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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Aruppukottai, Sattur and Virudhunagar are the municipalities belonging to Virudhunagar district. The main occupation of the people is Agriculture, making crackers and match box, weaving and power loom.

This scheme has been Announced by Hon’ble Minister of Municipal Administration and Rural Development in floor of Assembly as Announcement No.36 for the financial year 2017-18

The Scheme has been administratively sanctioned for Rs.444.71 crore vide G.O.(Ms) No.147/ MAWS (WS2)/dated.13.11.2019 under the funding IUDM (Rs.88.942 Cr) and HUDCO (Rs.355.768 Cr).

The Scheme has been designed to serve a total base year population of 2.10 Lakh (2020) with 19.51 MLD, Intermediate population of 2.33 Lakh(2035) with 22.90 MLD and ultimate population of 2.60 Lakh (2050) with 26.94 MLD.

In respect of these three Municipalities, Aruppukottai and Virudhunagar Municipalities are covered under CWSS to 239 Coastal habitations and Sattur Municipality is covered under Kayathar CWSS. The present supply is insufficient. In order to provide 135 Lpcd, it is necessitated to formulate a CWSS to the above 3 Municipalities with river Tamiraparani as source.

It is proposed to draw the net requirement of 28.28 MLD (Including 10% transmission loss and 5% treatment loss) of surface water in River Tamiraparani at confluence point of River Tamiraparani and River Chittar by providing 1 No.of 8.00m dia intake well in the upstream side of Check dam near Seevalaperi.

After full scale treatment of the water in the proposed water treatment plant at Seevalaperi will be pumped to the proposed intermediate booster stations at Silankulam, Vannimadai and Sennalkudi and then collected in the proposed sump in the above 3 Municipalities. From the Municipal sump water will be supplied to the public through existing and proposed Service Reservoirs through proposed D’system.

At present the scheme was Administratively sanctioned for Rs. 444.71 crores vide G.O. (Ms) No.147/ dt. 13.11.2019. the works have been splitted into 3 Packages and work order have been issued on 28.09.2020. So far 6% of work has been completed and expenditure incurred is Rs. 16.95 Cr (4%). The scheme is targeted for completion by 03 / 2022.

On completion of the scheme the population benefitted will be 2.60 lakh with the daily supply of 26.94 MLD.

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