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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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WSIS To Thiruvannamalai Municipality In Thiruvannamalai District.

Designed Quantity : 16.74 mld
Project Cost : 36.66 Crores


Thiruvannamalai Municipality is a Special Grade Municipality. The Municipality extends over an area of 13.64 The population of the municipality as per 2001 census is 130576. There are 39 Municipal wards in the town.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

Thiruvannamalai Municipality is having the following two sources for its water supply .

2.1.Samudram Head works

Samudram Scheme is the first water supply scheme for Thiruvannamalai executed in the year 1932. Water from 2 nos. infiltration galleries in the Eri bed reaches the collection well near the pump house on the southern side of tank bund. Supply from this Samudram source is about 2.0 mldin normal season.

Water from this treatment plant is conveyed to the town through a clear water CI pumping main of size 300mm over a distance of 15.10 km. Branch mains of sizes 250 mm and 200 mm CI laid for a length of 3500m conveys water to the ground level reservoir located at Marlimund Road (B.P.Tank 3.00 LL). Water was distributed to the town through a length of around 25 Km distribution mains of sizes 50mm to 250mmGI/CI.

2.2.Then -Pennaiyar River Source

In Then-Pennaiyar River, PWD has constructed a Pickup Anicut in Olagalapadi Village, 7 km downstream of Sathanur dam and at about 23 km west of Thiruvannamalai Town. In 1974, under Olagalapadi Scheme I (OS I ), intake cum collection well and a water treatment plant were constructed for tapping and treatment of about 5.76 mld of raw water. Out of 5.01mld treated water , only 3.23 mld of water reaches Thiruvannamalai Town, after the tapings for way side villages in the pumping main .

In 1994, under Olagalapadi Scheme II ( OS II ) another intake cum collection well was and a water treatment plant were constructed for tapping and treatment of about 12.00 mld of water. Out of 11.29 mld of treated water, only 9.60 mld of water reaches Thiruvannamalai Town, after the tapings for the way side villages in the pumping main.

The present supply to Thiruvannamali municipality from both the sources is 14.83 mld (2.0+3.23+9.6)

Need For The Proposal:

The present water supply is at the rate of 100 lpcd. Since execution of UGSS is in advanced stage of completion, it is proposed to enhance the per capita supply to 135 lpcd, so as to ensure supply to deficient and no supply areas.

Description of the Proposal:

The population projected to 1.495 Lakhs, 1.81 lakhs & 2.126 lakhs for the present (2010 ), intermediate (2025 ) and ultimate (2040) stages respectively. The demand at the rate of 135 lpcd works out to 22.20 mld, 26.88 mld & 31.57 mld for the present, intermediate and ultimate stages respectively. Augmentation of source for the net ultimate demand of 16.74 mld (31.57 -14.83) is proposed from existing Samudram (0.58 mld) and Thenpenaiyur OS – II (16.16 mld) head works.

5.1. Samudram Eri :

The additional requirement of 0.58 mld is drawn from the open well to the existing collection well at samudram Eri and pumped to the existing Somavarakulam sump at T.V. Malai by means of existing pumpset and existing pumping main for 3.0 Km length.

5.2. Then -Pennaiyar River Source

O. S I – Raw water pumpset to the existing treatment plant I of 5 mld is to be replaced with the new open well submersible pumpset. The treated water collected in the sump will be pumped through the existing main of 3.48 km to the existing Somavarakulam sump using new turbine pumpset. Certain revamping work at treatment plant I is also proposed

O. S II - Raw water pumpset to the existing treatment plant II is to be replaced with new pumpset so as to pump the additional quantity of 16.16 mld to existing treatment plant of 12 mld. In order to increase the filtration capacity of existing treatment plant II, a modern method called tube settlers for the sedimentation will be provided around the walls of the clariflocculators and dual media filter will be provided in the filter beds. The treated water collected in the sump is pumped through two mains as detailed below;

  • pumped for 12.60Km using existing main and new pumpset to the existing BPT at Kilsirupakkam and then gravitated using existing main for 9.23Km to the existing sump at Anna Nagar.
  • pumped to proposed sump at Anna Nagar for 22.07Km using new line and new pumpset .

Water thus collected at Somavarakulam sump from Samudram Eri head works and from O.S I will feed 2 nos of existing & 1 no proposed Service Reservoirs,. Water collected at Anna Nagar existing sump from OS II will feed 2 Nos of existing Service Reservoirs and water collected at proposed Anna Nagar sump from OSII will feed 4 Nos of existing & 2 Nos of proposed Service Reservoirs.

It has been proposed to replace existing distribution system to a length of 21.22 Km and to provide new distribution system for 31.31 Km.

Cost of Proposal:

The cost of the scheme is Rs. 36.66 Crore. Annual maintenance cost is Rs.2.72 Crore.

Present Stage of Proposal:

Government have accorded Administrative sanction for Rs. 36.66 Crore vide G.O.Ms. No. 134 / MAWS/WA2/dt. 14.7.2010

Work order issued by Chief Engineer, Vellore to M/s. A.V. Rambabu Infra Pvt. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh, on 26.2.2011. The work has been completed and the scheme was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 30-12-2013 and put into beneficial use to public. .This Scheme is handed over to Municipality

Salient Details: