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Tuesday , 19th October 2021
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Providing Combined Water Supply scheme to Perundurai and 7 Other Town Panchayats including 547 Way side rural habitations in Erode and Thirupur Districts.

An announcement was made under the Rule 110 in the Assembly for the year 2015-16 to Implement the Combined Water Supply Scheme to benefit 237 habitations in Perundurai Union, 27 Habitations in Chennimalai union and Perundurai and KC Palayam Town Panchayats in Erode District and 283 habitations in Uthukuli Union and Kunnathur and Uthukuli Town Panchayats in Tirupur District with river Bhavani as source .

Administrative sanction was accorded to provide combined water supply scheme to Perundurai and 7 Other Town Panchayats including 547 Way side rural habitations in Erode and Thirupur Districts with river Bhavani as source at an estimate cost of Rs.224.00 crore in G.O. Ms. No : 54 Dt.29.05.2018 with funding pattern of NABARD and MNP fund.

On completion of scheme, 16.40 MLD and 25.39 MLD water will be supplied for intermediate year (2035) and ultimate year (2050) to benefit a population of 4.49 lakhs and 5.47 lakhs respectively .


It is proposed to construct Collection Well of size 20 m x 7.00 m cum pump house at the Bhavani river in the upstream side of Kodivery Regulator. Water will be pumped from the proposed Collection Well cum Pump house through 711 mm MS pipe for a length of 29.200 Km to the proposed Water Treatment Plant of 17.23 MLD Capacity near Thingalur by means of 2 Nos. of Turbine pumpsets, of duty 6243 lpm against a head of 94m. After treatment in the treatment plant, clear water will be collected in the 11.05 LL capacity Clear water sump.

From the Clear water sump water will be pumped to the 4 Town Panchayats and 547 rural Habitations through 549.53 Km length of Pumping Main and Branch Main and 45.350 Km length of distribution system and distributed through the Existing and proposed service reservoirs.

Under this scheme it is proposed to construct 32 Nos of sumps and 80 Nos of service reservoirs. A prorate supply of 55 LPCD for Rural and 135 LPCD for Town panchayats .


Work Order was issued on 07.11.2018 and work commenced on 05.12.2018. 90 % of work has been completed till now and balance works are in progress. The expenditure incurred for the scheme as on date is Rs.137.62 (61%) Crore.

The scheme will be completed by 05/2021 and will be put into beneficial use after completion of 6 months period trial run.

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