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Tuesday , 19th October 2021


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Thanjavur UGSS

The Underground Sewerage Scheme for Thanjavur Municipality was administratively sanctioned for Rs.70.00 Crores in G.O.Ms.No.728/MA&WS/ dt.30-12-2000. The detailed project report is approved for Rs.56.56 Crores with sharing of cost sharing pattern in Lr.No.J-39020/ 12/ 2001-NRCD-11/dt.26.12.2001.

  • GOI : Rs.24.23 Crores.
  • GOTN : Rs.18.59 Crores.
  • Local Body : Rs.12.12 Crores.
  • Public contribution : Rs. 1.62 Crores.

The total area of the town is 36.31 sq. km. The town is divided into 5 zones. The sewage generated from each zone is collected through a network of street sewers to a collection well. The sewage collected in each zone is pumped to the sewage treatment plant constructed at Samudram Eri of capacity 28.05 mld by adopting Activated Sludge Process. The treated effluent is let into the Samudram Eri outlet channel and utilised for Agriculture. The total length of sewer line is 259.78 KM with 10059 manholes. The total number of house service connections is 30000. The Local body has effected 12583 House Service Connections as on 31.12.2010.

The Project was commenced on 26-2-2003. The scheme has been completed & commissioned on 27.9.2007 and it is under maintenance (for 5 years).

The DPR for the following additional works at a cost of Rs.253.70 lakhs was sanctioned by GOI vide NRCD Lr. No.J-39020/12/2001-NRCD-II(Part-II) Dated 20.5.2009.

  • Construction of digester at STP.
  • Proving chlorination arrangements for STP.
  • Providing concrete pavement road to all STP units.
  • Proving landscaping for all pumping station and STP.
  • Providing embankments around pumping station of zone-I & V.

Tenders were called for, for the above works. First call -17.8.09: No response. Second call - 25.09.09: No response. Third call – 13.11.09: Single tender rejected. Now, re-tender to be called for.

Out of Rs.56.30 Crores received from the above funding agencies an expenditure of Rs.63.41 Crores has been incurred as on 31-12-2010.

The population benefited is 215725.