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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water supply Improvement scheme to Edapady Municipality in Salem District.

Designed Quantity : 7.23 Mld
Project Cost : Rs 18.52 Crore


Edappady is a First Grade Municipality in Salem District, Tamil Nadu. It was constituted in 1965 as Grade III Municipality, become second-grade Municipality in 1993 and upgraded to First Grade Municipality in 1998. Idappady is located between 11º 30’ and 11º 40’ N Latitude and, between 77º 0’and 78º 0’ E Longitude. The Town is located about 40 km from Salem on the Bhavani – Salem Road.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

The source of water supply to Edappady is surface water from River Cauvery at Poolampatti which flows at about 11 km west from the Town. The water supply to the town is drawn from two different schemes. One is a dedicated scheme to Idappady town, executed during 1965 from river Cauvery at Poolampatti yielding now about 1.40 mld. The Second is the Rasipuram- Idappady Combined Water Supply Scheme executed by TWAD Board during 1993, in which a quantity of 2.00 mld is Supplied to Edappady. The total quantity supplied to the town at present is 3.40MLD. The average per capita works out to 59 litres per head.

Need For The Proposal:

Present water supply status is not as per the requirement. Hence to enchance level of supply to 90 lpcd, awsis to this municipality is Essential.

Population And Requirement:

The population projected to 60180,76637,&97593 for the present(2012),intermediate (2027)&ultimate(2040) stages respectively.Demand calculated at 90 lpcd for Municipality.

After deducting the existing supply,net demand works out to 4.95 mld ,7.23 for the intermediate and ultimate requirement.

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to tap the ultimate requirement by providing off-take well arrangements in River Cauvery at Poolampatti village downstream of Chekkanur Barrage. Collected Raw Water will be pumped (23 hours) to the proposed Treatment plant of 8 mld capacity located at Poolampatty village. Treated Water will be pumped through pumping main to the booster station and it will about 11 KM from booster station. Water will be pumped to the existing and Proposed service reservoirs for equal distribution.

Cost of Proposal:

The cost of the scheme is 18.52 Crore.Annual maintenance cost is 53 lakhs.

Resent Stage Of Proposal:

Government has accorded Administrative Sanction for Rs 18.52 Crore for the above scheme vide GO (D0 NO; 85 MA&WS (MA2) DEPT DATED 21.02.11. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Coimbatore on 02.01.2012 to M/s. Megha Engg. & Infrastructure Ltd., Hyderabad. The work has been completed and the scheme was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 29-05-2015 and put into beneficial use to the public. Now the Scheme is handed over to the Urbal local body.

Salient Details: