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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing Improvements to Water Supply System in Kadayanallur Municipality of Tirunelveli District.

Designed Quantity : 5.49 MLD
Project Cost : Rs.21.41 Crore


Kadayanallur is a Grade-II Municipality in Tenkasi Taluk of Tirunelveli District. This Town is located at a distance of 16 KM from Tenkasi on the Thirumangalam – Kollam National Highway No. 238. Kadayanallur Municipality comprises of 33 Wards.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

The water supply system for Kadayanallur Municipality is from two sources namely Karuppanadhi River and Tamiraparani River. The Municipality presently supplies 7.26 mld of water through the distribution network. Karuppanathi River source is a sub surface source with Infiltration gallery at the riverbed. This source is presently supplying 3.71 mld of water to Kadayanallur Municipality.The second source, Puliyangudi- Kadayanallur Combined Water Supply Scheme (CWSS) supplies 3.55mld of water to the Municipality.

Need for this Proposal:

Though the supply from the two sources can ensure a per capita supply of more than 80 lpcd, it is observed that water is not supplied daily to the entire Municipality presently but once in two days to different parts of the municipality

Hence, in order to enhance the level of service as per the norms and also to provide equitable water supply, it is necessitated to formulate the above WSIS.

Population and Requirement:

Due to source constrain and also there is no under ground sewerage system at present, the scheme is proposed for Intermediate stage requirement at the rate of 90lpcd. The details of population and requirements are as below:

S. No Description Present 2010 Intermediate  2025 Ultimate 2040
1 Population. 90100 113300 142400
2 Demand @ 90 lpcd with 10% loss in MLD 8.92 11.22 14.10
3. Present supply in MLD 7.26 8.61 8.61
4. Net Reqt. in MLD 1.66 2.61 5.49

The present availability is 7.26 mld, with 3.71mld from Karuppanadhi source and 3.55 mld from the combined water supply scheme maintained by the TWAD Board. Considering Ultimate stage quantity of 4.90 mld from TWAD CWSS during 2016,quantity of water drawn will be 8.61mld and it becomes necessary to meet a gap of about 2.61 mld by augmentation to meet the intermediate stage demand.

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to construct a weir about 100m downstream side of existing head works and rejuvenating gallery system in order to increase the drawl from existing Infiltration gallery and infiltration wells. It is also proposed to construct two nos. of open wells of 6m dia with 22m depth at Periyanayagamkoil and three nos. of openwells of 6m dia with 22m depth near Kalar stream. It is proposed to construct two nos of 2.05 LL sump @ Periyanayagamkoil well and near Kallar Head works. It is also proposed to utilize one number of existing Infiltration well and two numbers of open wells. Water from the existing and proposed Infiltration wells and open wells will be conveyed to the proposed 4.55LL sump at existing Karupanadhi Head works. Water from this sump will be pumped to the two Service Reservoir of 5.4LL (P) @ Mavadikal and 2.7LL (P)@ Iqbal Nagar through the proposed pumping main. Water from the Ex. Gallery is proposed to be conveyed through the existing & proposed pumping main to the 4 Nos. of Service Reservoirs of 6.75LL(E) & 4.0LL(E) at existing town booster and 4.50LL(E) @ Krishnapuram and 3.60LL (P) @ Malampettai by replacing the existing turbine pumpsets. Water drawn from the Kadayanallur –Puliyankudi CWSS with Tambiraparani source collected in the existing 3.00LL cap sump at weekly market is proposed to be pumped to 3 Service reservoirs of 7LL(E) at Weekly Market, 7LL (E) at Fire station and1.60LL (P) at Indra Nagar through one proposed pumping main and to 4 Service reservoirs of 2.70 LL (P) @ Krishnapuram Park, 2.40LL(P) @ Mutjukrishnapuram, 0.80LL(P) @ Kumthapurm and 0.90LL(E) Kumthapurm through another proposed pumping main. Water stored in the proposed & existing Service reservoirs will be distributed through the proposed Distribution system network of 88.035 Km. by replacing the existing Distribution System.



Administrative Sanction accorded in GO. Ms.No.130 /MA& WS/MA2 dt. 14.07.2010 for Rs. 21.41 Crore.


The Scheme will be implemented as per the following funding pattern.

    Rs. in crore
i) KfW Grant fund 6.42
ii) Entertainment and Compensation fund 3.00
iii) ULB & Public Contribution 3.34
iv) SMIF- TN Loan 8.65
  Total 21.41

Present Stage:

The scheme has been completed and the scheme under contractor Maintenance from 10.12.2015.

Salient Details: