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Thursday , 27th June 2019

Rural Water Supply Schemes

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SC / ST Habitations:

Settlement with a minimum SC/ST population of 35 is called as SC/ST habitation.

New Habitations:

Approval for New habitation accorded by the District Collector.

Implementation of RWS Schemes:

The Government of India considering that 40 lpcd has been the norm over the last 40 years, as an interim measure has enhanced the service level to 55 lpcd for the 12th Five year Plan. By 2017, it is targeted that at least 50% of Rural Population in the Country shall have access to 55 lpcd within their household premises or within 100 metres radius (and within 10 metres elevation in hilly areas) from their households.

Present Status:

In Tamil Nadu, as on 01.04.2016, there are 31 districts, 385 panchayat Unions and 12524 Panchayats and 1,00,018 rural habitations.

Out of this, 90,694 habitations are fully covered with water supply at 40 lpcd and the balance 9,324 habitations are partially covered, including 351 Quality affected habitations.

During 2016-17, 3269 partially covered habitations including 351 quality affected habitations have been taken up for Full coverage with water supply at 55 lpcd. Apart from the above, 5,588 partially covered habitations have already been taken up in the ongoing CWSS. It is proposed to cover the remaining 467 habitations during 2017-18.