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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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CWSS to Thondamuthur, Pooluvapatti, Thenkarai, Vedapatti, Dhaliyur, Alanthurai and Perur Town Panchayats and 134 Rural Habitations in Thondamuthur Union of Coimbatore District with River Bhavani as Source

Quantity : 13.15 MLD
Cost of Installation : Rs. 130.46 Crores
A.M Cost : Rs. 3.91 Crore

The Government of Tamil Nadu vide G.O No. 50/dated 1-6-2012 has directed to take up the investigation works of this Scheme which was announced in the floor of the Assembly during 2012.

Detailed Project Report has been Administratively sanctioned for Rs 130.46/- Crore to install and Rs 3.91/-to maintain annually vide G.O.(MS) No 156/ Dated 19.10.2013.

 Prefatory :

The Project area covers 7 Town Panchayats namely Thondamuthur, Vedapatty, Dhaliyur, Perur, Thenkarai, Pooluvapatti and Alandurai and 134 rural habitations in 10 Village Panchayats namely Devarayapuram, Zakirnaikenpalayam, Vellimalai pattinam, Narasipuram, Thennamanallur, Ikkaraiboluvampatty, Maduvarayapuram, Madampatti, Theethipalayam and Perurchettipalayam of Thondamuthur Union of Coimbatore District. The beneficiaries are located on either sides of the State Highways Road from Coimbatore to Siruvani .The main occupation of the people in these area is agriculture. The Panchayats are located at about 10-25 km. radius of Coimbatore City.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

Town Panchayats

All the 7 Town Panchayats under the scope of this Scheme are the way side beneficiaries of the existing Water Supply Augmentation Scheme to Coimbatore Corporation with Siruvani Reservoir as Source. The present level of service of the Town Panchayats are varying from 12-16lpcd.

Village Panchayats

The coverage of river source from the Water Supply Augmentation Scheme to Coimbatore Corporation with Siruvani Reservoir as Source in the Village Panchayats in Thondamuthur Union varies from 6 to 19 lpcd.

Necessity of the Scheme :

The present supply of water from Siruvani WSS and local sources in the Town Panchayats and 134 rural habitations is not adequate to meet the present and future demands. During summer, due to poor storage level in Siruvani Dam, the supply from this source is totally affected every year. During such adverse seasons, it is possible to supply only 15 lpcd from the ground water sources in the area. Hence it is necessarily required to augment the source of water supply to provide the required quantity of water throughout the year. It is not possible to draw additional quantity from Siruvani source. Hence it is required to formulate a new combined water supply scheme from and alternate perennial source.

Population Projection:

The population projection for the 7 Town Panchayats and Rural habitations the Population Projection are as below :

Town Panchayat Population
Census 2011 Base Year 2014 Intermediate Stage 2029 Ultimate Stage 2044
Thondamuthur 10420 10800 12900 15300
Vedapatti 10802 11200 13500 16000
Dhaliyur 10624 10900 12600 14500
Pooluvapatty 13200 13600 15700 18000
Thenkarai 7972 8200 9200 10300
Alandurai 7843 8100 9300 10500
Thenkarai 8800 9000 10200 11400
Rural Habitations 67530 72463 79718 86964
TOTAL 137191 144263 163118 182964

Demand :

Since UGSS will be implemented soon to all the Town Panchayats per capita supply of 90 lpcd has been adopted for all the 7 Town Panchayats.

Out of the 10 Village Panchayats under the scope of this scheme, Perurchettipalayam Village Panchayat is located adjacent to Coimbatore Corporation. Also most of the hamlets are urban in nature due to settlement of people from the Corporation area resulting in rapid development of new colonies. Hence pro-rata supply has been increased one level up from 40 lpcd to 70 lpcd for arriving the demand for this Village Panchayat alone. For the remaining 9 Village Panchayats 40 lpcd as per rural norms has been adopted.

The net demand for the proposed Scheme has been arrived after deducting the existing quantity supplied from Siruvani WSS. There are a number of educational and other popular institutions in the project area. Hence provision of 10% of the domestic demand has been given towards commercial requirement. The proposed perennial source River Bhavani is located at about 40 Km from the Project area. Considering the large network of piping system 10% of the total demand has been provided towards transmission loss. Raw water quantity has been arrived including provision of 5% towards water required for back washing and other losses in treatment plant.

Town Panchayat Total Demand litres Existing supply
( litres)
Net Demand including
commercial demand and
transmission losses (litres)
Intermediate Ultimate Intermediate Ultimate
Thondamuthur TP 1161000 1377000 148000 1225730 1487090
Vedapatti TP 1215000 1440000 125900 1317811 1590061
Dhaliyur TP 1134000 1305000 151500 1188825 1395735
Pooluvapatti TP 1413000 1620000 217500 1446555 1697025
Thenkarai TP 828000 927000 130000 844580 964370
Alandurai TP 837000 945000 128000 857890 988570
Perur TP 918000 1026000 142500 938355 1069035
134 Rural Habitations 3732680 4072080 812500 3558513 3959648
Total Requirement 11238680 12712080 1855900 11378259 13151534
Raw water Quantity       11947172 13809111
        11.95 MLD 13.81 MLD

The Raw water discharge at 18 hours pumping works out to 11062 lpm for Intermediate Stage and 12786 lpm for Ultimate Stage.

Detailed Description of Proposal:

The source proposed for the CWSS to 7 Town Panchayats and 134 rural habitations is River Bhavani. The scheme envisages drawal of surface water of 11.95 mld for intermediate year and 13.81 mld for ultimate year requirements through an Intake well proposed in River Bhavani near Central water Commission Gauging station near Bhadrakaliammankoil, 5 KM upstream of Mettupalayam Town. A barrage has been constructed by the TNEB for power generation at about 2 KM downstream of the proposed drawal point. Hence storage water will be available throughout except during maintenance period.

In order to draw the requirement in such conditions, the intake well has been proposed in the location of Lowest Summer Water Level in the River. The surface water from the intake well will be drawn through 600 mm CI pipes to the Collection Well Cum Pump House proposed to be constructed in the river poromboke on the Right Bank .

Salient Details of Head works:

Diameter of Intake well : 3.0 m

Diameter of Collection Well cum Pump House : CW 6.0m. PH 8.0m

Raw Water Main:

Adequate land is not available nearby the Headworks for locating the treatment plant. Hence it is proposed to locate the Full Scale Treatment Plant in Kurunthamalai at a distance of 12.19 KM from the Head works. The Raw Water Main is aligned along the Thekkampatty to Mettupalayam road for about 5 KM and thereafter along Ramayagoundenpalayam, Dasanur to kurunthamalai. The raw water main will be of 500 mm dia DI K9 pipes for 6030 m length and 500 mm dia K7 pipes for 6160 m length. The total length of main is 12.19 KM

Treatment Plant

Since surface water of River Bhavani is proposed to be drawn Full Scale Treatment Plant using Rapid sand Filters of capacity 11.95 MLD is proposed.

Clear Water Main

After treatment, the clear water will be collected in a clear water reservoir of capacity 6.50 lakh litres with a detention period of 1 hour for intermediate stage requirements. From here, the clear water of 10531 lpm for intermediate stage and 12173 lpm for ultimate stage (18 hours pumping ) will be pumped through pumping main consisting of 500 mm DI K9 pipes for 960m and 500 mm DI K7 pipes for 13510 m to the proposed sump at Booster Station at Veerapandi. The clear water transmission main is aligned along the Kurunthamalai to Pungampalayam road and thereafter along Velliangadu to Karamadai road upto Thimmampalayam and along Thimmampalayam to Bettathapuram and thereafter along Mettupalayam to Coimbatore NH road to Veerapandi Booster Station. The total length of main upto Booster station is 14.47 Km.

Booster Station at Veerapandi

The surplus land available which has been acquired for the Booster Station of Kavundampalayam – Vadavalli CWSS and in possession of TWAD Board at present will be utilized for construction of Sump and Pump House for this Scheme.

Booster Main

From the Booster Station at Veerapandi Village, the quantity of water of 10531 lpm for intermediate stage and 12173 lpm for ultimate stage will be again pumped by through the proposed Booster main to feed various sumps proposed in the Project Area. The Booster main will be aligned along the NH road from Veerapandi upto Vadamadurai and thereafter to Kanuvai through Pannimadai village and along Kanuvai to Navavoor pirivu road and via Curio Garden to Vadavalli to Thondamuthur road and via Onapalayam village and meets the junction of Coimbatore to Thondamuthur road. The Project Area Starts here. The total length of pipeline from the Booster Station at Veerapandi upto this point is 24.99 KM. The total distance from the Headworks upto commencing point of the Project area is 51.65 KM.

From this point, the Booster main will be aligned along the Coimbatore to Thondamuthur Road and from Thondamuthur along Madampatty road and joins Coimbatore – Siruvani Road at Madampatty. The transmission main branches on either directions along the Coimbatore - Siruvani Road upto Perur towards East and upto Maduvarayapuram towards West. The requirement of the Town Panchayats and Village Panchayats will be drawn at appropriate locations in the transmission main.

Common Booster Station

Booster Station at Thanneerpandal (common for 3 Town Panchayats and 1 Village Panchayat)

The requirement of 3 Town Panchayats namely Thenkarai , Pooluvapatty and Alandurai and 1 Village Panchayat namely Maduvarayapuram will let into the proposed sump of 2.30 Lakh litres capacity at LS 34310 m of Booster Main from Veerapandi at Thanneerpandal hamlet of Thenkarai Town Panchayat. From this sump the requirement of Thenkarai TP will be pumped separately by two pumping mains. The requirement of the other 2 Town Panchayats and 1 Village Panchayat will be pumped separately by another pumping main. A pump room of 6m x 4 m size is proposed.

Common Booster Station at Thennamanallur

The requirement of Ikkaraiboluvampatty ,Thennamanallur, Devarayapuram Zakirnaickenpalayam, Vellimalaipattinam and Narasipuram Village panchayats (990/1125 lpm) will be drawn from the Feeder Main branching off at LS 28640 m of the Booster Main from Veerapandi and let into the proposed sump of 4.05 Lakh litres capacity at Thennamanallur hamlet of Thennamanallur Village Panchayat. A pump room of 6m x 4 m size is proposed.

Cost of the Scheme :

The total cost of the scheme works out to Rs. 130.46 Crores for installation and Rs. 391 Lakhs for annual maintenance

Beneficiary Cost Rs in Lakhs
Thondamuthur TP 1387.94
Pooluvapatty TP 1672.44
Thenkarai TP 1037.02
Vedapatti TP 1354.91
Dhaliyur TP 1281.95
Alandurai TP 937.67
Perur TP 890.05
Rural Habitations 4484.01
Total 13046.00

The per capita cost for the present population works out to Rs.9043 and cost per 1000 litres is Rs. 21.22

Mode of Finance

The Scheme will be implemented for Town Panchayats under 80:20 and for Rural Habitations under NRDWP/SMS. Now it is proposed to pose MNP components for availing NABARD Loan.


On completion, the scheme will be maintained by the Contractor’s for the period of 5 Years and after that the Scheme will be maintained by TWAD Board.

Present Stage:

Work completed and the scheme was inaugurated by Honourable  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 26.03.2018. The scheme is under trial run.    

Salient Details