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Tuesday , 19th October 2021

Urban Water Supply Schemes

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Tamil Nadu is a rapidly urbanising State. The urban population of the State stood at 34.95 million as per 2011 census, constituting 48% of the total population. With the growth in urbanisation and improving quality of life, provision of adequate infrastructural services has assumed greater importance. The urban areas of Tamil Nadu are classified, depending upon the civic status, except Chennai Corporation, as follows.

S. No Categories Nos
1 Corporations 11
2 Municipalities 124
3 Town Panchayats 528
  Total 663

The Government have provided increased allocation in each plan for this sector for the provision of safe drinking water to urban folk. There is significant coverage increase in each Plan period . However,due to the increase in demand, full coverage remains an eluding factor. Among other notable reasons are, over exploitation of surface/ Sub surface water and quality related inconsistencies

The Government have taken appropriate actions for the protection and for increasing the potential of water bodies by construction of suitable recharge structures

Agencies Involved

The task of providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for the entire State except Chennai Metropolitan area, rests with the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board. Water supply schemes on a limited scale are being implemented by urban local bodies also. The schemes on completion, are handed over to the respective local bodies for maintenance. Schemes of composite nature covering more than one local body are being maintained by TWAD Board. Here too, the maintenance of the internal arrangements is the responsibility of the respective local body. Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSS Board) is vested with the responsibility of providing water supply and sewerage facilities within the metropolitan area of Chennai

Funding Agencies

Water supply to urban towns are funded by i) Govt of India, under JnNURM, UIDSSMT AMRUT, IUDM ii) Govt of Tamil Nadu under Minimum Needs Programme ,iii) World Bank aided through TNUDP III, iv) under KfW (German Bank aid ), Under JICA (Japan aid). The local bodies are also contributing from their funds and collecting from the public as well

Norms Adopted

In Tamil Nadu, the following per capita norms are adopted for Water Supply to urban towns

Corporations 110 litres per capita per day (135 lpcd with UGSS)

Municipalities 90 litres per capita per day (135 lpcd with UGSS)

Town Panchayats 70 litres per capita per day (90 lpcd with UGSS)

Achievements (Water Supply)During the Past Ten Years (Stand Alone Schemes)

S.No Year No of Towns/ Municipalities Estimate cost Rs in Crores Population(in Lakh)
1 2011-12 13 39.33 2.01
2 2012-13 7 15.77 1.88
3 2013-14 11 90.01 4.02
4 2014-15 16 99.97 3.66
5 2015-16 12 81.66 3.65
6 2016-17 6 38.41 1.28
7 2017-18 8 127.61 5.80
8 2018-19 5 142.29 4.32
9 2019-20 1 52.45 0.92
10 2020-21 6 391.19 9.10
  Total 84 1078.69 36.64


Urban Stand Alone Schemes Completed During 2020-2021

S.No District Name of Municipality Estimate cost Rs in Crores Population(in Lakh)
1 Thoothukudi WSIS to Kovilpatti Mpty.    81.820 1.40
2 Coimbatore WSIS to 3 Added Areas of CoimbatoreCorporation (Koundampalayam, Vadavalli and Veerakeralam) 108.160 3.59
3 Karur WSIS to Inam Karur Mpty.  18.570 1.45
4 Nilgiris CWSS to Coonoor  Mpty, Wellington Military station and Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor  55.110 0.59
5 Namakkal Augumentation of  WSIS to Tiruchengode   Mpty,  81.220 1.50
6 Dindigul WSIS to Kodaikkanal  Mpty. 46.31 0.57
    Total 391.19 9.10

Urban Stand Alone Schemes under Implementation During 2021-2022

Under Progress -11 Nos (Corp - 1 No., Mplty-7 Nos, TP-3 Nos )

S.No Name of District Name of WSIS Est Cost (Rs. In Crore) Population(in Lakh)
1 Namakkal WSIS to Namakkal Municipality  185.24 1.85
2 Madurai Replacing the defective HDPE pipes in  WSIS to Anaiyur Mpty 8.97 0.72
3 Tirunelveli WSIS to 50 MLD Tirunelveli Municipal corporation 230.00 6.88
4 Theni WSIS to Bodinayakanur  Municipality 76.15 1.00
5 Madurai WSIS  to Usilampatti Municipality  73.03 0.64
6 Theni Dedicated  Water supply Scheme to Bodinaickanur Municipality  30.00 1.00
7 Kanyakumari WSIS to Kuzhithurai  Municipality 30.94 0.31
8 Thiruvallur WSIS to Tiruthani Municipality  109.68 0.85
9 Theni WSIS to Thenkarai  Town Panchayat 9.54 0.28
10 Dindugul WSIS to Balasamudram Town Panchayat 9.62 0.18
11. Erode WSIS to Sivagiri Town Panchayat 13.12 0.27
    Total 776.29 13.98