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Wednesday , 04th August 2021


Section: Delegation of power at various levels pages are not under access control

To Invite Tenders for Works

Chief Engineer Full Powers
Superintending Engineer Upto Rs.100 Lakhs
Executive Engineer Upto Rs.50 Lakhs
Assistant Executive Engineer Upto Rs. 50,000/-

To Accept Tenders for Works

Board Full Powers
Tender Committee Upto Rs.10 Crores with 20% excess
Managing Director Upto Rs.5 Crores with 5% excess
Chief Engineer Above 100 Lakhs upto Rs.2 Crores with 3% excess
Superintending Engineer Above 30 Lakhs upto Rs.100 Lakhs with 3% excess
Upto Rs.30 Laksh with 5% excess
Executive Engineer Upto Rs.30 Lakhs with 3% excess
Assistant Executive Engineer Upto Rs. 50,000/- without any excess

Note: The value of work put to tender is the criteria to assess the authority to accept the tender with reference to the monetary limit prescribed.