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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme to Pallipalayam Municipality in Namakkal District.

Designed Quantity : 6.10 mld.
Project Cost : Rs.11.66 crore


Pallipalayam is a third grade Municipality in Tiruchengode Taluk of Namakkal district. The area of the Municipality is 4.70 Sq.Km. The main occupations of the people are weaving, power loom and dyeing. This Municipality is a Textile marketing centre.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

The existing water supply scheme was formulated and commissioned during 1975 with River Cauvery as source with a full scale treatment plant of 2.59 mld capacity for 16 hours of pumping.

Need For This Proposal:

Pallipalayam is upgraded from Urban Town Panchayat to III-rd Grade Municipality during January 2004. The present pro-rata supply is 70 lpcd only. As per the Govt.norms, the Municipality has to be supplied with a prorata supply of 135 lpcd where UGSS is contemplated as prescribed by the guidelines of CPHEEO. Hence it is essential to provide an improvement scheme.

Population and Demand:

The population of Pallipalayam Municipality as per 2011 census is 35635. The projected population for the base year 2012 is 42100. The population for intermediate (2027) and for ultimate (2042) stages are forecasted as 50300 and 57700 respectively and approved by the Chief Engineer (TWAD), Western Region, Coimbatore vide Lr.No.7205/ F.Pallipalayam UGSS/ AE D6/ CE/ WR/ 2009/ dt.09.10.2009.

By adopting the pro-rata supply at 135 lpcd the present requirement is 6251850 litres (6.25 mld). The intermediate and ultimate clear water requirement works out to 7469550 litres (7.47 mld) & 8568450 litres (8.56 mld) respectively, including the transmission loss at 10%. After deducting the supply of clear water from the existing treatment plant of 2.59 mld, the balance requirement from the proposed treatment plant for intermediate and ultimate stages works out to 5.25 mld and 6.41 mld respectively (including the provision for wash water).

Brief Description of the Proposal:

The existing source for the Pallipalayam W.S.S is located at River Cauvery near Pallipalayam Agraharam in the downstream of T.N.E.B Barrage.V. Due to disposal of effluent from the dyeing units etc., from Veerapanchathiram Municipality & Pallipalayam Agraharam at upstream side of the existing off take well, the water is getting contaminated and the intensity of contamination is high.

Hence, it is imperative to tap surface water in a location where the river Cauvery is not prone to pollution. The Head works consisting of a off-take well of 8.00 m x 8.00 m size on RCC framed structure and a pump house of size 6.00m x 6.00m are proposed. From this well, the total intermediate/ ultimate requirement of raw water will be drawn. The total length of raw water pumping main is 6060m (400 mm dia DI K7 pipes) from the off-take well to the proposed additional treatment plant at Pallipalayam. The existing treatment plant capacity is 2.59 mld. An additional full scale treatment unit of 5.25 mld (intermediate stage-2024) is proposed inside the premises of the existing treatment plant site.

The total area of this Municipality is divided into five zones. The low level zones viz. Zone.I, Zone.II ad Zone.V (part) will be fed from the existing treatment plant by utilizing the existing Feeder mains and 3 Nos. of existing Service Reservoirs and to one proposed 4.00 L.L Cap. Service Reservoir (at treatment plant site).

The high level zones, viz. Zone.III Zone.IV and Zone.V (Part) will be fed from the proposed treatment plant by laying new feeder mains for a length of 2300m to feed 3 existing and 2 proposed Service Reservoirs.

The existing Distribution system is laid for 23.32 Kms. An additional distribution system for a length of 10.92 Kms is proposed to serve the un-served and omitted areas after rezoning the existing D’System network.


The cost of this proposal works out Rs.11.66 Crore to install and Rs.48.00 lakhs to maintain annually. The cost per 1000 litres works out to Rs.6.13. The per capita cost for present and ultimate population is Rs.2779/- and Rs.2028/- respectively.

Present Stage of Proposal:

Government have accorded Administrative Sanction for Rs 11.66 Crore. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, on 26.12.2011 to M/s. Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd., Hyderabad. The work has been completed and the scheme was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 29-05-2015 and put into beneficial use to public.Now the scheme is handed over to Urban local body

Salient Details: