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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme to Coonoor Municipality.

Designed Quantity : 1.840 MLD
Estimate Cost : Rs 13.85 Crores


Coonoor is a Selection Grade Municipality in Nilgiris District, located at 11.35 degree north latitude and 76.82 degree east longtitude, spreading over a hill area of 15.05 Sq.Km. and contour levels varies from 1502 to1837 m.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

At present water is supplied from Ralliah Dam, Bandumai Dam, Highfield Stream, Gymkhana Stream, Gurrency Stream and by 8 other local streams. The present water supply level is 61 lpcd.

Need For The Proposal:

The Coonoor Municipality the existing water supply is insufficient .Hence additional water supply scheme is found necessary to met out full requirement of the beneficiary.

Population And Requirement:

The population of the Municipality as per 2001 census is 50079 and the projected population adopted for 2012 is 54072. The intermediate 2027 population is 59472 and ultimate population in 2042 will be 62227. The number of household is 4970. Further the additional requirement of 1.84 MLD. to meet out the full requirement of the Coonoor Municipality. The per capita Demand has been adopted as 90 lpcd.

Description of the Proposal:

Commisioner of Municipal Administration has appointed M/S Wilber Smith Associates Pvt Ltd, for preparing a Detailed Estimate of Water supply Improvement scheme to Coonoor Municipality. The consultant submitted a proposal for Water supply Improvement scheme to Coonoor Municipality at an Estimate Cost of Rs. 1380 Lakhs.

It is proposed to tap additional quantity of 1.84 Mld from Raiiah Dam in addition to the existing drawl of 1.75 Mld at present totaling to 3.59 Mld. The addtional quantity will be conveyed through parallel Transmission Gravity Main of 250mm dia D I K9 pipe for a length of 10 km to the newly Proposed 5.80mld capacity Water treatment plant at Grays Hill.

The water from Old forest stream, Bellatimattam, Gurrency source & Brooke land source are also conveyed to the proposed New WTP. The treated water will be distributed to the 8 Zones of the Municipality. It is proposed to construct 5 Nos of New GLSR @ Zones 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

The Eixsting Distribution System length is 44.84 km of which 14.87 km will be replaced with new pipes. The balance 29.97km length of pipeline retained. It is proposed to lay new distribution system for 22.49 km. Hence the total distribution system length will be 67.33 km.


The total cost of the scheme has been Administratively Sanctioned for Rs.1385 Lakhs. Fund allocation for the scheme is as follows:

1) Loan from J I C A Rs 831.00 lakhs

2) Grant from JICA Rs 416.00 lakhs

3) ULB Contribution Rs 138.00 lakhs.

Present Stage:

Government have accorded Administrative Sanction vide G.O(D) No. 85 , MA& WS (MA2) Dept dt.21.2.2011 for Rs.13.85 Crore. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Coimbatore on 03.01.2012 to M/s. Megha Engg. & Infrastructures Ltd., Hyderabad. The work has been completed and the scheme was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 08-06-2015 and put into beneficial use to public.Now the Scheme is handed over to Urban local body.

Salient Details: