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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme to Udhagamandalam Municipality.

Designed Quantity : 6.181 MLD
Project Cost : Rs 27.20 Crore


Udhagamandalam known as Ooty is a Special Grade Municipality which is a famous hill station and tourist destination in Nilgiris District of Tamilnadu, spread over an area of 30.67 with 36 wards having a population of 93,921 (2001 Census).

Present Water Supply Scenario:

(1 MGD) – Parsons Valley Scheme I

The scheme was designed for 4.5 Mld (1MGD) with off take arrangements at Parsons Valley reservoir. Raw water is drawn from the reservoir through a turbine pumpset of 60 HP capacity installed on an intake structure which extends in to the water spread from the bund. A raw water CI pumping main of 250mmΦ and 240m length conveys raw water to a treatment plant situated on the foreshore of the reservoir and treated with aeration and settling.

Water from this treatment plant is conveyed to the town through a clear water CI pumping main of size 300mm over a distance of 15.10 km. Branch mains of sizes 250 mm and 200 mm CI laid for a length of 3500m conveys water to the ground level reservoir located at Marlimund Road (B.P.Tank 3.00 LL). Water was distributed to the town through a length of around 25 Km distribution mains of sizes 50mm to 250mmGI/CI.

(2 MGD) – Parsons Valley Scheme II

In order to meet the further demand, a second improvement scheme for 9 mld (2MGD) was executed during the year 2000. This scheme envisaged drawal of additional 9.0 mld of water from the Parsons Valley reservoir, Treatment, Transmission, Storage and Distribution. Raw water is pumped from the Parsons Valley reservoir through the same intake structure of 1 MGD scheme and pumped to a separate treatment plant at the foreshore using 170 HP submersible pumps through another 450mm dia cast iron main laid for a length of 525m. The raw water received is treated with aeration settling and filtration using Rapid Sand Filters. The treated water is then conveyed to the town using a separate 450mm dia CI pumping main laid for a length of about 14.00 km. Branch mains have been laid to various storage reservoirs located at 1.Finger Post (9.50LL) (2) St.Mary’s Hill (9.50LL) (3) Jail Hill (8.50LL) (4) R.K.Puram (7.00 LL) (5) Elk Hill (3.50) for a total length of about 4.60 km. From these tanks water is distributed to the Town divided in to Six Zones through distribution network for a length of about 56.02 km using GI pipes of sizes varying from 50 mm to 150 mm .

Proposed Water Supply Improvement Scheme:

Since the local sources are not dependable and to cater the demand of the developed areas ,the new scheme has been proposed .The source of the proposed scheme is Parsons valley dam only . This improvement scheme has been designed for the ultimate stage (2040) projected Population of 136700 of Udhagai town with ultimate stage requirement of 19.68 MLD . By considering the quantity in the existing 4.50MLD and 9.00MLD WSIS , the proposed treatment plant has been designed for 11 MLD (6.5 MLD+4.5 MLD) .Two more additional Zones are proposed along with the existing Zones for distribution in the Town.

Description of the Proposal:

Extending the raw water pumping main (450 mm DI -50m &250mm DI for 355 m from the existing Raw water main to the proposed 11mld WTP).

  • Additional Water Treatment Plant – Slow sand filter (11 Mld) near the existing treatment plants at Parsons valley including additional pump house and clear water pumps.
  • Inter connection of raw water pumping mains between treatment plants .
  • Additional Clear water transmission main - 300 mm dia DI main for 15836 m capable of conveying 6.5 mld at ultimate stage
  • Inter connection of raw water pumping mains between treatment plants .
  • Feeder mains to service reservoirs 13038 m and inter connection works
  • Construction of GLSR at Zone VI (Lower Doddabetta) and
  • at ZoneVII (Lower Kodappamund) - 8LL capacity each
  • Construction of GLSR at Zone VIII (Tudor Hall) - 3LL capacity
  • Providing water distribution network ( 62.840 km)


Administrative Sanction has been accorded by the Government of Tamil Nadu for the implementation of water supply Improvement Scheme in Udhagamandalam Municipality at an estimated cost of Rs 27.20 Crores to install and Rs2.43 Crores to maintain annually.

Cost of Proposal:

The cost of the scheme is Rs. 36.66 Crore. Annual maintenance cost is Rs.2.72 Crore.

Present Stage:

The tenders have been finalized and the work order issued to M/S VISWA INFRASTRUCTURES & SERVICE PVT LTD – Hyderabad vide CE/TWAD/WR/CBE F-UdhagaiWSIS/DO(T1)/WR/2011/Dated 25-02-2011.Due to slow program of work,the contract was terminated on 25.10.2014.For balance work the work order issued on 27.11.15 to M/S Murali & Co,udhagai & M/S KPS Engg .Const,Metturdam.Expected date of Completion is 02/2017. So for 68% of works has been completed.

Salient Details: