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Tuesday , 19th October 2021


Procedure for new Water supply Project/Connection for Industries/Institutions

  • Receipt of request from the Firm or Institute (Applications shall be submitted Applications shall be submitted through online only (
  • Exploration of possibility of extending from any of the existing Combined Water Supply Schemes.
  • If the result is "YES", 'Procedures for effecting water supply from Existing CWSS' will be followed.

Procedures for effecting water supply from Existing CWSS

1. On receipt of Application through online for new Water Supply Connection from the beneficiary (Industrial / Commercial organisations), the same will be assigned to the concerned field Division for inspection and furnishing the feasibility report. No new Water Supply connection will be given directly from the Transmission main, to be given from the nearest sump of the Combined Water Supply Scheme. The Procedure to be adopted for giving new water supply connection are specified by TWAD Board in 15.09.2010.The salient details are as follows.

2. If the work is technically Feasible, the Chief Engineer/TWAD will submit the feasibility report to TWAD Head Office along with the consent letter of the beneficiary for agreeing to the following terms – conditions.

  • The exact requirement of water in liters / day has to the clearly mentioned.
  • The water tariff at the respective rates has to the agreed to, with provision for revision of water tariff. then and there as revised by Government and TWAD Board
  • The entire Infrastructure cost from TWAD Board infrastructure to the beneficiary point, as estimated by the concerned Executive Engineer, TWAD at the time of execution, has to be deposited by the beneficiary as 100% advance before taking up the water supply connection work for execution.
  • Six months water charges as caution deposit, and further six months water charges as advance water charges to be remitted in advance before taking up the water supply connections work.
  • Agreeing to other General terms and conditions of the Board.

3. The feasibility repot as received from the Chief Engineer ,after scrutiny in Head office will be placed before the Board. The Board is the only authority for according approval to the new water supply connections.

On approval of the Water Supply connection and after collection of Infrastructure cost, caution Deposit and advance water Charges, the work will be executed by TWAD Division and Connection will be effected.

D. If the result is "NO", New Project has to be formulated and 'Procedures for formulation of New Project' will be followed.

Procedures for formulation of New Project

  • First step in the formulation is Preparation of Pre-Feasibility Report (PFR), with rough cost estimate(Normally the feasibility report & rough cost will be intimated to the applicant, within a time line of 22 days)
  • Getting consent of the beneficiary on the PFR and the Terms & Conditions of TWAD Board
  • Based on the consent of the beneficiary, permission will be accorded to the field Engineer concerned to carry out the detailed investigation
  • Collection of Upfront Deposit amount, as per the Guidelines in force (as given in Table-1)
  • Carrying out detailed investigation & preparation of DPR
  • Clearance @ Region level by Regional Scientific Source Finding Committee (RSSFC)& Regional Technical Committee RTC
  • Clearance @ Head Office level by the State Level Technical Committee(SLTC)
  • For Industrial needs, the beneficiary has to come up with necessary source clearance from GoTN in Industries Department, in the form of a G.O.
  • Concluding of MoU between TWAD Board and the beneficiary.
  • Collection Of Project Cost in one lump sum
  • According administrative approval by Board / competent authority(Power delegation in force given in Table-2)
  • According Technical Sanction by the Chief Engineer / Superintending Engineer / Executive Engineer
  • Calling tender and execution of work through contract.
  • Any excess arising during execution should be remitted to TWAD Board by the beneficiary as and when intimated by TWAD Board.
  • On completion of the scheme and contractor’s maintenance, the scheme will be maintained by TWAD Board.
  • A separate MoU, on further maintenance of the scheme, has to be concluded between TWAD Board and the beneficiary and it has to bear the water charges as per the tariff structure framed by TWAD Board.

Table 1. Guidelines for collection of investigation charges in force in TWAD BP Ms. No.49 Dated:27.07.2018

S.No. Category Investigation Charges
Upfront Deposit Amount To be collected finally after DPR preparation
1 GOI/State Government Organizations and Undertakings. For Water Supply Demand of upto 1 MLD – Rs.7 lakhs. For every additional demand of 1 MLD or part thereof – Rs.1 lakh is to be additionally collected. Upfront Deposit Amount (or) 2% of DPR cost – whichever is higher.
2 Private Industries/ Institutions/ Organizations For Water Supply Demand of upto 1 MLD – Rs.15 lakhs. For every additional demand of 1 MLD or part thereof – Rs.1 lakh is to be additionally collected. Upfront Deposit Amount (or) 2.5% of DPR cost – whichever is higher.

Table.2 Power delegation in force, for sanction of Deposit Works.

S.No. Authority/ Officer Powers to accord Administrative Approval
1 Executive Engineer Rs.10.00 Lakhs
2 Superintending Engineer Above Rs.10.00 Lakhs & upto Rs.30.00 Lakhs
3 Chief Engineer Above Rs.30.00 Lakhs & upto Rs.50.00 Lakhs
4 Managing Director Above Rs.50.00 Lakhs and upto Rs.1.00 Crore
5 Board Full powers(G.O.MS No.776 RD&LA Dated.03.05.1977)

Timeline for processing water supply connection application