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Sunday , 26th September 2021

Defunct Quarry/Mines water usage

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Mines and Quarries are wealth and play economic development of a Country. Tamil Nadu comprises of 73% Hard rock and 27% Sedimentary Rock. The Mining and Quarry activities are taking place in Hard rock areas and less in Sedimentary areas. The Mining activities include Granite, Limestone, Bauxite, Magnetite and Magnesite. Apart from the above, blue metal quarries are in numerous in hard rock. The blue metal quarries are used for road and as building materials. Once the mining and quarry operations are over they are left as such or some are filled back with unused excavated materials as per the mine closure plan. The unfilled mines and quarries are in due course filled with rain water and are left unused for any purpose. These mines and quarries may be a potential source for water supply and rainwater harvesting storage ponds.

  • The Defunct quarry may be used for Domestic usages either by direct usage or through Bore wells.
  • The Defunct quarry may be used during the summer months or Limited quantity may be used throughout the year.
  • The options of usage of Defunct quarry water is as follows:
  • Direct usage
    • Through high yield Bore wells near the quarry.
    • Proper treatment is necessary
  • Through Bore wells
    • Bore well water may be used without treatment.
  • The Defunct quarry water may be used for the villages and industries located within 2 km radius of the Quarry.
  • The direct treated water from the defunct quarry is expensive and it requires maintenance.
  • New bore wells may also be drilled along the fracture system around the quarry may be used for water supply.
  • A special programme may be taken up to protect the all the defunct quarries and thereby creating surface water sanctuaries.
  • For sustainable usage of the Defunct quarry water, Catchment treatment is very much necessary.
    • The Catchment treatment includes:
      • Cleaning of bushes around the Defunct quarry.
      • Directing the catchment area rainwater by way of providing proper channels.
      • Providing silt traps in the channels.
      • Proper fencing of defunct quarry
      • Based on the above, other quarries with water may be used for Domestic Water Supply.
      • The Defunct quarry water may be used in the summer months.