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Monday , 29th November 2021

Ramanathapuram Mega Drinking Water Supply Project

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Success Story

Ramanathapuram District, situated in the South-East corner of Tamil Nadu State, is highly drought prone and most backward in development. It is surrounded by Pudukkottai District on North, Sivaganga and Virudhunagar Districts on the Northwest and West, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi Districts and Gulf of Mannar on the South and the Palk Strait on the East. The district in its present form came into existence from 15th March 1985 by trifurcating the composite Ramanathapuram District. The district has an area of 423344 hec. The unique feature of the district is the longest coastal line measuring about 265 kilometers accounting for nearly 1/4th of the total length of the coastal line of the State.

Ramanathapuram District comprises of 7 taluks, 11 blocks and 444 village panchayats. As regards the hierarchy of administrative arrangements, there are 4 Municipalities, 7 Town Panchayats and 2332 rural habitations in 11 panchayat unions in this district. Average rainfall of the District is 827mm. But the quantum of rainfall is not only uneven, but also erratic. The soil of Ramanathapuram can be assorted into clay, coastal alluvium, alluvium, sandy clay and black cotton soil. District of Ramanathapuram is an index of National integration & major attraction for pilgrims & tourists from all parts of the globe as well.


The Holy abode of the Hindu God, Shri Ram (addressed so with all respect & humility) is a virtual paradise for the devout. No Hindu’s journey is complete without a pilgrimage to both Varanasi and Rameswaram for the culmination of his quest for salvation and is hallowed by the epic ‘Ramayana’. Folklore mentions about God Ram’s presence in this land, after his 14-year exile.

Sea World Aquarium

Just opposite the Rameswaram Bus stand one can catch a quick glimpse of an assortment of under water creatures in their near natural habitat in the ‘Sea World Aquarium’ – the only one of its kind in the state and probably in the country too filled with such varied marine life forms including exotic species like octopus, sea lizard, cow fish, lobsters, star fish etc.


The deity in the temple is carved in Emerald. Annual Arudhra' festival in December attracts a large number of devotees.


The tomb of Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia, who came from Arabia via Cannanore, is about 800 years old. Pilgrims from far off countries like Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore are visiting this tomb. Santhanakoodu Festival is celebrated in February-March attracts thousands of pilgrims.


Its one of the most revered pilgrim centers for Christians the world over.

Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge

The 2.2 km. Length Bridge connecting the Rameswaram Island and the mainland is the longest bridge in India constructed over a bay. It is also called as Pamban Bridge. Similarly the railway bridge connecting the island is noted for its unique opening to pass the ships through the sea.

His Excellency the former President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam belongs to Ramanathapuram District.

Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board

The Government of Tamil Nadu constituted the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) on 14.4.1971 by an Act called "Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board Act”. The Board was formed with a view to be set up as an autonomous body on a statutory footing so as to conduce speedier planning, investigation and execution of schemes and also enable it to raise substantial resources from financing institutions and in the open market to provide drinking water and drainage facilities to urban and rural areas in the State of Tamilnadu except Chennai Metropolitan areas. A nodal agency for implementation for mega water supply projects with bilateral assistance – World Bank, UNICEF & DANIDA, etc.,

Need for Project

Ramanathapuram District in Tamilnadu is severely affected by scarcity of potable water due to salinity, brackishness and also poor sources. As far as drinking water supply scenario is concerned it is a well-known fact that Ramanathapuram district is suffering from water shortage for many years and the district is not able to supply even the minimum 40 lpcd of potable water to the people for the last 100 years. The rainfall in this district is 827 mm which is much below the State average of 925mm.

Because of non-availability of potable water, the District is lagging behind in Economic and Industrial development compared to other Districts of Tamilnadu. Various water supply schemes like Individual Power Pump, (1161, IPPs); Mini power Pump, (485) stand- alone schemes (11), Combined Water Supply scheme (36) & Desalination Plants (20) have been implemented but sources could not sustain schemes due to Quality & Quantity problems in Ramnathapuram. Even improvement of Oornies could not provide potable & quality water to 15.75 lakhs of present population.

Foundation Stone Laid

Considering all the above factors, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu laid the foundation stone on 30.01.2007 for a mega Combined Water Supply Scheme with river Cauvery as source in Trichy District at an estimated cost of Rs. 616.00 crore to solve the drinking water problem in Ramanathapuram district.

Project Profile

This scheme has been formulated to cover 5 Municipalities, 11 Town Panchayats and 3163 rural habitations in 18 Panchayat unions of Ramnathapuram, Sivaganga and Pudukottai Districts benefiting present population of 15,75,682. National Tender by following Tamilnadu Tender Transparency Act, 1998 was adopted to finalize 7 Packages for execution of Project.

Population Benefited

This scheme was funded with assistance from Government of India Urban Infrastructure Development Schemes for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) of Rs.282 crores and Rs.273 crores from National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development (NABARD) to implement this mega project for Urban and Rural local bodies. The tender process was finalized by September 2007.

District wise Coverage of Beneficiaries

Project at a Glance

Beneficiaries Population
2006 2021 2036
Ramnathapuram District – 4 Municipalities, 7 town panchayats and 2332 rural habitations in 11 panchayat unions 12,18,434 13,74,605 15,26,857
Sivagangai District – 1 Municipality, 3 town panchayats and 799 rural habitations in 4 panchayat unions 3,18,669 3,60,975 4,00,827
Pudukkottai District – 1 town panchayat, 32 rural habitations in 3 panchayat unions 38,579 43,376 48,047
Total 15,75,682 17,78,906 19,75,731
Percapita supply Municipality - 90 litres
Town Panchayat - 70 litres
Rural habitations - 40 litres
Required supply (excluding the present supply) 614lakh litres 891 lakh litres 1000 lakh litres
Head works Trichy District – Near Mutharasanallur
and Kadiakurichi
Collector Well 6.00m dia – 4 nos.


120 HP – 2 nos.
130 HP – 6 nos.
4 nos.
450 HP – 6 nos.
4 nos.
450 HP – 6 nos.
Pumping Main, Gravity Main and Branch Gravity and Pumping Main 5220 km
Ground Level Sump 111 nos.
Over Head Tanks
601 nos.
518 nos.
Project Cost Rs.616.00 crore
Annual maintenance cost Rs.16.37 crore

Detailed Description of the Project

The work was split up into 8 packages for easy and speedy execution. The details package wise is given below.

Head works          Agreement Value:Rs.23,04,01,825
S.No Description Quantity
Head works Agreement Value:Rs.23,04,01,825  
a Collector wells: (3 nos. at Mutharasanallur and 1 no. at Kadayakurichi) 4 nos. (6m dia)
b Foot bridge 4 nos
c Collection sump 20.00 LL capacity 2 nos
d Sump cum pump house 5.00 LL capacity 2 nos
Package – I Agreement Value: Rs. 77,97,50,926
S.No Description Quantity
a Pumping main 1220 mm OD MS pipes 34,500m
b Feeder main & Branch feeder main PVC140-63 mm 26,150 m
c Sump at Poruvai 20.00 LL capacitry 2 nos
d Pump room 3 nos
e Pump set 18 nos
f Service Reservoirs 7 nos
g Distribution system 1,200m
Package – II Agreement Value : Rs.1,04,80,03,734
S.No Description Quantity
a Pumping main 1220 mm OD MS pipes 45,655m
b Feeder main , Branch feeder main & D’system HDPE 160-50mm & PVC 200 – 50 mm 48,051m
c Sump at Alavayal 25.00 LL capacitry 3 nos
d Sump cum Pump house 5.00 LL capacity 2 nos
e Pump room 1 nos
f Pump set (Turbine 6 nos., Centrifugal – 2 nos) 8 nos
Package – III Agreement Vallue : Rs.72,30,59,843
S.No Description Quantity
a Gravity main 1100 mm PSC & BWSC pipes 69,570 m
b Feeder main , Branch feeder main & Br. Gravity main HDPE 200-140mm, PVC 140 – 50 mm,
CI 200 – 125mm & GI pipes 150 – 40mm
2,92,313 m
c Sump 13 nos
d Stand Post 10.00 LL MSR @ Kalayarkoil 1 nos
e Pump room 10 nos
f Pumpsets 42 nos
g Service Reservoirs 22 nos
h Distribution system 7,100m
Package – IV Agreement Vallue : Rs.47,78,00,000
S.No Description Quantity
a Gravity main PSC 600 mm- 350mm , CI pipes 300 – 200mm 61,260 m
b Branch Gravity main PSC 500 mm- 400mm & CI pipes 250 – 100mm 72,680m
c Feeder main & Branch feeder main PVC 160 – 50 mm, & GI pipes 125 – 40mm 9,76,371 m
d Sump 18 nos
e Pump room 16 nos
f Pumpsets 92 nos
g Service Reservoirs 182 nos
h Distribution system 34,000m
Package – V Agreement Vallue : Rs.41,63,69,406
S.No Description Quantity
a Gravity main & Br. Gravity main PSC pipes 1200- 1000 mm 31,737 m
b Pumping main to Sivagangai PSC pipes 350mm 19,670m
c Feeder main, Branch feeder main & Branch Gravity main HDPE 315 – 200mm, PVC 140 – 50 mm,
CI 125mm & GI pipes 125 – 40mm
7,59,910 m
d Sump 19 nos
e Pump room 22 nos
f Pumpsets 96 nos
g Service Reservoirs 21 nos
h Distribution system 6,700m
Package – VI Agreement Vallue : Rs.80,40,00,000
S.No Description Quantity
a Gravity main PSC 800 – 500mm 78,435 m
b Pumping main PSC pipes 400mm, HDPE 200mm PN 6 & PVC 200mm pipes 26,200m
c Branch Transmission main PSC 500 – 350mm & CI 300 – 150mm 85,610m
d Feeder main, Branch feeder main HDPE 280, 250mm & 160mm, PVC 250 – 250 mm,
CI 150mm &GI pipes 150 – 40mm
10,65,008 m
e Sump 27 nos
f Pump room 26 nos
g Pumpsets 156 nos
h Service Reservoirs 204 nos
i Distribution system 75,923m
Package – VII Agreement Vallue : Rs.90,20,00,000
S.No Description Quantity
a Gravity main PSC 900 –350mm 61,817 m
b Branch Gravity main PSC 350mm & CI 300 – 125mm 61,934m
c Branch Pumping main PSC pipes 500 – 350 mm, & CPipes 300 – 125 mm 88,322 m
d Feeder main & Branch feeder main PSC 350mm,HDPE 315 - 250mm, PVC 250 – 50 mm,
CI 300mm & GI pipes 150 – 40mm
12,67,954 m
e Sump 31 nos
f Pump room 27 nos
g Pumpsets 126 nos
h Service Reservoirs 16 nos
i Distribution system 72,100m

As soon as the Project was sanctioned a project team having office at Sivagangai was formed by a Chief Engineer who was assisted by 2 Superintending Engineers, 6 Executive Engineers, 20 Assistant Executive Engineers and 54 Assistant Engineers.Two Circle offices, one at Paramakudi and another at Trichy was formed. In addition 5 Divisions and 15 Sub Divisions were also formed and a total number of 270 staff worked in this Project.

Funding of the Project

The Project is funded by Government of India ( Urban Infrastructures Development Schemes for Small and Medium Towns ) National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development and Government of Tamilnadu.

Project Area Funding Agencies ( Rs. in Crore )
Mpty 4 TP 5
5 Municipalities & 11 Town Panchayats 191.15 90.86 0.00 0.00 282.01
3163 Rural habitations 0.00 0.00 273.12 60.87 333.99
    Total 191.15 90.86 273.12 60.87 616.00
  • Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme For Small And Medium Towns.
  • The government of India.
  • Tamilnadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (TUFIDCO).
  • Municipality.
  • Town Panchayat.
  • National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development.
  • Minimum Needs Programme (Government of Tamilnadu).

Present Status of the Project

The scheme was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister on 11.6.2010 at Chennai through Video conferencing.

The present status as follows

The CWSS is under maintenance of TWAD Board from 2011.

Ramnad CWSS Population, Requirement & SR Details.

Name of Town District LPCD Present popu-lation Requirement OHT
Inter-medi-ate Ulti-
Exis-ting New Total
1 Sivagangai Sivagangai 70 40,920 4.40 5.26 4 - 4
2 Keelakarai Ramnad 70 30,707 2.88 3.22 2 - 2
3 Ramnad Ramnad 70 60,047 6.61 7.71 4 3 7
4 Rameswaram Ramnad 70 38,770 4.24 5.53 15 4 19
5 Paramakudi Ramnd 70 85,346 8.47 9.41 11 - 11
      Total     2,58,790 26.60 31.03 36 7 43
  Town Panchayats
1 Ponnamara-vathi Pudukottai 60 11,863 1.02 1.16 4 - 4
2 Thirupathur Sivagangai 60 23,664 2.03 2.33 7 - 7
3 Nerkuppai Sivagngai 60 5,712 0.44 0.51 7 5 12
4 Ilayankudi Sivagangai 60 19,360 1.67 1.82 6 - 6
5 R.S.Mangalam Ramnad 50 11,596 0.81 0.92 3 - 3
6 Thondi Ramnad 60 15,982 1.33 1.51 3 - 3
7 Mandapam Ramnad 50 16,079 1.21 1.45 12 - 12
8 Mudukulathur Ramnd 60 13,521 1.38 1.82 6 - 6
9 Sayalkudi Ramnad 60 12,612 1.23 1.38 8 - 8
10 Abiramam Ramnad 50 6,968 0.48 0.55 5 - 5
11 Kamuthi Ramnad 60 13,792 1.15 1.30 4 - 4
       Total     1,51,149 12.75 14.75 65 19 84

Potable and quality water is supplied to one and all in Ramanathapuram district.