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Sunday , 20th September 2020

Material Testing Laboratories

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Establishment of Material Testing Laboratories in TWAD BOARD

TWAD MATERIAL TESTING LAB comprising one for each Region at Coimbatore (Established on 1999), Madurai (Established on 2001), Trichy (Established on 2014), and Tindivanam (Established on 2014) under the control of an Assistant Executive Engineer, for conformity of quality assessment of materials received at site as per IS Standards. TWAD Board hitherto established 4 Regional laboratories of which the Laboratories at Coimbatore and Madurai are already crowned with NABL certification.

Activities of Material testing Lab in TWAD BOARD

The laboratories are fully equipped with necessary machineries, equipments and instruments for conducting the parametric tests as per the procedures postulated in the relevant Bureau of Indian Standards. The test facilities adorning the Laboratories include the following for quality and conformity to Indian Standards:

  • Testing of Construction materials like Ordinary Portland cement,
  • Sulphate Resistant Portland cement,
  • steel rods,
  • sand,
  • coarse aggregates,
  • Crushed stone sand,
  • Bricks ,
  • concrete cubes,
  • Filter media,
  • Hollow blocks, Paver blocks,
  • PVC Pipes,UPVC Pipes, HDPE pipes, GI pipes, DI pipes , Stoneware pipes, DWC Pipes
  • Mix design of concrete for the M30 grade and
  • Electric Cables. (At Madurai Lab only)

The materials received from local bodies and private agencies are also tested for quality in these laboratories. By testing the materials in the TWAD Board Lab, the qualitative assessment of each project has been improved and Measuring instruments /devices in the LAB are routinely calibrated from time to time, from NABL accredited agencies.

Material testing facilities in TWAD Board:

1 Lab at Coimbatore Assistant Executive Engineer TWAD Board,
Quality Control Laboratory,
No: 4, Vinobaji Nagar, Vilankuruchi Road,
Peelamedu (PO),
Coimbatore – 641004.
Phone No : 0422- 2511198
Emaiil :
2 Lab at Madurai Assistant Executive Engineer TWAD Board, Quality Testing Laboratory,
Collector Well Compound,
Melakkal Main Road,
Madurai – 625016.
Phone No :0452 - 2386070
3 Lab at Tindivanam Assistant Executive Engineer TWAD Board,
Material Testing Laboratory,
No.3, GST Road ,
Veeranam compound,
Tindivanam – 604 001.
Phone No : 04147 - 223600
4 Lab at Trichy Assistant Executive Engineer TWAD Board,
Material Testing Laboratory,
Training Centre Campus,
35, J.K.Nagar ,
Trichy – 620023.
Phone No : 0431- 2423665

Twad Board Lab Testing Charges for Various Materials:

Sl.No. Material Revised Testing Charges  in Rs
1 Steel 1400.00
2 Cement 3600.00
3 Sand 1000.00
4 Coarse Aggregate – 10 mm to 20 mm 1600.00
5 Coarse Aggregate – 40 mm 1000.00
6 Concrete cube 1000.00
7 Hollow Blocks (each) 400.00
8 Bricks 2500.00
9 Filter media Sand 2500.00
10 Filter media Pebbles 2500.00
11 PVC Pipes 3300.00
12 UPVC PIPES 3300.00
13 GI Pipes 3200.00
14 Stoneware Pipe 3000.00
15 HDPE Pipes 14000.00
16 D.I. Pipes (100 to 300 mm) 7500.00
17 D.I. Pipes (350 to 600 mm) 10000.00
18 Paver Block 1900.00
  19 M30 Con. Mix Des 17000.00
20 Electrical Cables: *  
    a) PVC Insulated Cables Rs 8500 per sample for 1.5/2.5/4.0/ 6.0/ 10/16.00 
b) PVC Insulated      ( HD ) Cables up to 1100 V
  1. Rs  8500 for 4.00 to 35.00 
  2. Rs 10500 for 50 to 150.00 
  3. Rs 12000 for  185
  4. Rs 14000 for 240    and
  5. Rs 18500 for 300 & 400  
c) PVC Insulated   ( HD ) Cables 3.3 KV up to  & Including 11 KV a) Rs 12000 for 3 C  95, 3 C 70 b) Rs 14000 for 3 C 120/150/185/ 240,
d) XLPE Cable for voltages up to and including 1.1 KV Rs. 12000/- upto 3 core for cables up to 95 and            Rs 2300/- for additional Core for cables above 95 &up to 240
  *Rate approved and communicated vide MD/TWAD/Lr No:F7161/Testing Charges /Cable /AEE /SQMS/2016Dt  20.7.2016


CEMENT          IS 12269:1991  Fineness, Initial and final setting time, Compressive strength at  3 days strength and 7 days strength. 
Cement Concrete cube IS 456  Compressive strength at 7 days strength and 28 days strength. 
Steel rods IS 1786  Dimension, Diameter, Unit wt, Cross sectional area, Proof stress , Ultimate stress and percentage elongation. 
GI Pipe IS 1239:  Outer dia, wall thickness, unit wt, Flattening test, Bend test, Mass of zinc coating. 
PVC Pipe IS 4985:2000  Outer dia, wall thickness, socket length, Hydraulic pressure test, Impact test, Reversion test and Density test. 
UPVC  IS 15328:2003  Outer dia, wall thickness, socket length, Hydraulic pressure test, Impact test, Reversion test . 
Stoneware pipe IS  651:1992  Internal dia, Mean thickness of barrel and socket, Internal depth of socket, Length of grooving of spigot, Hydraulic pressure test, Absorption test, Acid resistance test, Alkali resistance test, Crushing strength test. 
DI PIPE  IS 8329:2000  External dia, Thickness of barrel, Ovality, Hudraulic  pressure test, Thickness of cement coating , Thickness of Bituminous coating. 
HDPE PIPE  IS  4984:1995  Colour, blue strip, Internal pressure creep rupture test- Hydraulic test, Reversion test, Base density, Melt flow rate, Carbon black content 
Fine Aggregates- sand IS383  Sieve analysis, Specific gravity test. 
Coarse aggregates- stone IS383  Sieve analysis, Specific gravity test. 
Bricks  IS 1077:1992  Compressive strength, Water absorption test , Efflorescence test. 
Concrete Mix Design  Proportionate of Cement, Fine aggregate and Coarse aggregate for M30 Concrete. 
Cables  Visual Inspection  Conductor Resistance Test  Insulation Resistance Test  High Voltage Test  Shrinkage Test  Thickness of Insulation and Sheath  Tensile Strength ,Heat Shock 

Sampling Procedures for Testing for Materials

Sampling Procedures For Testing Of Materials  For Quality Standards 
Sl.No  Material  Required Sample 
Cement  1 Full bag – with manufacturer’s name, nature of cement/grade,ISI mark,CML No.,Batch No etc., 
Steel  3Nos.of 1m length for each size – with brand name,ISI mark,size and grade clearly visible for every 1 m 
Sand(Fine aggregate)  Approximately ½ cement bag 
Coarse aggregate  40mm – about 15 kg. 20mm – about 15 kg. 
Bricks  15 Nos – with Brand name 
PVC Pipes  3 Nos of 1.50m length for each size and class  (2 Nos. on socket side and 1No on spigot side) and 5 Nos of rings each 5cm length cut from different pipes - with make,ISI No,CML No and Batch No.
7 Filter media pebbles  Upto 20mm size – 15 kg For 40mm – 20 kg Above 40mm – 50 kg 
8 UPVC Pipes for UGSS  3 Nos of 1.50m length for each size and class (without socket)and 3 Nos of 0.60m length with socket – with make,ISI No,CML No. and Batch No.. 
9 Stoneware pipes  3 full pipes for each size – with make, batch No. and third party logo –. 
10 GI Pipes  1 No. of 1.20m length for each size – with make,ISI No. and CML No. 
11 DI Pipes  1 Full pipe and 1No. of 30cm cut barrel on spigot side with make,CML No.,batch No. and third party test logo 
14  Concrete cubes  2 sets of 6 cubes of size 15cmx15cmx15cm – with details such as date of casting, grade of concrete engraved on the cubes – 3 Nos. For 7 days strength and 3 Nos. for 28 days strength 
15  M30 Concrete Mix design  1 full bag of Cement with manufacturer’s brand,ISI No,CML No. and Batch No. Sand - 4 bags Coarse aggregate 12.5mm and 20mm – 4 bags 
16  CABLES : The lab at  Madurai is equipped to do the following tests on cables and length of cable required for carrying out the following tests is 20 m .