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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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WSIS to Palani Municipality in Dindigul District.

Designed Quantity : 8.461 mld
Project Cost : 21.60 crore


Palani Municipality is a selection grade Municipality and functions as Taluk Head Quarters in Dindigul District. The total area of the town is 6.63 sq Km.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

At present Palani Municipality is getting water supply from two schemes as detailed below:

I. Kodaikanal Scheme – Old

The water from the Silver falls is obstructed with check dam. The water is conveyed from the check dam through 450mm diameter RCC pipe to Summer Storage Tank. From the summer storage tank water will be gravitated to Slow Sand Filter for treatment. The treated water will be gravitated to Adivaram tank and 3 Nos. of Service Reservoirs. From the service Reservoirs water will be distributed through a network of distribution system.

II. Palani water supply Improvement Scheme

The raw water will be collected at Palar – Perunthaliyar Reservoir and pumped through vertical turbine pumpsets to Water Treatment Plant (11MLD capacity). Treated water will be pumped through clear water pumping main to 2 Nos. of 12.50 LL Service Reservoirs. From the service Reservoirs water will be distributed through a network of distribution system.

Need For The Proposal:

In Kodai scheme, during rainy season the existing gravity main gets chocked with silt, the raw water overflows in filter beds and there is no disinfection arrangement and hence it is necessitated to replace the existing gravity main, introduce a Constant Head Chamber and chlorination arrangements.

In Palar Scheme, due to frequent bursts and leaks in AC transmission it is necessary to replace the existing transmission main. Further, it is necessitated to provide an additional Service Reservoir and distribution system for equitable distribution and Minor repair works at existing Treatment Plant.

Population And Requirement:

The base year (2012) population is 79519, intermediate year (2027) population is 90069, and ultimate year (2042) is 100620. Adopting 135 lpcd for Palani town and 20 lpcd for floating population and including 15% transmission loss and 3% treatment loss the raw water requirement is 16.816 mld and 18.461 mld for intermediate and ultimate stages respectively.

Description of The Proposal:

It is proposed to tap the ultimate requirement by providing off-take well arrangements in River Cauvery at Poolampatti village downstream of Chekkanur Barrage. Collected Raw Water will be pumped (23 hours) to the proposed Treatment plant of 8 mld capacity located at Poolampatty village.Treated Water will be pumped through pumping main to the booster station and it will about 11 KM from booster station. Water will be pumped to the existing and Proposed service reservoirs for equal distribution.

Present Proposal:

1) Replacement of existing pumping main from Palar head works to Taluk office tank

2) Disinfection system at Existing at Kodai Head Works

3) Minor repair works at existing WTP at Palar head works

4) Proposed constant head chamber at Kodai head works.

5) Replacement of existing gravity main from check dam to Summer Storage Tank

6) The entire distribution system for a total length of 75.07 km.

7) Construction of New SR at Gandhipuram (10LL)

8) Pumping main to connect Gandhipuram SR


The cost of the project is Rs.21.60 crore to install and Rs.87.89 lakhs to maintain annually.


The above scheme is proposed to be implemented under JICA assisted TNUIP

Present Stage:

Administrative Sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No. 85 / MA&WS (MA2) Dept. / Dated 21.02.2011 for Rs. 21.60 crore. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, To M/s. IVRCL Ltd., Chennai.Due to slow progaram of work, the contract was terminated on 30.9.204.For balance work order issued on 21.7.15 to M/S VVV Constrctions,Chennai. Expected date of completion - 12/2016. So for 75% of work has been completed.

Salient Details: