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Monday , 29th November 2021

Water Quality

Activities of Water Quality Wing

The water Quality wing of TWAD Board is committed to provide high quality measurements service complying with recognized standards of practice in scheduled time to satisfy our customer requirements, through continual improvement of the management system. It ensures that safe potable water is supplied to the public through TWAD Board schemes. It promotes mass awareness on the significance of water quality and its impact on health issues in the grass root level with community participation by conducting Drinking water safety week campaign.

Establishment of Laboratories

To ensure supply of safe and potable water to the public, TWAD Board has established

1. State Level Water Testing Laboratory :(Open to Public )

  • Housed at TWAD Board, Head Office, Chepauk, Chennai.
  • NABL Accredited since 20.10.2016 with the certificate No. NABL TC-No : 7779, complying with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in conducting tests and measurements.
  • Recognized as State Referral Institute (SRI) for Tamilnadu by Government of India.
  • Govern the activities of 31 District laboratories and 6 Treatment plant laboratories through the state fund.
  • Monitors 56 Sub-district level laboratories functioning under NRDWP,GOI for water quality monitoring and surveillance.

2. District Level water Testing Laboratory : ( 31- Open to Public )

  • Water Testing Laboratories are established in all Districts of Tamilnadu except Chennai.

3.Sub District Level Water Testing Laboratory : ( 56 - Not Open to Public )

  • TWAD Board, Water Quality wing, monitors 56 Sub District level water testing Laboratories, functioning for Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance under National Rural Drinking Water Program all over Tamilnadu.