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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme To Thanthoni Municipality In Karur District.

Designed Quantity : 11.84 Mld
Project Cost : Rs.25.16 Crore
Technical Sanction : Rs.25.38 Crore


Thanthoni, a Grade-III Municipality, is situated in Karur District of Tamilnadu state. It lies between 10 o 45’ and 11 o 45’ north latitude and between 77 o 45’ and 78 o 07’ east longitude. . Average annual rainfall is 796.50 mm and the maximum temperature varies from 28º C to 32º C. It is located on the banks of river Amarvathi. For the purpose of administration, the town is divided into 18 wards.. Socio Economic Features.This Municipality is merged with the integrated Karur Municipality.

Existing Water Supply Arrangements:

Present per capita supply to Thanthoni, on an average, works out to 72 litres per day. Supply cycle maintained is once 4 days intermittently. Main source of supply to the Municipality is river Cauvery, which is 14 km away from the town. A quantity of 4.32 mld of water from the sub-surface source in river Cauvery is being drawn and supplied. In addition to this, there are 185 bore wells with hand pumps and 129 power pumps, available in the town, through which a supply of around 1 mld of ground water is being done. There are 13 elevated service reservoirs in the town with a total capacity of 15.90 LL The Town is divided into 18 wards wards. Total length of roads within the municipality limits is 164.91 km. The existing distribution system is 88.30 km There are 7559 house service connectionsand 172 Nos of Public Fountains

Necessity For The Proposal:

To enhance the prorata supply to 135lpcd it is essential to provide an improvement scheme Moreover simultaneous supply to entire town (18 wards) as contemplated in the design could not be practiced but supplied once in 4 days by rotation for 2 hours due to system deficiency. T here are new areas which are not covered with piped water supply. Sand mining in the bank and in the alignment has resulted in exposure of pipe line near Kattalai Head works. Only two elevated service reservoirs are used to distribute water and all other elevated service reservoirs are bypassed and direct pumping is resorted to distribute water to the consumers once in 4 days due to system deficiency.

Population and Requirement:

a) Population

1. Present Year(2001) 31952

2. Base Year(2010) 61963

3. Intermediate year(2025) 82900

4. Ultimate Year (2040) 101600

5. Floating population 10000

Adopting the pro rata supply of 135lpcd the daily requirement for the present, intermediate and ultimate stages works out to 5.54mld, 8.87mld and 11.84mld respectively for the intermediate and ultimate stages after deducting the present supply of water

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to augment the quantum of water supplied to the town by tapping the subsurface water of river Cauvery At present, 4.32 mld of water is being supplied to Thanthoni Municipality with two infiltration wells located at Kattalai in river Cauvery. From these wells, water is pumped to the common GLSR nearby and from there to the booster station at Moolakatanoor, at a distance of 10.62 km. From the booster sump of capacity 1.09 LL,4.55LL water is pumped to various ELSRs on turn basis.

The existing system of source, GLSR, pumping main, booster station and feeder main for a length of 11.065 km with CI & AC pipes of 300mm diameter are proposed to be used to cater to the requirements of one part of the Thanthoni town with 1 number of existing and 3 numbers of proposed service reservoirs to serve zones 1, 2, 3 & 4. It is proposed to extend this feeder main (Feeder Main IV) for 2.30 km with 300 mm dia AC pipes.

It is proposed to construct a new collector well at Kattalai in river Cauvery, to draw the balance requirement of 11.84 mld (16.16-4.32), say 12 mld. Water will be pumped from the collector well to a proposed booster station at PonNagar, at a distance of 15.20 km. Turbine Pumpsets of 6425 lpm x 77m head capacity of will be installed at the collector well. Pumping main is of size 400 mm diameter DI K9 pipes, for a length of 15.20km. A sump of capacity 4.95 LL is proposed at the new booster station at PonNagar. From this, water will then be pumped to all other existing and proposed service reservoirs for zones 5 to 14, with three feeder mains, in three directions, considering the huge level difference of 43 m within the service area. The water is distributed through a net work system of existing 30.500km & proposed 111.85km


The cost of scheme estimated to a value of Rs25.38 Crore to install and the operation and Maintenance cost works out to Rs 54.83 lakhs annually. Per capita cost works out to Rs.4096 and cost per thousand liters works out to Rs.9.68.

Present Stage:

Administrative sanction was accorded to this scheme vide G.O.(Ms) No: 132/14.7.2010 at an estimated project cost of Rs25.16 Crore to install and at an estimated annual maintenance cost of Rs.86` lakhs . Techenical sanction was accorded for Rs. 25.38 Crore. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Coimbatore on 02.01.2012 to M/s. Saisundhir Infrastructure Ltd., Ananthapur , Andhra pradesh. Expected date of completion is 12/2016. So for 95% of work has been completed.

Salient Details: