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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Water Supply Improvement Scheme Theni-allinagaram Municipality.

Quantity : 13.94 MLD
Project Cost : Rs 68.83 Crores
Revised Cost :  


Theni – Allinagram is selection grade Municipality in Theni District having a total area of 22.23 Sq.KM from District Head Quarters Theni, in Madurai – Cochin main road.

Existing Water Supply Scheme:

At present two numbers of Intake well at Mullai Periyar River near Palanichettipatty fitted with power pump during 1967 & 1984 are functioning and 75 nos. of deep bore wells fitted with hand pumps are also woking at various places in and arround the Municipal area.

Two schemes have been executed for this Municipality with Three nos. of Infiltration wells have been rejuvenated during 2001 at River Vaigai near Kunnur supplied entire period and one of open well near Jungle Stream of Veerappa Ayyanar Koil has been executed during 2005 and supplied during June to February only. Total average supply of 8.56 Mld of water during June to February and 2.18 Mld during March to May with the Ultimate population of 94423.

Necessary For The Proposal:

The existing WSS with off take wells in river Mullai Periyar near Palanichettypatty and Infiltration wells at Arapadithevenpatty (catchments of Vaigai dam) are now catering the water supply needs of the public. Due to monsoon failure and sand mining in the river beds, the sand depth in the river has reduced drastically thereby leaving very little chance for exploiting sub-surface water from the riverbed aquifer. The present supply from the existing schemes is found inadequate. Moreover an under ground sewerage scheme is under execution as a pro rata supply of 135 LPCD has been adopted for the calculation of drinking water demand for which this WSIS is essentially required

Population And Requirement:

  • Population
  • Present Year (1971) 34854
  • Base Year (2014) 99,414
  • Intermediate year(2029) 1,28,615
  • Ultimate year(2044) 1,66,395
  • Floating population 32,000

Domestic Demand:

135 lpcd for 70 % population

40 lpcd for 30 % popoulation

Adopting the above pro rata supply and 23 hours of pumping, the daily requirement for the present, intermediate and ultimate stages works out to 11.55 mld, 16.10 mld and 21.99 mld respectively for the intermediate and ultimate stages after deducting the present supply of water.

Description of the Proposal:

It is proposed to construct 5.0 M dia Intake well in the upstream side of Andipatty Sedapatty CWSS Intake well (ie down stream side of River vaigai). The water from the Intake well will be filled by connecting main of 750 mm dia CI D/F pipe 50 M length and pumped from the collection well cum pump house of 10.0 m dia by means of Raw water Turbine pumpset 3900 lpm x 27 m head for a length of 4020 m to Treatment plant of capacity 16.10 mld. and filled in the 6.70 LL capacity Clear water sump to be constructed. The treated water from the clear water sump will be pumped by HSC Centrifugal pumpset of 3750 lpm x 89m head and conveyed through 600 mm dia DI K9 for 3900 m and K7 for a length of 10320m and Branch mains of 150 mm to 200 mm dia DI K7 pipes for a length of 1800 m and filled in the clear water sump at NRT Nagar to be constructed. From this clear water sump the water conveyed by Sub/HSC pump sets of duty 6279 lpm x19, 2609 lpmx14, 2056 lpm x 12 & 510 lpm x 17 m head through 200 mm to 400 mm DI K7 pipes for a length of 4140 M. Water to be filled in the Existing SRs 9 nos. of various capacities and proposed SR 4 nos., Karuvelnaickenpatty SR(1.00LL), KRR Nagar SR (2.00 LL), Kakkanji colony SR(3.00 LL) & Balan nagar SR (7.00 LL). From the Service Reservoirs the water will be distributed through net work system of 147.97 Km.


The cost of project works out to 68.83 crore to install and Rs. 1.68 crore to maintain annualy.

Present Stage:

Administrative approval accorded vide GO Ms no. 12/ MA&WS(WS)dated 28.01.2013 at an estimated project cost of Rs.68.83 crore. Technical sanction was accorded by CE/SR/TWAD/MDU/123/2012-13/dated 28.02.2013. The target date of completion is Septemper 12/2016. 85% of work completed

Salient Details: