs.14.52

Present Stage:

Administrative sanction was accorded to this scheme vide G.O.(Ms) No: 128/14.7.2010 at an estimated project cost of Rs2467 Lakhs. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Coimbatore on 02.01.2012 to Thiru.K.L. Sreedhar Reddy, Hyderabad.The work has been completed and the scheme was Inagurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 27.2.2016 and put in to beneficial use to public.the scheme is under contractor Maintenace from 29.12.2015.

Salient Details: