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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Wsis to Devakottai Municipality In Sivagangai District.

Designed Quantity : 2.28 mld
Project Cost : Rs.8.32 crore


Devakottai Municipality is a Grade-I Municipality and is located on the Trichy-Rameswaram National Highways. The total area of the town is 12.42 sq Km.

Present Water Supply Scenario:

Devakottai Municipality is served by a protected water supply system. The source of water for the Municipality is the Ground water from 24 bore wells located within the town. Each of these bore wells is provided with submersible pumps. Water from 12 of these wells is fed in to 6 over head tanks and others are directly connected to the distribution system to supply to a limited area in that location. The quantity supplied to the town is 3.26 mld. The per capita water supply is reported to be 74 lpcd.

The total length of feeder mains from bore wells to the service reservoirs existing in the Municipality is about 3.0 km. Water is distributed to the town through an internal water distribution system of 96.374 km to 6804 individual house service connections and 169 public fountains.

Need For The Proposal:

In order to improve the prorata supply level to 90 lpcd, proper zoning of water supply system and to avoid direct distribution from pumping for equitable distribution it is necessitated to provide an improvement scheme to this Municipality.

Population And Requirement:

The base year (2012) population is 44700, intermediate year (2027) population is 50300, and ultimate year (2042) is 56000. Adopting 90 lpcd and including 15% transmission loss water requirement is 5.21mld and 5.80 mld for intermediate and ultimate stages respectively.

Present Proposal:

1) Construction of 2.00 LL Sump and Pump Room

2) Pumping and feeder main for a total length of 11.80 Km

3) Construction of 2 Nos of New SR one near Pudur Agraharam (3.00 LL)and another near Old Ayurveda hospital (4.00 LL)

4) Distribution System for a total length of 35.605 Km


The cost of the project is Rs.8.32 crore to install and Rs.42.00 lakhs to maintain annually.


The above scheme is proposed to be implemented under JICA assisted TNUIP

Present Stage:

Administrative Sanction accorded in G.O. Ms. No. 85 / MA&WS (MA2) Dept. / Dated 21.02.2011 for Rs. 8.32 crore. Work Order issued by Chief Engineer, Madurai on 29.12.2011 to M/s.Shriram EPC Ltd., Chennai. The scheme has been completed and inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 12-02-2014 and put into beneficial use to public.Now the Scheme is handed over to Urbal local body.

Salient Details: