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Tuesday , 19th October 2021


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Trichy - Srirangam UGSS

The Underground Sewerage Scheme for Trichy-Srirangam Corporation has been administratively sanctioned for Rs.120.00 crores in G.O.Ms.No.190/MA&WS/dt.30-12-2000. The detailed project report is approved for Rs.116.67 crores with the following cost sharing pattern in Lr.No.J-39020/19/2001-NRCD-11/dt.9-7-2002.

  • GOI : Rs.68.05 crores.
  • GOTN : Rs.19.45 crores.
  • Local Body : Rs.24.31 crores.
  • Public contribution : Rs. 4.86 crores.

The total area of the town is 67.87 sq. km. The town is divided into 9 zones. The sewage generated from each zone is collected through a network of street sewers and conveyed to the pumping station in the respective zones. The sewage collected in each zone is pumped to the sewage treatment plant constructed at Panjapur village adopting Waste Stabilization Pond technology, for treatment of sewage. The treated effluent is let into the natural channel near the STP site and utilized for Agriculture. The total length of sewers laid is 183.27 KM with 7216 manholes. The total number of house service connections is 23775. The Corporation has affected 19638 House Service Connections as on 31.12.2010.

The Project was commenced on 25.9.2003. The scheme has been completed & commissioned on 31.3.2008 and it is under maintenance (for 5 years).

Out of Rs.97.603 Crores received from the above funding agencies an expenditure of Rs.115.14 Crores incurred as on 31-12-2010.

The population benefited is 746062.